How To Banish Grimm Troupe In Hollow Knight

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The Grimm Troupe DLC was one of three DLC content packs released for Hollow Knight that launched in October 2017. It featured an entirely new side quest, bosses, enemies, characters, and Charms that you can collect.



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In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to complete The Grimm Troupe quest. This will go in-depth about what this quest entails, including how to activate it, what steps need to be taken to complete it, and the choices you can make during it.

Updated September 23, 2023, by Sean Murray: Looking for the Grimm Troupe? Or better yet, looking to get rid of them? We’ve got you covered with a refreshed guide that has improved formatting and more breakout tips to make banishing the Grimm Troupe that much easier.

How To Summon the Grimm Troupe

Locations of the Two Breakable Walls in the Howling Cliffs That Lead to the Grimm Troupe

To begin this quest, you’ll need to make your way to the Howling Cliffs area and proceed through two breakable walls, as seen in the image above indicated by the two arrows.

You’ll need to platform up to the top one after entering the Howling Cliffs, and then fall to where the bottom arrow is pointing. After breaking the second wall, continue right through a corridor.

You will find the “corpse of a large bug” in a small gap in the room, past a larger torch. Dream Nail the corpse, then head back to the now-lit torch. Hitting the blazer of the torch will eventually ignite it and officially activate the quest.

Upgrading The Grimmchild

grimmkin novice idle

After unlocking the Grimm Troupe quest, make your way to Dirtmouth to find two tents to the far left. The largest one houses Troupe Master Grimm, who gives you the Grimmchild Charm. This Charm conjures the Grimmchild, a small, bat-like creature that automatically attacks enemies and fights alongside you.

Grimm then tasks you with upgrading the Grimmchild with three flames collected by defeating the Grimmkin Novices — special enemies scattered throughout Hallownest whose location can only be seen when the Grimmchild is equipped.

Below, you can find locations for each Grimmkin Novice.

Location 1

hollow knight grimm 1 location on map

Location 2

hollow knight grimm 2 location on map

Location 3

hollow knight grimm 3 location on map

Grimmkin Masters

grimmkin master attacking

Upon defeating all three Grimmkin Novices, return to Grimm. He will upgrade the Grimmchild, then task you with collecting three more flames from the stronger Grimmkin Masters.

The locations of Grimmkin Masters will be the same as where you found the Novices. Just revisit the locations marked on the maps above.

Upon doing so, you can initiate the Troupe Master Grimm boss fight. Once you have defeated him, the Grimmchild will be upgraded yet again, and you will be rewarded with the Grand Performance achievement, a Charm Notch, and access to the final phase of the ritual.

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Brumm And The Grimmkin Nightmares

grimmkin nightmare flying through screen

Now, you will see four flames scattered throughout Hallownest instead of three. These flames represent the Grimmkin Nightmares, which are much more powerful than the previous Grimmkin.

Like the Grimmkin Masters, the Nightmares are found in the same location as the Novices.

In addition to the Grimmkin Nightmares, there will be a member of the Grimm Troupe, Brumm, who can be found in Deepnest. Once you talk to him, he will suggest that you return to “where it all began” before giving you the flame.

Making A Choice

Hollow Knight Boss Nightmare King Grimm battle

You are then presented with one of two options.

  1. Your first option is to return to the Grimm Troupe and Dream Nail the sleeping Grimm to face Nightmare King Grimm.
  2. The second option is to take Brumm’s suggestion and return to where you first activated the quest and permanently banish the Grimm Troupe by destroying the Nightmare Lantern.

Leaving the room before completely destroying the lantern and then reentering will cause Brumm to disappear, meaning you can no longer banish the Grimm Troupe.

If you do choose to banish the Troupe, return to Dirtmouth to find an NPC named Nymm, who will give you the Carefree Melody Charm in place of the Grimmchild.

Completing The RitualStill of the Character Divine from the Grimm Troupe Side Quest in Hollow Knight

If you choose to complete the ritual, you will be granted the full-powered Grimmchild, as well as the Ritual achievement.

The Troupe will leave, however, one tent will remain where you can find an NPC named Divine. When spoken to while having at least one of the three Fragile Charms in your possession — Fragile Greed, Fragile Heart, or Fragile Strength — she will eat these Charms, taking them out of your inventory.

This is beneficial, as when she returns them the Charms will be Unbreakable, making them much more versatile and useful.

The catch is that buying them is incredibly expensive. Unbreakable Greed costs 9,000 Geo, Unbreakable Heart costs 12,000 Geo, and Unbreakable Strength costs 15,000, all adding up to 36,000 Geo in total.

If you defeat Nightmare King Grimm but have not yet upgraded all the Fragile Charms, she will stay behind until you do.

You can speak with Divine prior to either completing the ritual or banishing the Troupe. However, if you instead choose to banish the Grimm Troupe before upgrading them all, you will never be able to get the Unbreakable Charms by any means, and whatever Fragile Charms you gave her will be left behind.

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