Where To Find The Drop Dead Location In Starfield

With many factions to join in Starfield, it can be easy to overlook smaller quests. However, there’s a lot to do in places like Jemison, like finding your parents, learning new recipes, and shopping in the commercial district. No matter where you go in Jemison, you’ll likely see the UC Security Officers.



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These officers are supposed to keep the citizens of Jemison safe, and while there’s some debate about that, depending on where you live in New Atlantis, the fact is that the UC Security Officers are hiring. It’s a great opportunity to help out and earn some credits.

Where To Find Sergeant Yumi

Sergeant Yumi sends you to Aegis in Starfield

Upon landing in Jemison Spaceport, you can pick up a variety of quests. One activity will send you to talk to Sergeant Yumi. Due to a shortage of UC Officers, he’s hiring new recruits with a flexible schedule.

The UC Vanguard and Officers are similar but separate entities. Assisting Sergeant Yumi will not sign you up for the UC Vanguard.

You can find the office just past the launch pad and security check. Head inside to find Yumi and begin your first official task as a UC Officer. He’ll send you over to MAST to talk to Agent Plato.

Where To Find Agent Plato

Plato believes the package has been compromised in Starfield

Take NAT transport over to the MAST District and head up the stairs to the offices. Take the elevator to the Aegis floor and head in. Find Agent Plato and ask him about the pickup.

He’ll tell you that a package needs to be collected at a dead-drop location, but he fears it’s been compromised by non-UC forces. To cover the UC, he’ll need someone outside their daily operations to collect it.

Ask whatever questions you’d like for more information before heading out to the dead-drop location.

No, Agent Plato will not tell you what’s in the package. That’s classified.

Where To Find The Dead Drop Location

dead-drop location in Starfield

Head back to NAT transport and travel back to the spaceport. When you arrive, look for the GalBank ATM.

According to Agent Plato, the package is taped under one of the benches nearby. It should be marked under the bench on the left when you enter the ATM. You’ll notice a little box that stands out from the otherwise symmetric design.

Once you’ve collected it, make your way back to Sergeant Yumi to deliver it as evidence.

He’s grateful for the help and rewards you with a bit of XP and a chunk of credits. This completes the quest and establishes you as a part-time UC Officer on Jemison.

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