Phasmophobia: Tips You Should Know

Ghost hunting has come to the masses with Phasmophobia in this four-person co-op experience. You and your friends can explore a haunted home or building to determine where the spirit is and what kind it is – be careful, though, as the longer you spend in their space, the angrier and more dangerous every spirit will become.



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When you’re a new player, having some good Phasmophobia tips can make playing through the game a smooth sailing experience, especially as you try to level up and unlock better gear. The better your gear, the easier it is to chase down the ghost.

Updated on September 26, 2023, by Tallis Spalding: The brand new Ascension update for Phasmophobia put everybody back to square one with a whole slew of new (and worse) tools for you to start out with. Learning these tools can present quite a bit of a learning curve as you deal with unpredictable and angry ghosts.

Some tools are better than others, and you certainly have to put a lot of work into upgrading for the better tools. They can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000, so saving is much of an option.

However, if you follow these Phasmophobia tips, updated for the new update, then you should be able to stay alive and earn a hefty amount of cash while you’re at it. The faster you can level up, the smoother sailing Phasmophobia becomes, though it’s definitely going to take you more than a few hours.

19 Buy And Use Equipment Wisely

Phasmophobia the equipment purchasing page before going out for an investigation

When you’re loading up your truck for a contract, you shouldn’t just fill it until every equipment slot is full. If you die on professional or higher, you’re just out of that money and that equipment. Instead, coordinate with your group to split the cost of equipment between all of you.

When you’re actually in the house and prepping for your investigation, be careful about what you pick to bring in. Taking a camera, EMF, or items that can find the ghost’s favorite room quickly can be vital to smooth investigations. Be aware that during ghost events, however, the EMF can not be trusted to give out an accurate reading.

18 Beware Cursed Hunts

Phasmophobia holding the tarot cards in the chapel of the asylum map

When you’re using cursed objects, you should take care not to use them too much. Pulling the wrong tarot card, walking away from the Ouija Board, or overusing any of the cursed objects in general can trigger a cursed hunt. Cursed hunts will burn through two of your cross uses if you have them.

If not, you better hope you’re close to a hiding spot because you will be dead meat. You can generally use most cursed objects for a minute or two, aside from the Summoning Circle and the Music Box – using either of these once is enough to trigger the cursed hunt, so be prepared.

17 Weekly Challenges And Challenge Mode

Phasmophobia standing in the truck during an investigation holding the weekly tasks clipboard

The weekly challenges can range from incredibly easy to exceedingly difficult. Regardless of the difficulty, the payout may make all of the pain, struggle, and multiple deaths worth it, given that it will level you up more than a few times and pay you a massive amount of money.

In fact, most of the weekly challenges will pay you a hefty sum if you complete them. When you’re working through your objectives during the investigation, take some time to make sure you’re fulfilling the requirements for challenge mode, too.

16 Level One Thermometer

Phasmophobia standing in the asylum holding the level one thermometer while trying to find freezing temps

The level one thermometer sucks, plain and simple. It takes forever to read a temperature, and when you start playing, you’ll want nothing more than to hit level 36 so you can finally upgrade it and get something better. However, there is one advantage to the level one thermometer you may not have thought of – you can leave it in the room.

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Put a camera in front of it, and watch it and the other equipment from the truck. Unlike the high-level thermometers, you don’t have to be in the room to make this one function. It may take some manipulation to get it to lean right so you can keep seeing the temperature, but it’s definitely something to take advantage of.

15 If You Die, You Lose Money

Phasmophobia holding the video camera outside the asylum before going in

You earn money by completing ghost contracts, guessing the correct ghost, and having a high difficulty level. If you happen to die during your investigation, your payment will be slashed. Usually, when you complete a contract, you keep whatever tools you bought so long as it isn’t challenge mode.

When you die,your earned money is halved, and all the tools you paid for in that round are lost completely. Your payout can be seen at the end of your mission in the Contract Payment screen. When you die and do not get revived, insurance will be paid out for the tools you did lose, assuming you’re playing on intermediate or lower.

