Best Resources To Mine In Starfield


  • Platinum is a common resource that is essential for crafting weapon mods and is one of the best resources to mine in Starfield.
  • Alkanes, although not significant in the long run, are helpful during the early stages of the game when developing outposts.
  • Tungsten is the best resource to mine in Starfield, as it offers versatility in improving weapons, armor, and outpost structures.



There are many things for you to do throughout the Settled Systems of Starfield. You can build fantastic space crafts, visit multiple planets, gather a trusty crew of companions, join various factions, and even get married. These various activities add to the immersion that Starfield provides, and there’s more immersion to be discovered.

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For instance, the Settled Systems of Starfield have several different elements and resources you can mine and harvest that serve multiple purposes and generate income. If you’re interested in the mining aspect of Starfield, here are a few resources you should look into.

10 Platinum (Pt)

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Platinum On The Inventory Screen

Platinum is a fairly common resource in Starfield that can be obtained from over 20 different planets and shops across the star map. Platinum has many uses, most notably its usefulness in crafting weapon mods, essential to getting the best out of handheld weapons like rifles and pistols. Platinum’s rampant availability and essential function in the world of Starfield make it one of the best resources to mine in the game.

9 Alkanes (HnCn)

Starfield, Screenshot Of ALkanes Deposits Appearing On A scanned Planet

Alkanes can be mined from various planets and obtained from several stores across the map. It is a widespread material and has useful applications during the development of your outposts.

Alkanes is quite common and doesn’t serve a significant purpose in the grand scheme of things. Still, it is pretty helpful during the early stages of the game when you’re trying to get your outposts up and running, so it’s a good thing that you can find it in so many different places.

8 Cobalt (Co)

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Cobalt On The Vendor Screen

Cobalt is an essential resource to mine in general, but especially if you’re roleplaying a more scientific and research-focused character, as that is where it is most beneficial. It also gives you an edge over your enemies because you can use it to improve your weapons.

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Cobalt is used for research projects like power generation and robotics. It can also be used to craft some really cool weapon mods to give you even better weaponry.

7 Nickel (Ni)

Starfield, Screenshot Of Nickel On The Inventory Screen

Nickel can be used for research purposes and to craft weapon mods. It can also be used to craft armor mods, giving you extra defense in those heated battles against your many foes.

Nickel is unique and deserves a spot on the list due to its many combat-oriented uses. From better defense for your armor to weapon mods that improve your already impressive weapons, and even research projects like barrel mods, grip mods, and stock mods to improve your weapon handling and accuracy.

6 Lead (Pb)

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Lead In Sarah's Inventory

Lead is another readily available resource that can be found almost anywhere across the star map of Starfield. Despite its availability, it is one of the best resources to mine in the game.

Lead can be utilized in almost any activity imaginable in the game. You can use your lead to research better weaponry and craft many weapon mods, armor mods, and outpost materials like the different habs you may need, including the military hab, science hab, and four wall hab. Lead is one of the game’s most versatile, useful, and required resources.

5 Titanium (Ti)

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Titanium On The Vendor Screen

Titanium is a bit rarer than some of the other entries on this list. One of the few planets you can find titanium is Pluto in the Sol system, which will see you travel back to the old stomping grounds of human civilization.

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Titanium is an incredibly versatile resource and gives you various options in all the areas it can be used. It can be used to craft several weapon mods like a drum magazine, which improves your ammo capacity, armor mods like explosive shielding for your spacesuits to give you extra defense against grenades, and outpost materials like the ballistic turret mk 2. It can also be utilized in various research projects.

4 Copper (Cu)

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Copper On The Vendor Screen

Copper can be utilized in some research projects and can also be used when crafting a few weapon and armor mods. But its most significant selling point is its usefulness in building outposts.

Copper can be used to craft numerous useful outpost structures to make life easier and the roleplaying experience more enjoyable. Some big hitters that can be crafted with copper are the research lab, navigation console, and gas storage, to name a small fraction.

3 Iron (Fe)

Starfiel, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Iron

Iron is helpful in many different areas and is essential during the earlier stages of your outpost development.

Iron is helpful when crafting many weapon mods to improve your weapon performance and handling and when researching a few projects.

However, you will find the most use for all that precious iron when it’s time to craft several outpost structures, including your watchtower, pharmaceutical lab, and weapons workbench.

2 Aluminum (Al)

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Aluminum On The Vendor Screen

Aluminum is another massively versatile resource you will need throughout your time in the Settled Systems of Starfield. Aluminum is crucial in many of your research projects, including resource extraction and robotics. It can also be used when crafting weapon and armor mods to make you a more formidable space adventurer

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Most importantly, Aluminum is a vital component in crafting an overwhelming number of outpost structures, including your outpost airlock, solar array, pharmaceutical lab, and many other useful utilities.

1 Tungsten (W)

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Fragment Of Tungsten

Tungsten is an uncommon tier one resource and the best resource to mine in Starfield because it can be found in several shops and mined on many different planets. It is a truly versatile resource that offers many options in every area where it can be utilized. You can call on Tungsten if you need to improve your weapons’ effectiveness, accuracy, or handling.

If you need improved or superior armor, you have a few options to consider with Tungsten. It can also be utilized in many of your research projects. And when it comes to outpost structures, the possible applications are nearly endless. If you spend time in Starfield’s settled systems, you will eventually need some tungsten.

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