The Best Horror Mods For The Sims 4

The Sims has always been about creating your own narrative, but if you’re a horror enthusiast, you might find the game’s ‘scary’ elements a little lacking. Sure, it’s still a fun virtual experience that allows you to either pamper or torment your Sims in all sorts of creative ways; however, thanks to the talented Sims modding community, you can now turn The Sims 4 into an even broader sandbox of frights.



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Forget about EA’s weak attempts at spooky with its occult stuff because this list is all about classic horror tropes that’ll make your gameplay truly terrifying. Whether you’re into serial killer scenarios or want to dabble in the supernatural, the following spine-chilling mods have got you covered.

9 Zombie Apocalypse

The Sims 4 Three Zombies Walking Down the Street

Have you ever wondered how your Sims would react if faced with an unpredictable zombie outbreak? Just picture their world overrun by the undead and the virus spreading like wildfire — would they fight for their lives or willingly become walking corpses? Well, you can finally find out with this Zombie Apocalypse mod by Sacrificial.

As survivors, Sims have plenty of options to use against the zombies. From anti-infection items and all kinds of weapons to Jill Valentine who will eliminate every undead in the area. Turning into a brain-consuming enemy is another fun scenario too, where your Sim can evolve into a powerful and grotesque-looking Nemesis and terrorize the entire neighborhood.

8 Monster Factory

The Sims 4 Monster Factory Mod
Image via: NecrodogMTSandS4S on Patreon

If you’ve ever wanted to create The Sims version of Frankenstein, check out this another unsettling base game-compatible mod by Necrodog. It comes with everything you need to build a lab and turn your Sim into a mad scientist who gets to raise a household full of monsters.

Start by purchasing the Monster Factory machine that will help you craft monsters — once you have gathered body parts, of course. The Cannibal mod can help you with that, or you can simply use the computer to buy all the body parts. Soon after the monster is created, you can sell it to the medical school, but where’s the fun in that? Bringing it to life will make the gameplay spookier and, most importantly, your Sim gets to have some company while working on other spine-chilling projects.

7 Cannibalism

The Sims 4 Cannibal Roasting a Random Sim

Trying different cuisines is an excellent way to expand your Sims’ taste palates. But what if they’ve already tried every recipe in the book? No need to worry — with Necrodog’s mod, your foodie Sims may try out the new Hannibal Lecter route on their culinary experimentation journey.

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The mod is pretty self-explanatory; it turns your Sim into a cannibal who obtains his meat by slaughtering their neighbors. However, there are two special builds included with this mod: the morgue and the funeral home. They’ll give your Sims more privacy but also some different options of collecting meat, such as performing an autopsy and harvesting organs in your brand-new meat storing fridge.

6 The Haunted Mirror

The Sims 4 Hannah Ashford

You might be familiar with the spooky legend of Bloody Mary. Well, thanks to Sacrificial and his The Haunted Mirror mod, a Sim version of this vengeful ghost has made its way into the game.

Her name is Hannah Ashford and the legend has it that she once was a bride — murdered on her wedding day. However, she did not quite move on, and now your Sims can summon her through the haunted mirror. But there’s a catch: once you call her name, there’s almost no way of getting rid of her. She’ll wander from one playable lot to another, wielding a chainsaw in her blood-stained bridal gown while a group of crows ominously circle her.

5 Life Tragedies

The Sims 4 Life Tragedies Mod Jason Voorhees

In case you’re tired of the picture-perfect Sims world, Sacrificial’s mod will add some real-life tragedy and unpredictability to the game. With random events like murders, kidnappings, and fatal illnesses, you can create some exciting stories like never before.

The best part? You fully control the narrative. Play as the victim or watch your Sim become an infamous serial killer. There’s even Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series waiting to slash your Sims with his machete. So, if you’re looking for a slasher movie vibe, give this mod a shot and watch your Sims’ lives change dramatically.

4 Island Living Sirens

The Sims 4 Siren Drowning a Sim

Mermaids of Sulani are usually seen as charming and harmless, but with Zero’s Island Living Sirens mod, that old stereotype gets a twist. Now, your Mermaid Sims can transform into bloodthirsty Sirens with vampire-like needs.

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All it takes is feeding them some siren kelp, and you’ll witness a chilling transformation into deadly sea creatures craving plasma. They’ll start luring unsuspecting Sims into the deep waters with their haunting siren songs, but be careful — things can get pretty dicey and someone might end up drowning.

3 Deadly Toddlers

The Sims 4 DeadlyToddlers Mod

Here’s a quirky idea inspired by another of Sacrifical’s mods: dress up your adorable toddler as Chucky and watch them become one of the creepiest movie character cliches in the horror genre. Suddenly, their favorite toy is a knife, but they also enjoy setting things on fire — or other Sims for that matter.

Parents will most likely go first, but this murderous toddler won’t stop there, so the whole neighborhood might be in danger. Not even the Grim Reaper could handle their deadly tantrums, and the fact that they can also teleport makes things even worse for the innocent NPCs in the game.

2 Possessed Child

The Sims 4 Possessed Child named Jonathan Colby

As if killer toddlers weren’t scary enough, Sacrificial went the extra mile with a mod that brings a possessed child named Jonathan Colby back from the dead. His backstory? Tortured and neglected by his own father, which resulted in his untimely death.

Now, if for some reason you decide to buy Jonathan’s tombstone, think twice about summoning him. He’s definitely not the friendly type since he eliminates anyone who crosses his path. So, are your Sims brave enough to chant the boy’s name?

1 Usable Death Note

The Sims 4 Death Note Mod

Anime fans might really like TheCrudNation’s mod since it’s inspired by the Death Note series, in which killing someone is as simple as writing their name into a special notebook. But, before your Sim starts daydreaming about who they’ll send to the Netherworld, buying a Death Note from their bookshelf is a must.

After that, it’s just a matter of clicking on their victim, and they’ll be able to choose from various killing methods such as electrocution, freezing, and starvation, among others. Is there a more creative way to get rid of annoying Sims?

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