14 Watch From The Van

Phasmophobia watching the thermometer and EMF on the computer screen in the truck during an investigation

To avoid dying or sacrificing a team member, it’s important to set up lots of cameras and video cameras, usually using tripods. If not, you can hold down the place key to angle it in the direction you want to view. Make sure you turn the lights off if you’re trying to watch dots or spot ghost orbs, though.

With video cameras set up, you can return to the safety of your van and switch through cameras on the computer. By setting up cameras, you can watch for clues from a safe distance without risking yourself and your team.

13 Use Your Sprint Wisely

Phasmophobia patient 07 ghost crawling on the floor towards a player

You can run from ghosts for at least three seconds before your sprint needs to “recharge.” While this might encourage you to flee more often, you should time when you sprint away from a hunting ghost.

Use your sprint to turn corners and dart into a hiding spot. This should, most of the time, shake the ghost from your tail. Unless, of course, you’re being hunted by a Deogen. In that case, there really isn’t anything that can save you aside from outrunning the ghost and hoping its hunt ends in time.

12 Turn Off Your Electronic Equipment

Phasmophobia a ghost hunting down their prey in the afterlife

Instead of just your voice alerting ghosts to your presence, the noise of your character’s electronic equipment can also attract ghosts to your position, so make sure that you turn everything off quickly.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re hiding and not talking to your friends. If you have the EMF Reader or the Spirit Box out and crackling with noise, the ghost will zero in on your hiding spot. Do yourself and your group a favor and turn off your electronic equipment when a ghost is on the hunt.

11 Sanity Affects More Than Just You

Phasmophobia two players with one standing inside of the other one

The Sanity mechanic in Phasmophobia is vitally important to survival, and so are the sanity meds that you can unlock in later levels. Ghost events will cause a character’s sanity to drop, and once this number reaches a certain threshold, the ghost is significantly more likely to hunt.

Unfortunately for teammates, even those with High Sanity can be attacked when a ghost is hunting, so keeping an eye on your own Sanity, and the Sanity of your friends is paramount to protecting everyone. If your ghost is burning through crosses, maybe it’s time to step out of the house for a little bit and watch the cameras instead.

10 Don’t Peek

Phasmophobia ghost silhouette standing in the doorway of the tanglewood house

When a ghost has had enough and enters a hunting state, all players will need to scatter to the nearest hiding spot. During these events, the ghost will begin to patrol the area it’s in for any unaware players. Doors to the outside are locked, and your only hope of survival is to hunker down and wait until the specter stops.

Hiding in a closet (or another applicable spot) is your best bet, but it’s also possible to hide behind objects as long as the ghost hasn’t seen you. During these moments it’s important to not “peek” or try to find the ghost. If you manage to catch it in your gaze, it could cause your sanity to drop even further, and a quickening heartbeat is like alarm bells to a hunting spirit.

9 Learn All You Can About A Spirit

Phasmophobia: A Ghosts Outline Shown Under DOTS

It’s not only important to investigate a location for clues, but it’s also important to know what you’re up against. Ghosts have different mechanics, movements, and behaviors, which can spell doom for uneducated investigators.

Normal ghosts are capable of triggering a hunt below 30 percent Sanity, but Oni and Demons can initiate below 50 percent. The Twins will often interact with an environment at the same time, and if you see cups, dishes, and photos flying, then you’re probably dealing with a poltergeist. Study the journal, and you can learn the behaviors of certain ghosts pretty quickly.

8 Take The Specters Seriously

Phasmophobia sound, activity, and map monitors in the truck next to the keys for the asylum just before an investigation

Phasmophobia is incredibly creepy, especially if you’re playing it in VR, but when you’re playing with friends, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to mess around. On larger maps like the prison or the asylum, it can be really difficult to find the ghost, which means the scare factor significantly decreases.

