How To Get The Red Widow Set In Remnant 2

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There are plenty of items and armor tucked away in Remnant 2 inside Dungeons that will tickle your brain with puzzles and traps that get you thinking in creative ways. They’re a nice break from the gunslinging and big boss fights, and some of them are tricky.



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You’ll encounter most of the game’s gear on one or two playthroughs, but there’s still plenty that are tucked away in hidden corners, or in a low-spawning Dungeon. The Red Widow Set is one of these items, and it’s worth knowing how to find this one as it’s in a fun Dungeon. Here’s how to get the Red Widow Set in Remnant 2.

How To Find The Red Widow Set

Remnant 2: Wearing The Full Red Widow Set In Ward 13

First off, if you’re looking to grab this armor, it’s found inside The Lament, which is a Dungeon in Yaesha. If you don’t run into it on your campaign, don’t worry, just load up Adventure Mode, pick Yaesha, and then run through it with Re-Rolls until you find it.

Frustratingly, the spawn rate for this Dungeon is quite low so it may take a few times. A good trick is to set the difficulty to low to make sprinting through Yaesha easier as the mobs and bosses in your way won’t be too tricky to take down. The dungeon spawns on every difficulty setting, so pick your poison.

Remnant 2: The Red Crystal Checkpoint At The Laments Entrance

You can also load up the multiplayer menu and then try to join an online game that is currently running through it.

It’s worth leaving this Dungeon until you’re suitable and strong. It’s got some strong mobs and mini-bosses that will give you trouble if you’re a little under-leveled.

The Consort’s Puzzle

Remnant 2: Standing Before The Consort's Puzzle Dial

Should you manage to spawn The Lament you’ll find plenty of puzzles waiting for you inside. One of which is the Consorts Puzzle. It’s found within the main room of the Dungeon, right above all the Sarcophagi. The puzzle itself is a Rotary Dial mechanism that you’ll need to use to enter a pattern code in a specific order to solve.

The solution lies in a Diary of the Consort and the clue to each correct symbol is based on a passage within the poem written inside it. Don’t worry, this all seems more complicated than it actually is. In general, what you need to do is locate the Diary first, it’s next to a skeleton nearby.

Remnant 2: The Different Symbol Clues On Each Tomb

When you open the book, look at the symbol shown within and its color. Now go back to the entrance to the Sarcophagus room and take note of each symbol that has the same color as the one in the book.

The order of symbols goes; Left side of the room to the right, bottom to top, and closest from the door to the furthest. If you’re getting errors, check the ordering of your symbols.

We also have an in-depth guide (available here) for those who might be struggling with it.

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How To Get The Red Widow Set

Remnant 2: The Tomb Containing The Red Widow Set

After completing the Consort’s Puzzle, you’ll open up a room that will let you go into some secret areas within the Lament. There’s also a unique mini-boss known as The Wither that will spawn after you loot the coffins in the adjoining room. Be ready for a fight.

Once the Wither is dead you’ll see a set of stairs going down to a balcony that overlooks a tomb.

That should be your next goal as inside it is the Red Widow Set, the item that you’re here for in the first place. It’s a set of Yaesha-themed armor that has some very good stats, plus it has horns and gold plating on it which makes the set look pretty cool.

Remnant 2: The Secret Hole To The Red Widow Set

To get to that chest though you’re going to have to run through a Buzzsaw trap that will test your awareness, reaction, and thinking skills. But first, after unlocking the new checkpoint, turn and look at the collapsed pillar in the corner.

There’s a secret hole behind that which leads to a small back area with a waterfall, behind the waterfall is a short path you’ll need to crouch to walk under. At the end of it is a key that will open a door to a storage room in the same spot.

Remnant 2: The Secret Hole In The Storage Room

There’s a chest inside here and a hole that leads to the buzzsaw trap. But beating this will lead to a safe passage and eventually the large burial room with the Sarcophagus and the Red Widow Set inside. There’s another optional area to check out, but we’ll get to that in a moment as it involves a jumping puzzle.

The Lament Traps

Remnant 2: The Buzzsaw Trap In The Lament Dungeon

There are three sets of traps in the Lament that will try to slow you down and they’re pretty devious. These are instant kill devices and it’s worth tackling this one with a group as it’ll make the whole process much smoother and quicker. But you can still do it solo if you prefer.

The interesting thing about the traps is that their placement can change. So you may run into one right at the start or within a room or two. But we’ll run down each one so you know what to expect when you explore this dungeon.

The Arrow Trap

Remnant 2: A De-Activated Bolt Trap In The Lament

The first trap you’ll run into is three long paths that have bolts firing down them. There’s a rhythm to it so you can avoid them, but it scales in complexity after each lane. They fire on one side and then the other, so just zig-zag through it.

They also start firing in reverse when you get halfway through each lane, so get ready to swap to the opposite side or you’ll get a bolt in the back. There’s a safe spot between each lane to take a break and observe the next section, so don’t sprint through it all in one go.

The Buzzsaw Trap

Remnant 2: A Full Party Standing Before The Buzzsaw Trap

The next trap is like something out of Knightmare as it involves a long corridor with rotating buzzsaws that stick out of the walls, ceiling, and floor. This one is all about speed and like the previous trap, it’ll reverse their direction when you’re halfway to try and catch you out.

If they hit you it’s a trip back to the Red Crystal, but if you hug one side and then flip over halfway whilst sprinting then you should be okay. There’s also a lever at the end of this and the previous deadly mechanism that will switch it off making the path back safer for you or your Co-Op partners.

The Pillar Trap

Remnant 2: Crossing The Invisible Bridges Of The Pillar Trap

This trap is a purely optional puzzle and also the previously mentioned jumping puzzle. When you reach it you’ll see several pillars with symbols on them over a giant bottomless abyss. Instead of spelling out the name of God like Indy would do, you’ll have to find a safe path across.

Your first instinct will be to try and jump between them thinking there’s an order to it since there are special-looking symbols. Do not do this. Each pillar is spaced apart just enough that the roll animation on your jump will finish with you barreling off into the void below. Instead, grab the Acid Thrower, the Hellfire Flamethrower, a throwable melee weapon, or something that sprays out a lot of bullets.

Remnant 2: Using A Javelin To Mark A Safe Path

Now look at the spaces between the pillars. There’s an invisible path randomly placed between them that if you shoot or cover in a status effect, you will be able to see. There are also dust drops from the ceiling that will show the solid parts, but a gun is more reliable.

It’s reminiscent of the Crystal Area before Seath The Scaleless in Dark Souls, so if you’re familiar with that you’ll find this puzzle pretty easy. After crossing this void you’ll find a door. To open it you’ll need to inspect the Kolkets Razor item you gained from beating The Wither mini-boss. Spin it around in your inventory until an interact prompt appears and you’ll unfold it into a key.

Remnant 2: Recovering The Loadstone Crown

After entering this new room, turn and look to your left. That small section of wall connected to the door is an illusion and it will loop you around up onto the large longboat that’s hanging above your head.

Drop down onto the boat and you can grab the Loadstone Crown from the skeleton. It’s a new hat that acts like a head torch, which is pretty handy in some of Remnant 2’s poorer-lit dungeons.

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