How To Fish In HoloCure

With all the characters available, and combinations of weapons and items to try out in HoloCure, it’ll take a long time to run out of things to do in its Vampire Survivors-like game main game mode. However, should you want to take a break, the game also comes with a pretty decent farm sim mode known as HoloHouse.



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One of the activities in HoloHouse is that common video game minigame pastime, fishing. While seemingly simple, it has a little more going on than it seems. Whether you want a crash course on the mechanics and rewards fishing, or just confirm some details, this guide has you covered.

How To Fish

Korone standing near the fishing pond, the fish over her head indicating that you can fish (left), in the minigame proper (right)

To fish, you must first unlock the HoloHouse mode by clearing Stage One – Grassy Plains in the main game mode. After that fishing in HoloCure is simple. On the upper left part of the map, in front of the house and across from the farm plots, is a pond. If you walk up to the pond, a little fish icon will show up above your character.

Interacting with the pond (A/X/Left Click) will let you cast a line. After a short, but variable amount of time, an exclamation point will appear and the fishing minigame will begin.

Icons will slide across a bar from left to right, displaying either one of the four directional arrows or a purple circle, signifying the interact button. As they go into the circular area on the right side, you press the indicated button, which fills up a gauge.

Once you fill up this gauge, congratulations, you’ve caught yourself a fish! Accuracy and timing are a must since perfectly timed input (in the center of the circle) will yield bonus progress while missed inputs will lower the catch gauge. If the gauge goes empty, you lose the fish.

Other characters will fish from time to time, and you can collect their catch which they leave where they were fishing.

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What Is The Fishing Difficulty

Fishing Difficulties (easiest to hardest, left to right): Gura (Yellow Exclamation), Okayu (Orange), Kronii (Red), Subaru (Triple Red)

The difficulty of the fishing minigame is affected by two things: the color of the exclamation point and the number of successful fishing attempts. The exclamation point colors, in increasing difficulty, are: yellow, orange, red, and three red exclamation points.

The higher the difficulty, the faster the inputs come in and the more you have to do, and the better the rewards, resulting in more or higher quality fish. Catching fish consecutively will start a combo that adds up until you fail to catch a fish, leave the HoloHouse mode, or switch fishing rods.

At every ten combo (20, 30, etc.), you get a speed increase as well as a bonus fish. Once you achieve a 70-fish combo, the minigame’s speed will remain constant, but you’ll still reel in bonus fish at every interval of ten until your combo breaks. The higher your combo, the more likely more difficult (and lucrative) fishing prompts will pop up.

What Are The Fishing Benefits

Left to right: Amelia at the Pot, the management minigame feeding menu, the Sand exchange

The primary benefits of catching fish are the fish themselves since they can be used for cooking recipes that provide a variety of powerful buffs in the main game. They are also used as possible food for your employees in the management minigame, which will level them up and allow them to continue gathering Holocoins.

You can also sell them to Bloopy, just north of the pond for Sand. Sand then allows you to buy more advanced rods, which allow for the possibility to catch rare fish, more numerous catches, or both. You can also trade the Sand back to Bloopy for Holocoins at a 1:1 rate.

Rarely, you can also catch furniture for your house while fishing, which saves you the expense of having the buy it instead.

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What Are All The Fishing Rods

Amelia Watson at Bloopy's fishing stand (left) and Bloopy's fishing rods and prices (right)

You start with a Beginner’s Rod which is only good for catching a few of the most basic fish, but you can sell those fish to get sand to purchase better rods.

In addition to being more effective and catching rarer varieties, higher-grade rods also carry an increased chance for Shiny Fish, which are worth 10 times more Sand than their common variants.

Below is a table of each rod, how much sand they cost, and the kind of fish they enable you to catch. In addition to the listed fish, they can also catch all the fish of all the lower-grade rods.


Sand Value

Highest Value Fish

Beginner’s Rod


Shrimp, Clownfish, Tuna

Dad’s Rod


Koi Fish, Lobster, Eel

Blacksmith-Made Rod


Puffer Fish, Manta Ray

Atlantean Rod


Turtle, Squid

Turkey Rod


Shark, Axolotl

Golden Rod


All Fish, Higher Shiny Catch Rate

If you need to catch more common varieties of fish, consider using lower-grade rods since they catch them more reliably. However, it’s also important to consider that higher-grade rods will catch common fish in higher amounts when they do.

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