Where To Find Shells In Palia

Alongside all sorts of flora and fauna on land, the oceans of Palia are teeming with life. We may not be able to see all of it, but the evidence is all over the beaches: crabs scuttling about, snails scooting along in the sand, coral and oysters in the water, and plenty of shells lying around.



RELATED: Palia: Beauty Business Quest WalkthroughYou’ll need at least a few shells throughout your journey in Palia if you want to complete all the available quests, and they can help you gain relationship with some villagers. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find them and what uses they have.

Where To Find Shells

Player character standing on the coast of Bahari Bay next to a gatherable Shell in the shallow water in Palia.

Shells can only be found in three regions in Bahari Bay: Beachcomber Cove, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Coral Shores.

You can find them not only on the sand along the three areas, but also within the shallow water. Like other gatherables, they exhibit both a pulsing glow, and have their own noise which resembles a chime. As they spawn in the same area as Unopened Oysters, you’ll find a lot of them around or near each other.

Shells and oysters can be told apart by their coloring and noise. Shells are rounder and bright pink, and as well as having a softer and higher noise than oysters.

What Are Shells Used For

Player character interact with Tau and gifting him a Shell, one of his liked items, in Palia.

Shells primarily serve as a gift or weekly wanted item several villagers: Ashura, Chayne, Elouisa, Tish, Najuma, and Tau.

Gathering them is also a quest objective in two quests, A Look To Dye For and Beauty In Unexpected Places, both of which are given to you by Jel.

A Look To Dye For is a Discovery quest that can be found when encountering the trigger dialogue when talking to Jel, and Beauty in Unexpected Places is Jel’s level three romance quest.

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