The Best Halloween Challenges For The Sims 4

As the days get shorter and the nights grow darker, there’s no better way to embrace the spooky months than by diving into some spine-chilling challenges in The Sims 4. Thanks to the creativity of fellow Simmers, you have plenty of player-defined scenarios with their own set of rules to choose from. After all, spending hours on your usual gameplay might easily lead to boredom.



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But fear not, because sometimes it just takes a few fresh ideas to make the game exciting again — or spookier, in this case. From orchestrating murders black widow style to creating family legacies of monsters, these fan-made tasks will put your Sims’ bravery and your wits to the test.

9 Thirteen Ghost Challenge

Sims 4 Thirteen Ghosts Challenge
Image via: Jon Mayo on

Your first step in Jon Mayo’s Thirteen Ghost Challenge is to create a Sim with the Bestselling Author aspiration. This is an important part since they’ll need to write the Book of Life, which will ultimately allow them to summon 13 spirits.

The challenge gives off a dark atmosphere thanks to its witchcraft rites, such as capturing souls of your prisoners by planting flowers as they slowly die. However, once you finally perform a summoning ritual, remember to take a screenshot of those 13 ghosts before they return to the Netherworld; otherwise, you won’t complete this challenge.

8 Monster Family Legacy Challenge

The Sims 4 Vampire

The Monster Family Legacy Challenge by MysteriousPlumbobs is packed with some intriguing supernatural narratives while leaving plenty of space for your creative freedom. It starts by creating a new family and moving them into an abandoned house. What’s the family secret, you might ask? Let’s say it’s a classic ‘monster-in-Sims-clothing’ scenario you’re getting yourself into.

From there, you’ll play through six generations of this secretly occult family that will try to blend into the normal Sim environment. Whether they are Aliens, Vampires, or maybe CC-made monsters, the point is to hide their true identity from other Sims and face the specific challenges of every generation.

7 The ‘Not So Scary’ Challenge

Sims 4 paranormal stuff female sim chatting to a well dressed male ghost

This occult challenge by itsmaggira blends the elements from different supernatural packs to steer your Sims’ legacy in a new, eerie direction. It comes with plenty of flexibility and creative freedom, keeping trait and aspiration restrictions to a minimum, so you can shape the narrative as you see fit.

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The challenge must start with a spooky love story. Your paranormal investigator Sim will have to marry a ghost and start a family in their haunted home. Next generations add Vampires, Spellcasters, and Aliens into the mix, each more powerful than the last, so you can aim for their supremacy in the Sim world.

6 The Black Widow Challenge

Sims 4 Love Day Date Romance Flirting Flirty Outside Walk Formal

Simalot’s The Black Widow Challenge is undeniably one of the most popular Sims 4 challenges out there. It’s almost like watching an interactive soap opera, considering how much drama it can create in your Sims’ lives.

While rules and difficulty levels might vary, the main concept stays the same. Your young adult Sim ties the knot, shamelessly cheats right before their partner’s eyes, and then murders them before moving on to the next victim. It’s a cycle: marry, cheat, kill, and repeat until your Black Widow Sim eventually dies.

5 The Asylum Challenge

SIms 4 grim in hospital with a sim

The Asylum Challenge by simswithcheese has several difficulty levels, but the goal remains simple: your Sim must get out of the asylum by proving to their psychiatrist that they’re mentally sound, which involves achieving their aspiration.

Here’s the catch, though: you must also keep seven other patients with the Insanity trait alive without managing or checking their needs. Your main Sim is your focus, and remember, no cheats or mods are allowed. On top of that, you have a tight budget and limited supplies, but don’t let this challenge drive you nuts despite its difficult concept.

4 The Hotel Challenge

Four Sims from The Sims 4 having a conversation in a brightly colored room

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can take this challenge by MissChevus to a hair-raising level. Sure, running a hotel seems like a fun idea, but what about making it haunted? To do so, your Sim needs to lure random neighbors into their fancy hotel rooms and essentially trap them by deleting the doors.

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Then, the terror begins. Each day, you’ll let the dice decide the fate of your Sim’s guests. Will they become enemies, be fed spoiled food, and so on? The worst-case scenario for your guests is, of course, death. It’s a quite suspenseful game of torment since not even you can predict the outcome of dice rolls.

3 The Serial Killer Challenge

The Sims 4 Serial Killer Sim Holding Knife

Do you think your Sim has the potential to become a successful serial killer? If the answer is yes, give the liliths’ challenge a shot. The main goal here is to kill as many Sims as possible in just three weeks.

The plan is simple: make your evil Sim wait outside their house until an unsuspecting victim shows up. Engage in a little chat, invite them inside, and then delete the door so there’s no way out. Now, when it comes to the actual killing, that’s all on you; just make sure to keep those graves as trophies.

2 Alien Takeover Challenge

The Sims 4 Alien and Human Sim

Created by LilMissSimmer, the Alien Takeover Challenge brings an alien invasion from planet Sixam to your Sims’ neighborhood. It all starts with your newly created Alien Sim, whose mission is to exterminate all the human Sims. But, if they get exposed as an Alien or their victim escapes in the process, the challenge is over.

So, to pull this off, your Alien must wear that disguise all the time. Also, when it comes to their victims, they’ll need a basement to lock them up. However, before these poor human Sims die, make sure to have some hybrid alien babies with them to populate the new world.

1 The Horror Legacy Challenge

The Sims 4 Life Tragedies Mod Jason Voorhees

For fans of all things scary, this one is a must-try. It’s a seven-generation legacy challenge by sopranosims, with each generation based on a different horror movie or book. And don’t worry — you don’t have to be a huge fan of the genre to enjoy it.

Your Sims will go through some terrifying experiences inspired by The Conjuring and Friday the 13th series, just to name a few. The best part for you, though, is that you can bend the rules however you like to make these horror stories more unique.

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