Best Pokemon To Shiny Hunt In The Teal Mask DLC

The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet adds new areas to explore that can make it easier to obtain previous Pokemon that were already in the game in their shiny form. Specific locations in the DLC make it so that only certain Pokemon appear in specific locations.



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These colorful variations have some pretty slick designs that catch the eyes of any trainer who glances at them. They can sometimes even give the Pokemon a better style regarding colors or appearance. At the same time, they can elevate Pokemon aesthetics and make for fabulous, fashionable looks.

8 Mienfoo

Mienfoo in Pokemon Violet Shiny
From: Austin John Plays Youtube

Meinfoo is an excellent fighter Pokemon with incredible speed that looks fabulous in its base form and evolution. The pale colors combine well with the addition of blue, resulting in a cute design. When it evolves in its shiny evolution, Mienshao, it replaces the blue with a lovely rose pink that gives the Pokemon a mythical tone.

To find Mienfoo easily, go to the Chilling Waterhead cave. If you have a three-star fighter sandwich, Mienfoo will be the only Pokemon in this location by a considerable margin, making it a perfect way to find its shiny form relatively quickly.

7 Sandshrew

Sandshrew Shiny Pokemon
From: Austin John Plays Youtube

Sandshrew comes in green thanks to its shiny form, and it gives the Pokemon a unique look, as all green shiny Pokemon tend to leave a big impression. The evolution of it, Sandslash, comes in its standard color overall but changes the spikes on its back to a rich, deep red that gives the Pokemon a striking palette fit of a desert creature. Sandshrew is an excellent shiny to catch as part of a collection, thanks to the combination of white and green that is so unique.

To find this cute Pokemon, go to Paradise Barrens. It is the only Ground–type in this area along with Mudbray, so it should be straightforward to get it. The area is also quite open, so you have a lot of room to move around and beat Sandshrew to increase your odds of its shiny form appearing without worrying too much about fighting another Pokemon by accident.

6 Pawniard

Pawniard Shiny in Pokemon
From: PhillyBeatzU Youtube

Pawniard is a Pokemon already in the base game, but with the Teal Mask DLC, finding its shiny form is a lot easier. The Pokemon has been popular thanks to its final evolution: Kingambit. The red tones are replaced with blues that make it look good, while Kingambit adds some golden touches along with a bit of its signature red. It gives the Pokemon an opposite color to work with, which makes a sort of player-two effect.

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To find Pawniard, go to the Timeless Woods. The area is open, and there are no blue Pokemon, making it easy to spot it once it appears. As they appear in batches of red, be on the lookout for blue Pokemon, as it will mean it is shiny.

5 Ekans

Pokemon Ekans Shiny In Violet
Austin John Plays Youtube

One of the original Kanto Pokemon, Ekans is an excellent Poison–type to get as its shiny form replaces its purple color with a pale green that is more in line with serpents. The evolution of Arbok, meanwhile, is yellow along with a bit of blue and black, making it even more imposing than it usually is.

Be sure to use a salty noodle sandwich to increase your odds of spawning a shiny Ekans, and visit the cave inside the Crystal Pool, as it is home to many Poison–type Pokemon. Unlike other Pokemon in this list, Ekans do appear with different types of poison Pokemon, so you will need patience to get it.

4 Mightyena

Violet Mightyena Shiny Pokemon
PhillyBeatzU  Youtube

Mightyena’s pale skin color is replaced with a vibrant yellow while its eyes go from red to blue, giving the bite Pokemon a more friendly tone to its overall appearance. Unlike other Pokemon on this list, Mightyena can be spawned in its evolution form and, as a bonus, is one of the easiest shiny Pokemon to get. Alternatively, You can find the base form of the Pokemon Poochyena around the same location.

You want to go to Wistful Fields, as you only need to go in a straight pattern of up and down until you find it. The path is narrow, and there are few different Pokemon spawning, making it a simple process of knocking down Mightyenas along the way. To increase your odds, prepare a dark sandwich so that finding this shiny Pokemon becomes a breeze.

3 Slugma

Slugma Shiny in Pokemon Violet
From Youtube PhillyBeatzU 

Slugma is a Fire–type Pokemon that gets a new color palette, which gives it a gray color. It’s one of those shiny Pokemon that alter the look thanks to how much color perception plays in their identity, to the point that it looks like Slugma could be a Steel or Ghost–type based on its color.

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If you want to find and capture a shiny Slugma, your best bet is to go to the Crystal Cave, as there are a bunch of Slugmas in the area. It is a simple hunt as all you need to do is rotate around the site searching for Slugmas to increase your odds of finding the shiny. Do stay away from the water, as it will spawn different Pokemon, and they could break your chain.

2 Litwick

LitwickPokemon Shiny In Violet
From Youtube PhillyBeatzU 

Litwick has become one of the most popular Pokemon in the Teal Mask DLC, and with good reason. It has a wonderful move pool to learn new attacks, and its shiny form looks incredible. It alters the flame blue colors for a tone that resembles cyan and changes the eyes to green.

It makes the Pokemon look spooky, as the colors play a significant role in making it appear as a more menacing Ghost–type rather than a cute one, highlighting the overall looks. To find Litwick, you must visit the Timeless Wood at night. Be careful when hunting for this Shiny, as it can learn Memento and faint itself before you can catch it. To avoid losing the shiny, saving when you find it before engaging it in battle is recommended.

1 Morpeko

Exclusive Pokemon Morpeko Shiny In Violet
PhillyBeatzU Youtube

Pikachu clones are some of the cutest Pokemon to find and capture to add to your collection. Morpeko is one of the most adorable thanks to it’s Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode. Shiny Morpeko looks like a soft marshmallow with its combination of white, black, and brown. These neutral colors enhanced his natural cute appearance while giving a refreshing color palette that is truly a treat.

To find Morpeko, go to Oni’s Maw, as the location has a lot of Morpeko to catch once you go into the cave near the tera Geodude. Keep in mind that, sadly, Morpeko is exclusive to the Violet version of the game, so Scarlet players will need a friend to help them out or will have to shiny trade for it to get it. Morpeko is more than worth it though.

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