How To Complete Cleanup In Warzone 2 DMZ

With the launch of Season Five of Call Of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ, you will have witnessed the destruction of the Zaya Observatory. This event revealed a new lab area under the observatory, home to several new factions missions. The Cleanup Mission is the Shadow Company tier three faction mission introduced in DMZ season five.



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The task is similar to the gas canister challenge during the Shadow Seige event for Modern Warfare 3. Compared to many other faction missions like the X Marks The Spot, completing this mission is fairly simple and can be distributed over multiple deployments.

Cleanup Mission: Explanation

A player aiming at a gas canister inside the Observatory lab in Warzone 2 DMZ.

The Shadow Seige event in Warzone 2 was a limited-time event for the reveal of Modern Warfare Three. You could participate in various challenges during this reveal event and receive exclusive rewards for completing them.

One challenge was delivering five gas canisters as a squad in a single deployment. The location of these gas canisters was the same as the objective location in the Cleanup mission.

If you participated in the Shadow Siege event, you can easily recognize the gas canister inside the Zaya Observatory.

For the Cleanup mission, the Shadow Company provides us with the intel that the Konni hasn’t managed to transport all gas canisters from the observatory lab. They want you to retrieve the remaining canister from the location.

Cleanup Mission: Objectives And Rewards

Screenshot of in-game menue showcasing the Cleanup Mission objectives and rewards.

The cleanup mission has one simple objective.

  • Extract eight leftover gas canisters from the exposed Observatory Lab.

After you complete the above objective, you will receive the following rewards.

  1. FJX Imperium [Contraband].
  2. +10,000 XP.

How To Complete Cleanup Mission In DMZ?

A player exfiling a DMZ session with the eight gas canisters in Cleanup mission.

A player shooting at a hosile enemy using a pistol in COD Warzone 2.

To complete the cleanup mission, start by loading a session of DMZ into Al Mazrah. The Observatory lab is in the closed tunnel entrance of the Zaya Observatory, located in the center of the map.

Be on the lookout for other players since the Observatory lab is home to multiple new faction missions. There is a high chance you’ll encounter several players at the exposed observatory point of interest (POI.)

Once you reach the Observatory lab, head inside the underground bunker and carefully look for the gas canister in every room and corner.

Since the spawn location of these canisters is not fixed, you may find them in different locations every time.

The mission requires you to collect eight canisters. You will need a large backpack to collect all of them in a single run.

A large backpack has nine total slots; ideally, you will use eight of them to store the canisters.

A limited number of canisters spawn at the observatory in every game. If you’re late in reaching the location, it is possible that some other player got there before you for the canisters. In this case, collect what you can and redeploy to collect the remaining items.

Once you have the canisters, you can use the nearest exfil point west of this location, near Sa’id City.

If you don’t have a large backpack to carry all the canisters in a single run, then you can try to find a heavy chopper that can hold all the canisters for you.

Once you have all the canisters inside the chopper, you can use it to exfil the session.

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