Who Are The Voice Actors In Lies Of Pi


  • Lies of P is a Souslike video game with FromSoftware aesthetics and a focus on an intricate dialogue-driven narrative.
  • The game is a darker retelling of the Pinocchio story, set in a Bloodborne and BioShock-inspired atmosphere.
  • The game features famous actors like Anthony Howell, Allegra Marland, Rasmus Hardiker, Annette Badland, Shai Matheson, Peter Davison, Henry Llyod-Hughes, Matt Rippy, Edward Dogliani, and Kate Kennedy voicing various characters in the game.



It’s not often you see a Souslike video game going for FromSoftware aesthetics while focused on telling an intricate dialogue-driven narrative with plenty of NPCs and a main cast of characters. Well, Lies of P finds the perfect balance of story and the pain of fighting the disturbing enemies within Krat, and developer Neowiz recruited some notable talent to voice them.

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Lies of P is a fresh retelling of the original darker Pinocchio story, written by Carlo Collodi, that’s told even darker and more gruesome in a Bloodborne and BioShock-inspired atmosphere. And you have some famous stars voicing Pinocchio’s old acquaintances and new.

1 Geppetto – Anthony Howell

Four-image collage of a close-up of Geppetto in Lies of P, vampire Jonathan Reid on the cover art for Vampyr, Elias in Diablo 4, and Anthony Howell in the TV show Dracula.

The actor for Geppetto has actually been in Pinocchio’s shoes before in the Soulslike game from Don’t Nod called Vampyr, where he portrayed the doctor-turned-vampire protagonist Jonathan Reid in an Influenza-plagued London. Anthony Howell also voiced bosses Margit, Margott, and Grafted Scion in Elden Ring, Puppeteer and Yurt the Silent Chief in Demon’s Souls, and historical NPC Jacques Pierre Brissot in Steelrising.

But Soulslikes aren’t the only video games you might recall Howell being in, as he was also in Alien: Isolation as the synthetic Samuels who brought the Nostromo flight recorder to Amanda’s attention and joined her on the harrowing trip to Sevastopol. His other roles include investigator protagonist Edward Pierce in Call of Cthulhu, Johan Ross in Soma, and antagonist Elias in Diablo 4, among several more.

2 Sophia – Allegra Marland

Three-image collage of Sophia from Lies of P, Millicent from Elden Ring, and actress Allegra Marland's character in Netflix's The Crown.

Actress Allegra Marland is also no stranger to being in extremely tough Soulslike projects, as she voiced NPC Millicent in Elden Ring. Here in Lies of P, she plays a much larger role in the story as the game’s version of the Blue Fairy named Sophia. Stationed at Hotel Krat, she’s your guide, items shop, and the one who set up the Stargazer checkpoints around the environments.

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This is only Marland’s second video game credit, but she had some minor roles in various television series as well. If you’ve seen Netflix’s The Crown, she was Carolyn Pride, one of Diana’s closest friends and roommate. She’s also starred in an episode of BBC’s Father Brown and was in the 2018 music video for singer Rick Astley’s She Makes Me.

3 Gemini – Rasmus Hardiker

Four-image collage of Gemini giving reassurance to Pinocchio in the glowing lamp, the train character Phillip in Thomas & Friends, his character Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds Are Go, and Rasmus as Kem in Krypton.

The cricket is an important character in Pinocchio’s story, being not only the puppet’s guide and moral compass but also a genuine friend. In Lies of P, the cricket is named similarly to the Disney version, Gemini rather than Jiminy, and is inside a lamp attached to your waist for the entire puppet horror Soulslike journey, often heard chirping while speaking.

This friendly, helpful little guy is voiced by a notable children’s animated show veteran, Rasmus Hardiker. He’s the voice behind trains Phillip and Bill in all the Thomas & Friends projects, Alfur in Netflix’s Hilda, and characters Scott Tracy, Alan Tracy, and Lazlo in Prime Video’s Thunderbirds Are Go. In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you’ll know him as Tora.

You might’ve also seen his work in live-action as Kem in the DC show Krypton, co-starring with James Franco and Danny McBride in Your Highness as Courtney, or as Harry in the White Christmas episode of Black Mirror.

4 Antonia – Annette Badland

Split-image of Antonia in Lies of P looking at the player and Annette Badland as Mae tending her pub in Ted Lasso.

Antonia is the Petrification Disease-stricken owner of Hotel Krat, which now functions as a haven for survivors and serves as the main hub of the game. Her actress knows a thing or two about running a business, as she’s none other than Annette Badland, or perhaps you know her as pub owner Mae Green from Ted Lasso, hosting her regular crowds to cheer on UFC Richmond during their rare winning matches.

While Lies of P marks her first major video game character role, Annette also has voice credits for Diablo 4. Aside from Ted Lasso, she’s a veteran actress known for playing Mrs. Fitzgibbons in Outlander, Dr. Fleur Perkins in Midsomer Murders, Babe Smith in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, and Slitheen Margaret Blaine in Doctor Who.

