Mortal Kombat 1 Has A Major Player 1 Advantage Problem

Mortal Kombat 1 has been in the hands of fans for a little while now and, for the most part, people have been enjoying what they’ve been playing so far. However, a recently discovered bug has flipped the entire competitive Mortal Kombat scene on its head, as it appears Mortal Kombat 1 has a pretty serious Player 1 advantage problem that is negatively impacting multiplayer match balance.



This was first brought to the attention of the Mortal Kombat community by YouTuber mrAPchem, who uploaded a video titled “MK1 Has Player 1 Advantage” earlier this week. In this video, mrAPchem reveals that Player 1 seems to have the ability to pull off combos that Player 2 can’t, with no real explanation as to why. They showcase this by setting up a Mirror Match with Sub-Zero and attempting the same combo with both Player 1 and Player 2.

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As you can see from the video below, Player 1 has the ability to pull off the combo no matter what side or stance they’re in, but as soon as Player 2 attempts the same combo, they can’t get it at all. To prove this is a game-wide issue and not just a problem with Sub-Zero, mrAPchem then puts on a Mirror Match with Kitana, and the exact same issue occurs, meaning this probably affects most, if not all, of the game’s entire roster.

This is a pretty glaring issues that completely wrecks competitive local tournaments, but what makes it even worse is that it appears to be affecting online play as well. This is according to a bug report that was uploaded to the official Mortal Kombat 1 bug reporting page earlier this week. Thankfully, this same bug appears to be under investigation by NetherRealm, meaning they are aware of the issue and are taking steps to fix it. It states that it’s even been replicated, so a fix should be coming pretty soon.

Still, the fact that an issue this glaring managed to make it into the final product despite multiple betas and an early access period is pretty astounding. Coupled with the rest of the issues that players have been experiencing, like bugged weekly challenges and the atrocious Nintendo Switch port, along with no cross-play and a scaled back roster, and Mortal Kombat 1 comes off as a game that needed a little bit more time in the oven before it shipped.

In other Mortal Kombat 1 news , a recent datamine has revealed that future DLC for the game will likely make Cyrax a woman, adding to the number of interesting changes that Mortal Kombat 1 has made to pre-existing characters such as Scorpion and Reptile.

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