How To Complete Belle’s Level 10 Friendship Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

While there are many enchanting characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Belle is a notable villager for her intelligence and kindness towards others. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she’s the best mystery solver in the valley. When you team up, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together.



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Uncovering the secrets of the village is one of the most intriguing aspects of the game, as well as bonding with new characters to forge friendships. These friendships result in great rewards and more development throughout the game. When you reach level ten, you’re rewarded with an engaging quest and a unique new item.

How To Unlock The Chronicles Of The Ancients Friendship Quest

Belle Friendship rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can begin Belle’s final friendship quest, you’ll need to have completed all prior friendship quests with Belle. You’ll also need to have met the following requirements:

  • Reach Level Ten Friendship with Belle.
  • Unlock the Fairy Godmother.
  • Unlock Ariel.
  • Unlock the Frosted Heights.
  • Unlock the Glade of Trust.
  • Unlock the Forgotten Lands.

Once you’ve met these conditions, speak with Belle. She’s found an interesting passage in her Journal, but she needs you to read it. Head to Beast’s Castle and interact with Belle’s Journal on her desk.

The Journal contains an entry from the Ruler’s Diary, which mentions something called The Chronicles of the Ancients. It’s hidden on an island far from Dreamlight Valley. Thankfully, you know just the mermaid who can help locate this item.

How To Reach The Glowing Chest

Everyone gathered to open the chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Talk to Ariel about the entry, then use the Raft on Dazzle Beach to reach the island you found Ariel on. You’ll need to head to your right to find the chest trapped behind the rocks.

Return to Belle to let her know what you found. While she’s sure the two of you could free the chest, she wants to get Beast to help out. You’ll need to bring him some materials in case he needs tools.

There’s an optional objective to change into three Rustic clothing items for this adventure.

Bring the Beast four Ropes and two Iron Ingots to secure his help. He’ll agree, and you’ll all head back to the island. Once you’re there, speak to Beast and he’ll free the chest from the rocks.

When the Chest is free, take the scroll and get a closer look. You’ll find four symbols on it.

How To Unlock The Glowing Chest

How to unlock the chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each symbol will be used to unlock the chest, and there are four scattered around the valley. You’ll need to find them all before you can claim what is inside.

It’s easier to see the symbols at night when they glow.

Symbol Location One

Symbol 1 in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first symbol can be found on Ariel’s island. It’s on the rocks near the chest you found.

Symbol Location Two

Symbol 2 under the eyes of icy peaks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The second symbol is in the Frosted Heights, all the way in the back towards the waterfall.

Symbol Location Three

Symbol 3 near watery ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The third symbol can be found near the watery ruins in the Glade of Trust.

Symbol Location Four

Symbol 4 in the darkest part of the land in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The fourth symbol is found at the back of the Forgotten Lands, by the Ruins.

Once you’ve taken a picture of each symbol, return to Beast’s Castle. Open the chest, collect the Chronicles of the Ancients, and show it to Belle.

The Chronicles of the Ancients is broken, so you’ll need to ask the Fairy Godmother for help.

How To Repair The Chronicles Of The Ancients

The Fairy Godmother needs materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Find the Fairy Godmother and show her the Chronicles of the Ancients. She’ll be able to repair it, but you’ll need to gather more materials for her. To fix it, you’ll need:



Gold Ingots


Dream Shards


Vitalys Crystals




Bring the materials to the Fairy Godmother once you’ve gathered them together, and make sure that the Chronicles of the Ancients is also in your inventory. The Fairy Godmother works some magic and repairs the device, so you can now return to Belle.

Find Belle and show her the repaired device. She’s excited to have it but wants to share it with everyone. To do so, Belle wants to put the Chronicles of the Ancients near the Dreamlight Valley Library so everyone can access it.

Placing the Chronicle of the Ancients in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head out to Merlin’s House and open the furniture menu. Place the Chronicles of the Ancients near his home, close to the stacks of books, for the placement to register properly. Once you’ve done that, return to Belle.

As an Honorary Librarian, Belle is thrilled to have the Chronicles of the Ancients established in the valley. As a thank you, you’ll earn a couple thousand points of friendship with Belle.

Additionally, you’ll receive two gifts: the Royal Gold Ballroom Suit and the Royal Gold Ball Gown, which resemble Belle’s iconic ensemble from Beauty and the Beast. These unique outfits are only available by completing this quest.

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