How To Complete The Magic In Everything Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The main arc of Disney Dreamlight Valley deals with the Forgetting, bringing back the villagers who were affected, and dealing with the Night Thorns. As you restore the valley, you’ll get to know the Forgotten, the former ruler of the valley who disappeared. When they come to your valley, it’s in hopes of a fresh start.



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After completing resolving the conflict with the Forgotten, they’ll spend time in your village, though there isn’t much you can do at first. A short while after moving them from the Dark Castle into your village, you’ll be able to check in on how they’re adjusting to life in the valley.

How To Unlock The Magic In Everything Story Quest

The Dark Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Forgotten has been spending a lot of time in the Dark Castle lately, so you should check up on them. Enter the Dark Castle through the portal in the Plaza and speak to the Forgotten.

They miss everything being exciting and beautiful when they were younger, but you can help them recapture those memories with photos. You’ll need to take pictures of the following:

  • One yellow flower in the Forgotten Lands.
  • A really neat bird with dark feathers.
  • A giant skull near Dazzle Beach.

Where To Take Pictures

Talking to The Forgotten in The Dark Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are several things you’ll need to take pictures of, and unfortunately, the Forgotten doesn’t have the exact names for you. You’ll have to accompany them around the valley to find the things they like.

The Flower Photo

Selfie with the yellow flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head to the Forgotten Lands and look for yellow flowers. Find a Yellow Nasturtium and snap a picture.

If there are no yellow variants available, pick some current flowers and wait a few minutes for new ones to spawn. Rinse and repeat until you are able to take a picture of the yellow flowers.

The Bird Photo

Selfie with the Classic Raven in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The bird you’re looking for with neat feathers is the Raven. Make your way to the Forgotten Lands, find the Raven, and snap a picture.

Every critter has a schedule, which means you might not be able to find the Classic Raven right away. However, if you’ve already befriended the Classic Raven, you can equip them as a Companion and take the photo.

The Skull Photo

Selfie with The Forgotten at Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The giant skull near Dazzle Beach is none other than the one that resembles Skull Island from Disney’s Peter Pan. Head on over and take a selfie with the Forgotten.

Once you’ve taken all the photos, return to the Forgotten and show them. The photos make them feel better, but they have another request. They’ll ask if you can make a space in your House for them to visit.

How To Decorate Your House

Selfie in the Forgotten's Room in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll need furniture that suits their taste, such as calm and elegant pieces. They prefer black and purple, obviously, and ask for seating and some cool and artsy decorations.

You’ll need to add each of the following to the room to make the Forgotten feel at home:

  • Calm (2)
  • Elegant (2)
  • Black (3)
  • Purple (3)
  • Seating (2)
  • Art (1)

It’s possible a room in your home already meets these requirements. In that case, you can take a picture of that room instead of creating a new one.

Once you’ve decorated the room, take a picture of it to show the Forgotten. They’re grateful that you did all this to make them feel more at home in the valley, and reward you with a plate of Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies.

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