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  • Put Items On The Tables In Central Town
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Without question, you’ll need a way to earn money before long in farming sims, and Fae Farm is definitely no exception. Though you’re never forced to buy any upgrades, new items, or home improvements from the adorable vendors throughout Azoria, doing so certainly makes life on the Homestead easier.



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The local currency in Azoria is called Florins, and they’ll be your primary method of obtaining new items (though some vendors will also ask for resources). In this guide, we’re walking you through all of the ways you can sell items in Fae Farm, to help you rake in the Florins.

Updated on September 23, 2023: Now that we’ve finished the story in Fae Farm and have unlocked the remaining houses, we’re updating our Fae Farm selling guide to reflect the new information we’ve discovered along the way, and including helpful hyperlinks to articles we’ve published since the game released.

Put Items On The Tables In Central Town

filled market tables in central town fae farm

The first method you’re given to sell your items in Fae Farm is to put them on the circle of tables in Central Market.

When you’re in the area with all the vendors, the tables form a circle around the middle of this area. These are all for you and your friends to sell items.

During the game’s introduction, you’re made to sell at least one thing from the tables to give you a tutorial on how they work, so don’t worry about missing this.

These tables can hold eight items each, and pretty much anything is fair game! Meals, Critters you’ve caught, potions you’ve made, resources you’ve collected, etc. – all of it can be sold from the tables.

With four tables, this means you have 32 selling slots available in Central Town.

Interacting with one of the tables opens your full inventory, and here, your farmer can place any object onto the table for sale. Click an item to mark it for sale, and it will transfer over to the sales table.

However, do note that items don’t stack on the sales tables. If you’re trying to sell five of something, you’ll need to use five of the eight slots on the table.

Therefore, you may want to sell your most valuable items first to make sure they get table space, then fill in the gaps with lower-value items to maximize your profits each day.

Items will sit on the table for the remainder of that day, and you can take an item back until the end of the day if you’ve changed your mind about selling it.

When you go to bed at home or the game strikes midnight, your items are sold off overnight, meaning you’ll wake up the following day with Florins in hand.

Fae Farm does offer a comprehensive breakdown of which portions of your daily profits came from which items, to help you keep track of what’s most valuable.

Buy A Farm Stand For Your Houses To Sell Items From Home

farmstand at the homestead sell items fae farm

If you’re interested in selling directly from home instead of relying on the tables in Central Town, you can also purchase a Farm Stand for your various homes around Azoria.

Pearl will begin selling a Farm Stand in Chapter Three of Fae Farm that will be placed on the Homestead, but it will cost 2,000 Florin to purchase.

However, once you’ve saved up the cash, speak to Pearl again and buy the stand. She installs it overnight, and it’s ready to be used the morning after you buy it.

The Farm Stand acts exactly like the tables in Town – you’ll have eight additional selling slots per day.

Additionally, once you’ve unlocked the other farmsteads in Fae Farm – in the Fae Realm and the Mountains – you can also get Farm Stands for these extra houses.

Not only does this afford you extra selling slots each day, with eight added for each additional table, but you’ll be able to sell from home no matter which house you’re calling home!

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