Every Dominant In Final Fantasy 16, Ranked

Final Fantasy 16’s story is centered around Dominants, individuals who can control the power of Eikons. Each Eikon represents a different element, with the Dominants often holding some of the highest positions of power in the continent of Valisthea. Civilizations are built around the ability to control and use Dominants.



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There are eight Dominants in Final Fantasy 16, each with their own powers, abilities, and personalities. The Dominants are the driving force behind the story of Final Fantasy 16, so it only makes sense that significant time is spent building up each of them. Below, we’ll attempt to rank each Dominant based on their power and personality, their role in the story, and more.

Spoilers for the entirety of Final Fantasy 16 below!

8 Benedikta

Final Fantasy 16 screenshot of Benedikta Harmon

First up, we have Benedikta Harman, the Dominant of Garuda. Benedikta is encountered, and summarily dispatched, pretty early on in the story. At this point in the story, Clive doesn’t know much about Cid, but through Benedikta, we learn how Cid used to be a commander for Barnabas in Waloed. Eventually, Cid leaves Waloed, causing Benedikta to form a grudge against him.

Benedikta never gets to truly show off her Eikonic powers, and is pretty easily defeated by Clive, who at this point has not absorbed any other Eikons’ power. As such, it’s hard to rank Benedikta higher than other characters who get significantly more screen time, and have more compelling character arcs.

7 Hugo

Hugo - Capital Punishment featuring Hugo sitting on Rosalith's Throne from Final Fantasy 16

Hugo Kupka is the Dominant of Titan, and one of the major antagonists throughout Final Fantasy 16. Hugo is an interesting character who is ultimately designed to be disliked. He often lets his rage get in the way of his goals, going so far as to destroy the Hideaway after Clive kills Benedikta.

In this way, Hugo is similar to Benedikta; they are both overly governed by their rage and hatred. While it’s easy to dislike Hugo Kupka, the boss fight against Titan Lost is one of the greatest visual spectacles in the game, making Hugo not entirely a lost cause.

6 Jill

Final Fantasy 16 A sorrowful Jill at night

Jill Warrick is the Dominant of Shiva and a childhood friend of Clive and Joshua. Despite holding the power of Shiva, arguably one of the coolest and most iconic Eikons, Jill never really excels in combat. The few times she Primes into Shiva, she is always defeated.

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Jill is a constant companion throughout the game, and is a great foil to Clive’s sometimes reckless behavior, but sadly the story doesn’t want her to be anything more than that; someone to keep Clive in line. If Jill had been given more personal agency outside of her relation to Clive, we could have seen her character truly shine.

5 Dion

Final Fantasy 16 Dion in full armor entering the room

Dion Lesage is the Dominant of Bahamut, the leader of the Dragoons, and the prince of Sanbreque. Bahamut is often considered the most powerful Eikon in the Final Fantasy series, and Dion definitely shows off its power to great effect in Final Fantasy 16.

Bahamut has the most raw power of any of the Eikons, with its Zettaflare being capable of destroying the planet. While Bahamut is perfectly represented in Final Fantasy 16, Dion sadly does not get a happy ending, being killed by Ultima before he is able to reunite with Terrance, all just after being manipulated into destroying his home and family. Dion’s tragic story definitely earns him a few points in the ranking.

4 Barnabas

Final Fantasy 16 screenshot of Barnabas Tharmr

Barnabas Tharmr is the Dominant of Odin, and the king of Waloed. Next to Ultima, Barnabas could be considered the secondary antagonist of the game, being Ultima’s most trusted servant and frequent adversary to Clive.

While Odin may not be the physically strongest Eikon, Barnabas easily has the most experience using Odin’s power, giving him a significant edge in battle against the other Dominants. Barnabas’s view of the ideal free world is a poignant parallel to depression, making him just the slightest bit relatable while remaining a great antagonist for Clive.

3 Cid

Cid from Final Fantasy 16

Cid is perhaps the most beloved character in Final Fantasy 16, and for good reason. He’s cool and composed, charismatic, and above all else, cares deeply for his allies and the people of the Hideaway. As the Dominant of Ramuh, Cid seeks to liberate Bearers and Dominants alike from their status as slaves.

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In the grand scheme of things, Cid is only around for a short time before passing the torch to Clive. Still, before his death, Cid demonstrates his immense power with Ramuh, and does a lot for the Bearers of Valisthea.

2 Joshua

Final Fantasy 16 an older Joshua looking at the horizon

Joshua Rosfield is the Dominant of Phoenix, and Clive’s younger brother. As the young Dominant of Phoenix, Joshua has a heavy burden as the symbol of hope for the Rosfields. Despite being a Dominant, Joshua is sick for most of his childhood, leading to a sheltered life.

As an adult, Joshua uses the power of Phoenix to aid Clive in his quest; in fact, Joshua is one of the main driving forces behind most of Clive’s actions. Phoenix may not be the strongest Eikon, especially compared to Bahamut or Odin, but Joshua’s kindness and compassion more than make up for his Eikon’s shortcomings.

1 Clive

Clive surrounded by flames in Final Fantasy 16

In first place, we have Clive, the Dominant of Ifrit, the second Eikon of Fire. As the protagonist of the game, we spend the most time with Clive, allowing us to see his faults and strengths in great detail. While Clive is sometimes stubborn and reckless, he is also kind and endlessly honorable. He takes up the mantle of Cid without a second thought, vowing to continue the dream of freeing Bearers across Valisthea.

Not only is Clive the Dominant of Ifrit, he is also Mythos, the individual chosen by Ultima to be the ultimate vessel. As such, Clive can absorb and control the powers of all eight Eikons, making him the strongest Dominant by far. We see this power exercised numerous times throughout the story, as Clive perseveres through everything the world throws at him.

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