How To Make Pure Cobalt Flux In Fallout 76

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Items are abundant in Fallout 76‘s large open world, and while some are rather common, others are scarce. Occasionally, you will need to collect a rare item for a crafting recipe; however, many crafting items in Fallout 76 are hard to obtain.



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Pure Cobalt Flux is an item you may need for crafting in Fallout 76, and it’s a very challenging item to acquire due to the multiple items you need to collect before the option to craft it becomes available. Below you can find out everything you need to know about Pure Cobalt Flux and how to get it in Fallout 76.

Updated September 23, 2023, by Sean Murray: There’s nothing like pure cobalt flux to jumpstart your journey through the post-apocalyptic Appalachia, but gathering it from a nuclear blast zone can be a tricky proposition. That’s why we’ve refreshed this guide with improved to make it easier to get pure cobalt flux.

What Is Pure Cobalt Flux?


Pure Cobalt Flux is an item that you can obtain through crafting with items you find in a blast zone after launching a nuke into the area.

You need Pure Cobalt Flux or Stable Flux to craft various powerful items, including Decontamination Showers and Power Armor Jet Packs.

How To Get Pure Cobalt Flux In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Trees In A Blast Zone

You can craft Stable Flux, which acts as Pure Cobalt Flux, from the raw flux that you can find from plants inside Blast Zones, which are the areas that a nuke has recently hit.

​​​​​​You can collect flux from plants in a Blast Zone regardless of who launched the nuke, so it may be easier to wait for somebody else to launch a nuke to collect flux instead of launching a nuke yourself.

If you want to launch a nuke, then you’ll need to join and reach General rank in the Enclave, gather eight Nuke Codes, obtain a Nuclear Launch Keycard by defeating a Cargobot, and enter a Missile Silo, which is the location where you can launch the nuclear weapon.

There are multiple types of flux, including Raw Cobalt Flux, Raw Fluorescent Flux, Raw Yellowcake Flux, Raw Violet Flux, and Raw Crimson Flux. You can use each of these items to craft Pure Cobalt Flux; however, you need ten to craft one Pure Cobalt Flux.

You can’t mix and match the types. You need to have ten Raw Violet Flux, for example.

The plants that can grant you these types of flux include the following.

Blast Zone Plants That Contains Raw Flux



Silt Bean

Glowing Fungus

Wild Mutfruit

Mothman Eggs

Starlight Creeper

Mutated Fern

Wild Melon Blossom

Giant Pitcher Plant

Strangler Pod

Wild Gourd Blossom


Wild Razorgrain

Brain Fungus

Wild Tarberry

Bleach Dogwood


Wild Corn




Glowing Resin

Wild Tarberry

Wild Tato Blossom

Soot Flower

Bleach Dogwood




Firecracker Berry

Ash Rose

Once you have ten of one of the flux types, you need to travel to a Chemistry Station and find the “Nuked Flora” tab.

You need ten raw flux of one type, Hardened Mass, Glowing Mass, and High-Radiation Fluids to craft Stable Flux, which you can use as Pure Cobalt Flux in crafting recipes. You can acquire the other three items by defeating enemies in a blast zone.

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