Which Stories Can You Give To Nadia Muffaz In Starfield?

In your journey through space in Starfield, you’ll accomplish great things. Whether you become the bane of the stars or the hero everyone loves, your undertakings are newsworthy events. Lucky for you SSNN has picked up on your trail and wants to know more about who you are and what you have to offer.



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You’ll get a chance early on to share your adventures with the local news, or you can put it off for as long as you’d like. The fact remains that your name is gaining traction across the galaxy, and people want to know more about you.

Where To Find Tommy Bitlow

Tommy Bitlow in Starfield

After completing One Small Step, you’re off to a grand start with your adventure. The next time you enter the spaceport, there’s a chance that Tommy Bitlow will approach you and begin asking questions. He’s a journalist for SSNN.

You can also begin this quest by seeking out Nadia right away before Tommy gets the chance to approach you.

He’s got an amazing deal for you if you’re interested. Nadia Muffza, an SSNN researcher, is looking for new stories to share, and you’re her golden ticket. Plus, you’ll be compensated for your time, so it’s a win-win.

Where to Find Nadia Muffaz

Nadia Muffaz in Starfield

Make your way to the Commercial District and enter the SSNN building. Nadia Muffaz is at the front desk. As head researcher, it’s her job to make sure all the facts are right, but she needs help finding more interesting stories to share.

To begin, you’ll be able to tell her all about the Vectera mining attack. This is accessible from the get-go. There are several other stories you can share, which usually become available after progressing through certain questlines.

These are the other stories you can share with Nadia:

Spoilers ahead: These objectives contain spoilers for other questlines in Starfield. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Deliver news about the GalBank robbery in Akila City.
  • Deliver news about the Scrow and Captain Petrov.
  • Deliver news about SysDef’s attack on the Key.
  • Deliver news about the Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis.
  • Deliver news about Ron Hope’s death.

End of spoilers.

There’s no need to worry about remembering which new stories will be newsworthy. The objectives will populate as you come across them, so you’ll know when to report to Nadia Muffaz after adventuring.

With each news story, Nadia will ask a series of questions. Embellish as much as you’d like or stick to the truth. You’ll get your credits and Nadia has her story.

Primary Sources In The Well

Primary Sources In The Well in Starfield

Additionally, Nadia will ask you to conduct interviews in The Well in her stead since her bosses won’t let her go. You’ll get to act on her behalf in the Primary Sources quest and question several small business owners about their experiences.

There are three people in The Well you’ll need to speak to:

  • Henrik at Apex Electronics.
  • Nurse O’Shea at the Medbay.
  • Theresa at Kay’s House.

Speaking to these NPCs leads to starting various side quests around the Well, if you choose to help out.

Once you’ve spoken to everyone, head back to Nadia to report in. You receive a nice sum of Credits for your efforts.

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