5 Venigni – Shai Matheson

Three-image collage of Venigni speaking with Pinocchio in Lies of P, L'ubor in Final Fantasy 16, and actor Shai Matheson as Schultz.

Venigni is the inventive mind behind all the puppets you see in Krat, and he’s got a nice character design with the red pin-striped suit, glasses, and top hat. You’ll deal with this character a lot in the game, especially if you want him to decode a Cryptic Vessel collectible that you’ve found.

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Voicing Krat’s puppet tycoon is Shai Matheson, who was the Dhalmekian blacksmith L’ubor and Cid’s old ally Desert Hare in Final Fantasy 16, as well as the voice of the protagonist in Harvestella. Some of Shai’s other video game characters include Camuravi in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Omnis in Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodhunt, and Sylvando in Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

6 Pulcinella – Peter Davison

Split-image of Pulcinella in Lies of P and Peter Davison playing the Doctor surrounded by Daleks in Doctor Who.

It’s one thing to see a familiar face guest starring on Doctor Who, but it’s a whole different feeling seeing the actual Doctor in the game. Peter Davison portrayed the celery-obsessed fifth incarnation of the Doctor from 1982 to 1984, and he’s back in a new suit and form in Lies of P as Venigni’s fancier hair and mustached butler puppet and Venigni Works merchant Pulcinella.

On top of his original run as the Doctor and later reprisal in the 1997 video game and new Doctor Who seasons, he also continued to voice the character in the long-running audio drama Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures. Some of his other on-screen characters are Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small, Henry Sharpe in Law & Order: UK, and William Priestley in HBO’s Gentleman Jack.

7 Alidoro – Henry Llyod-Hughes

Three-image collage of Alidoro talking with Pinocchio, Flynn Fairwind in World of Warcraft, and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes in Netflix's The Irregulars.

In Lies of P, the human NPCs you’ll interact with always wear animal masks. Some will be merchants, and some will be Stalkers who may choose to engage you in a boss battle. Alidoro is one such NPC who wears a cute dog mask and is, thankfully, a benevolent seller located in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library.

Alidoro’s voice actor is Henry Llyod-Hughes, who’s been in previous fantasy games as World of Warcraft’s ex-pirate character Flynn Fairwind and the NPCs Talwyn and Servis in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Some of Henry Llyod-Hughes’ notable television roles are Sherlock Holmes in Netflix’s The Irregulars, Ralph Whelan in Indian Summers, and the less amicable tech CEO Aaron Peel in Killing Eve.

8 Simon Manus – Matt Rippy

Three-image collage of the regular version of Lies of P's Simon Manus and the boss form, and actor Matt Rippy in Netflix's Gloria.

The game’s main antagonist is Simon Manus, a so-called leader of the Alchemists performing nefarious experiments with Ergo and Petrification Disease to obtain a misguided and impossible goal of evolution. This eventual Soulslike boss is voiced by actor Matt Rippy, who’s more well-known in film and television than in games but had previous experience in the VR game The Assembly and 2004’s Headhunter: Redemption.

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You can catch Matt Rippy in the Cold War-era spy drama series on Netflix called Glória, Disney’s 2020 Black Beauty remake, along with minor roles in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and The Monuments Men.

9 Champion Victor – Edward Dogliani

Four-image collage of Champion Victor before the start of the boss fight, Wulfrik the Wanderer from Total Warhammer, Black Dog Briar from Sea of Thieves, and Edward Dogliani's character from Game of Thrones - Rattleshirt.

Champion Victor is the boss you have to fight prior to your introduction to Simon Manus in Lies of P, and he’s pretty much fully embraced his Ergo-caused mutation to have his body pumped full of it a bit like Bane. Manus’ champion for evolution is voiced by Game of Thrones actor Edward Dogliani, who you may remember as the Wildling Rattleshirt (aka the Lord of Bones) and not the biggest fan of Jon Snow.

And Lies of P is hardly Edward Dogliani’s first time voicing for a video game. Previously, he’s done the voices of Vauthry in the Shadowbringers expansion of Final Fantasy 14, Maxis in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, Moon Baboon in It Takes Two, Black Dog Briar in Sea of Thieves, and Wulfrik the Wanderer in Total War: Warhammer 2.

10 Laxasia The Complete – Kate Kennedy

Four-image collage of Laxasia The Complete's second form in Lies of P, Lady Eadwyn in AC Valhalla, Avela Kjar in ass Effect: Andromeda, and Kate Kennedy as Kai-125 in Halo.

A far harder boss you’ll have to get through in Lies of P is Laxasia the Complete, a close ally of Simon Manus who starts out dressed in heavy knight armor, wielding a giant sword, and later turns into a lightning-powered speed demon in the second phase. Her voice actress is none other than Kate Kennedy, or Spartan Soldier Kai-125 in Paramount+’s Halo.

Aside from starring in the television video game adaptation, she’s also well-known in the video game world as Fenrir in Valkyrie Elysium, Lady Eadwyn in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Rythe in Anthem, Hela in Lego Marvel Superheroes 2, the voices of Elves and Dwarves in Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Avela Kjar in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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