TV Shows Adapted From Video Games

In the world of entertainment, great works will always inspire great works. Some of the best movies were inspired by comic books, and video games inspired some of the best TV shows. It has become common practice to adapt one form of media from its original version to recapture a similar level of success through a different medium and audience.



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While this doesn’t always work out, there have been many successful adaptations over the years that deserve all the success they have had. This list will take you through some of the best TV shows adapted from video games.

9 Cuphead

Cuphead And Mugman Riding A Rocket And Holding Icecream From The Cuphead Show!

Many will fondly remember the Cuphead video game for its unique characters, exciting concepts, and storylines. The game was well received by fans and is a family-friendly game that anyone can enjoy, although the difficulty level is high.

You may have also heard of a little something called The Cup Head Show. This is an animated show that follows Cuphead and his brother Mugman on various adventures. The show takes all the positives of the video game and puts them into an animated story that is interesting to follow from episode to episode.

8 Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog From The Sonic Prime Show

Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic character that has stemmed various forms of media to take you through his and his friends’ amazing adventures. Several TV shows and movies have featured the lovable blue speedster. However, the most successful is arguably Sonic Prime.

The Sonic Prime show takes Sonic and friends on a multiversal adventure of heroism and life lessons. It features a gifted cast of voice actors and great animations that make the show a great watch for fans of the games.

7 Pokemon

Ash, Misty, And Brock Standing Together From The Original Pokemon Anime

Pokemon is easily one of the most recognizable franchises in both gaming and anime history. The games and TV shows have achieved reasonable success because of great storylines and likable characters.

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The original Pokemon anime ran for many years and gave viewers a lot of great moments, characters, and memories. It is easily one of the most iconic TV shows from a video game.

6 The Witcher

Henry Cavill As Geralt Of Rivia From The Witcher Tv Shows

The Witcher games have garnered a huge following due to the massive success each entry in the series enjoyed. With that much love, it was no surprise to see fans super excited about the TV show with the same name, and it didn’t disappoint.

The Witcher TV show takes an already-loved world and story and gives it a new look. It has excellent storylines and acting performances that introduced so many new fans to the world of The Witcher.

5 Halo

Pablo Schreiber As Master Chief From The Halo TV Show

The Halo series is easily one of the most iconic video game titles in the first-person shooter and sci-fi genres. It has given fans so many iconic games, storylines, and characters. Naturally, the love for the video games will spill over into the TV show.

The Halo TV show re-imagines everything great about the games for the small screen. It is an action-packed show with great pacing and amazing action shots for fans of the games and high-octane action shows.

4 The Last Of Us

Pedro Pascal As Joel In The Last Of Us TV Show

The Last Of Us video games are storytelling masterpieces that will remain in the conversation as one of the best video game series for a very long time.

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Despite the immense love for the games, the overwhelming success that the series got was still unprecedented. The show has excellent performances from the lead actors that turn this video game adaptation into a separate entity that captivates viewers and makes it one of the best TV shows adapted from a video game.

3 Castlevania

Castlevania, Action Shot Of Alucard, Trevor, And Cipher Together

The Castlevania series certainly has its fans. It has produced some great games and fantastic characters. Still, there was no indication that it would spawn a successful TV show until it did.

The Castlevania TV show is an animated masterpiece that has garnered its own loyal fandom for having excellent animation, voice-acting performances, and storylines. Every installment introduced a new adventure, more characters for fans to love, and the same high-quality animation style.

2 Arcane

Jinx From The Arcane TV Show Staring Up At Something Out Of Frame

The Arcane animated TV show is based on the multiplayer online battle game League of Legends. The TV show takes the world of League of Legends and turns it into an amazing animated show with unique and incredible animations.

Besides the impressive and unique animation style, Arcane also has a great cast of voice actors and brilliant action-packed scenes that fans can enjoy.

1 Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Cyberpunk Edgerunners, David And The Rest Of His Crew Walking Together

Cyberpunk 2077 suffered heavily due to the game’s many bugs when it was first launched. Even though it was one of the most anticipated releases in video game history, many people considered it a flop. That is, until the release of the anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

The Edgerunners TV show was so incredibly captivating that the video game saw a resurgence after its release. The show gave fans a seamless and uninterrupted story and compelling characters in the brilliant world of Night City. It showed fans this fictional world’s potential if the kinks were ironed out. It did all of this while being only 13 episodes long.

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