The Best Halloween Minecraft Mods

Minecraft has spent years as one of the most beloved games around, and a big part of the reason for that popularity is the freedom players have to customize their experience. Mods can do anything from tiny quality-of-life tweaks to transforming the gameplay experience, completely overhauling the game with a new lease of life if it becomes stale.



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With Halloween rapidly approaching, one fun way to spice up your worlds would be to use mods to add a terrifying twist in honor of the spooky season. Ranging from downright chilling to harmless trick-or-treat fun, here are the best mods to give your next Minecraft session a spooky spin.

Updated September 27, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: As Halloween passes each year, a new spread of mods becomes available. We’ve updated this list with even more mod options and removed some that are no longer available. Now, you can play Minecraft with the most current and relevant Halloween mods.

11 Eyes In The Darkness

minecraft mod eyes in the darkness showing eyes on a tree

This legitimately scary mod only adds one mob to the game – The Eyes. They spawn in darkness, so you’ll see them in caves or outside at night, where they lurk in wait for prey. Once you look at them, it becomes a game of red light, green light – as soon as you look away, they’ll strike.

It’s remarkable how atmospheric this mod manages to be in spite of its simplicity; any encounter with The Eyes is genuinely chilling. Available on Forge all the way up to 1.20.1, Eyes in the Darkness is the perfect minimalist addition to add some scare factor.

10 Halloween LuckyBlocks

Minecraft Halloween Luckyblocks Scary Mod

On the (slightly) less terrifying side of things, Halloween LuckyBlocks adds a variety of Halloween-themed blocks, props, and costumes to let you live out your trick-or-treating dreams on your server with your friends. It adds witch’s broomsticks, clown and scarecrow costumes, candy bags, and much more.

Available for Forge up to version 1.20.1, the mod isn’t without some scary elements, though – it also adds a scarier zombie variant, a ghost, and a vampire, so keep one eye open when you’re dressing up for candy!

9 Whisperwoods

Minecraft Whisperwoods Scary Mod

If your new spooky forests are feeling a little dead, Whisperwoods might be the solution for you. This mod adds a plethora of scary mobs ranging from harmless moths to the petrifying Hidebehind, a silent stalker with a taste for woodsmen. Other additions include a ghost-deer miniboss, cave-dwelling vampire bats, and (mostly) friendly wisps.

Vanilla Minecraft has a few spooky mobs, but Whisperwoods takes it to the next level. The mod has support on Forge up to version 1.19.2, so give it a shot if you’re in the mood to hunt – or be hunted by – some true horrors.

8 Vampirism – Become A Vampire!

Minecraft Vampirism - Become a Vampire! Scary Mod

As the name implies, Vampirism is a mod that adds vampires. When one of them bites you, you’ll become one yourself, gaining all the powers that come with it. You’ll grow even stronger as you suck more blood from animals and other players, though your vulnerability to the sun will also increase.

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It also adds the vampire biome – home to bloodsucking bats that must be slain for rituals – and vampire hunter NPCs to protect villages. Vampirism is the ideal spooky mod if you’re in the mood for some bloodsucking antics.

7 Pirates

minecraft pirates mod showing drowned pirates on a ship

While werewolves, skeletons, and vampires get plenty of time in the spotlight at Halloween, ghost pirates are a far more overlooked variant of the undead – though just as spooky. Fortunately, the Pirates mod (for version 1.12.2 on Forge) is here to give them the love they deserve.

The ghost ship structure generates in oceans and is inhabited by entire ghoulish crews to take down, with plenty of loot as a reward. The mod also adds other pirate-y content: telescopes, rum, cannons, and much more.

6 Bewitchment

Minecraft Bewitchment Scary Mod

No Halloween list would be complete without the opportunity to join a coven, and that’s exactly what Bewitchment lets you do. You can also become a vampire or werewolf if that’s more your thing.

This mod has a ton of spooky content, ranging from flying broomsticks to occult rituals to scary expansions, brewing, and trading. With how much the mod adds, it’s the perfect Minecraft transformation for those looking to immerse themselves in all things scary.

5 Cozy Comforts

Minecraft Cozy Comforts Mod

If you’re tired out after all the horrors of the above mods, or even just vanilla gameplay – or if it all sounded a bit much in the first place – why not relax around the campfire, make some s’mores, and carve some pumpkins?

That’s what Cozy Comforts lets you do; it’s a mod more focused on the happier side of Halloween, letting you set up fancy campsites and carve your own designs into pumpkins, rather than just the default vanilla face. This mod is the perfect respite from all the Halloween horror while still keeping in the spooky spirit.

4 True Darkness

minecraft true darkness mod at night

Nighttime in Minecraft can be scary, but you don’t lose visibility entirely, making it possible to still get things done. With this mod, you can experience a pitch-black night, as well as truly unlit caves.

As the moon’s phase changes, the amount of moonlight present at night will change, with new moons being extra terrifying. This mod will also make caves pretty much un-navigatable when dark. Instead of limited visibility and a darkened screen, you won’t be able to see any of the monsters that lie within.

3 Doctor Who – Weeping Angels

minecraft weeping angel mod showing angel in distance underground

Weeping Angels are a classic Doctor Who creature that only move when you aren’t looking at them. This includes blinking, coining the phrase “Don’t Blink”. Although these angel statues first appeared in 2007, they still remain quite terrifying. Now, you can add this to your Minecraft server.

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In this mod, Weeping Angels can appear in the Overworld, and once you lock eyes on one, you will need to be extra careful. If you look away and become captured, you will then be teleported away to a random location. Thankfully, you can use the Timey Wimey Detector to sense their presence.

2 The Midnight

Minecraft mod the midnight showcasing fungi forest

The Midnight is a mod that adds an entirely new dimension to the world, aptly called the Midnight. Here, everything is different and quite hostile, while looking strangely beautiful at the same time.

Within the Midnight, you can find a variety of new biomes, such as the Fungi Forest, Crystal Spires, and Great Caverns. You can voluntarily enter a rift to the Midnight, but you can also be involuntarily dragged here by a mysterious Rifter monster.

1 Scape And Run: Parasites

Scape and Run Parasites minecraft mod showing infected charater

Last but not least, we have Scape and Run: Parasites. This creepy mod adds parasites to the game, which have the ability to evolve over time to become bigger and stronger.

With parasites in Minecraft, the world will become way more deadly, as you will always need to watch your back. If you manage to fend off a parasite without killing them, then they have a chance to learn from the fight and seek revenge!

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