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However, Phasmophobia is unforgiving. To survive hunts, you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel and listen for audio cues and spot visual cues. Not realizing you’ve just stumbled into a hunt or found the ghost room can prolong your investigation and spell certain doom for you and your supplies.

7 Use The Name Sparingly

Phasmophobia undead ghost in fog of the afterlife

When you start the game in your truck, the whiteboard will reveal the ghost’s name. You may feel tempted to say this person’s name when you first start, but you can generally get through a hunt without ever even knowing it.

When you use the name, it angers the ghost and makes it more likely for them to enter a Hunt much more quickly. Only use the name to get some activity going if you haven’t seen anything or if you really want to cause some chaos.

6 Ask Good Questions

Phasmophobia looking at a UV handprint on the door as evidence

Whether you’re using the Ouija Board or the Spirit box, you need to pick your questions carefully. A ghost generally won’t respond to highly specific questions, but asking it where it is, how old it is, or if it’s there should generally prompt an eventual answer. Even something as simple as “Hello?” should register for the ghost to hear you. If it doesn’t, try changing your microphone or your voice recognition mode from Vosk.

If all else fails, pass the spirit box onto someone else and take up another task.

5 Don’t Forget To Write In Your Journal

Phasmophobia the journal with the evidence marked off and crossed out to determine the ghost

When things start to get going, and you see your first hauntings, you may forget that your main goal is to record evidence of these to determine the type of spirit you are dealing with.

Actions like interacting with the spirit box, leaving fingerprints, causing freezing temperatures, or engaging in other paranormal behaviors can show you the type of spirit haunting the house. If you can guess the spirit correctly, you can get an even larger amount of cash. So, be sure to keep track of this journal.

4 Always Look At Objectives

Phasmophobia the objective corkboard during an investigation

There are various objectives you have to accomplish when you start the game. So, be sure to refer to the objectives list in the truck before you head into the house. You have to do five tasks during the session to ensure you get paid the most money: find the ghost and all its evidence, find the bone, and complete the three objectives.

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The objectives can include getting a photo of the ghost, getting the ghost to blow out firelight, or getting freezing temperatures. Ensure you and your team take stock of these objectives and divide the tasks among you as you head inside the house or building.

3 Pay Attention To Your Flashlight

A flashlight illumination in Phasmophobia in 42 Edgefield Road

Your flashlight is your guide in more ways than one. When the ghost is in hunting mode, you will notice that all the flashlights in the area — including yours — will flicker. This action means that the spirit is actively looking to harm you and your friends. Of course, the ghost may also just be causing an event, in this case, your flashlights will also flicker.

When you see your flashlight flicker, it’s time to leave the area, hide, or whip out your camera. These moments can be perfect for getting a three-star ghost photo, but if it’s actually a hunt, you’re going to die trying to get that photo, so make it worth it.

2 Have A Hiding Space Picked Out

Phasmophobia ghost in front of hiding space during a ghost event

For the reasons mentioned in the previous entry, it is essential to have a hiding spot picked out. Make sure there is one close to where you’re camping out for the ghost room, because if you have to run halfway across the house, you’re probably not going to survive.

One of the best ways to escape them is to find a hiding spot in the area before the hunting starts. This can be a closet or locker that you need to climb into, though only the closet can hold two people. Once you get in this area, turn off your light and stop speaking. If you’re up against a Deogen, though, there’s no hope in hiding.

1 Take Photos Of Evidence

Phasmophobia an open journal with some photos of cursed objects and the ghost

Don’t forget to take photos of other things that can point to paranormal activity. This includes items like voodoo dolls, bones, and even illuminated Ouija Boards. In addition to capturing photos of the actual ghost, these photos can also yield you some money for new and improved gear.

If you’re not actively looking for evidence or using another piece of gear, keep your camera out and get ready to take photos. Three-star photos are worth a lot, but three-star ghost photos are worth the most.

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