The Best Romance Options In Fae Farm

The farm life sim, Fae Farm, has been all the buzz since its launch in early September 2023. In this RPG-esque video game developed by Phoenix Labs, you can farm in the colorful world of Azoria filled with an array of personalities from fae to humans. Similar to Stardew Valley, you are given an unused farm in the land of Azoria after being shipwrecked there.



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Alongside cooking, crafting, world exploration, and quests, you can also romance villagers. Speaking to villagers on a daily basis, increases your romance stats with them, eventually resulting in a date. Gifting them their favorite items increases your chances of wooing them. With six available characters to romance, wedding bells may just ring for you.

6 Nhamashal

Fae Farm Nhamashal Relationship Menu

Spawning after ridding Azoria of its whirlpools, Nhamashal is an ethereal fae. Raised in a manor, this fae has lived a highly prestigious life resulting in him having a slight superiority complex. He puts himself on a pedestal, which can become quite annoying when he is constantly making jabs at you over dinner. If you are truly smitten by his looks, you may just be able to overlook his pomposity.

Naturally, this silver-spoon-fed fae also has refined tastes. If you want to pursue a romance with Nhamashal, be prepared to open your wallet, as he accepts nothing less than refined minerals and ores as gifts. Although these gifts may not save you from being insulted over dinner. Be warned.

5 Galan

Fae Farm Galan Relationship Menu

Galan is another NPC who is only available following the completion of the whirlpools in Chapter 3. His auburn locks and green skin are immediately recognizable. Hailing from the sandy republic of Sagnow, this warrior has traveled far. Despite being a warrior, the only knife Galan wields is a dinner one.

Opting more for a soft lifestyle, Galan is more of a lover than a fighter, a great love of his being food. His nomadic lifestyle means he has stories from all across the world to share with you. If you want to romance this fella he is easily seduced by wealthy players. However, a good Mac and Cheese also goes a long way with him.

4 Jack

Fae Farm Jack Relationship Menu

One of the first faces you meet in Azoria, Jack-the-trusty-lumberjack, leaves a lasting impression. Sweet, kind, humble and down-to-earth, Jack is the textbook boy-next-door. Preferring the simple things in life, Jack loves nature, appreciating gifts like Lumber and Brown Snail. Expect nature dates, talking over the crunch of a camp fire, and stargazing.

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Almost like the lead in a Hallmark Christmas movie, Jack is the typical puts-his-family-above-all kind of guy and is the definition of a summer romance. He loves talking about his brothers and his hometown of Hibervert. He is a thoughtful person greatly appreciating gifts foraged from nature or refined from trees. Jack is a green flag through and through.

3 Pepper

Fae Farm Pepper Relationship Menu

The bubbly Pepper is another character who is only available after the whirlpools are dealt with. A huge foodie, Pepper makes her way to your heart through your stomach. With her iconic space buns, every moment with Pepper will feel like an adventure as she loves the outdoors, home-cooked meals, and heart-to-heart conversations.

As an outdoorsman, Pepper loves a good fishing trip. Expect serene hours by the river, fishing and discussing her favorite recipes which she will be sure to cook at home. Pepper is anything but materialistic, so simple gifts like Fish and Mushroom Jerky or Berry Jam are sure to win this town girl over.

2 Pyria

Fae Farm Pyria Relationship menu

The island’s resident friendly Goth, Pyria, appears after the whirlpools disappear. Her lavender skin, onyx hair, and black wings are her iconic features giving her a more somber look. Despite her gothic appearance, Pyria is a romantic at heart. She adores black flowers, ancient scrolls, and spending time indoors with a good book.

Though she may be shy and introverted, Pyria loves her deep, personal conversations. While her limited amount of interests means there is only so much you can talk to her about, Pyria is just as sweet and delicate as the flowers she loves. To romance her, you may need to take up botany and find the finest black flowers of Azoria — Black Trillium being her favorite.

1 Argyle

Fae Farm Argyle Relationship Menu

Taking the top position is the sweet Argyle who is friendly to all the critters of Azoria from fae to the tiniest insects. His main loves are frogs, paintings, and pottery. All of which he is sure to ramble on about over a cozy coffee date. He is an important character in the game as he can shed light on the different critters of Azoria.

Despite being a little timid, Argyle is not boring to be around. His many interests means you’re never short of conversation topics around him. Unsurprisingly, he loves anything related to bugs and insects as gifts. Whether that is the actual bug itself or something related to it, you may have to muddy your hands a little to bring Argyle these precious gifts.

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