How To Complete Access Is Key Quest In Starfield

It’s easy credits working for Ryujin Industries if you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty. Access Is Key is the fourth Ryujin Industries Faction quest in Starfield. This time, Imogene Salzo needs you to steal a Hopetown Security Keycard to gain access to Hopetech’s computer network. Hopetech is a rival starship manufacturer specializing in hauler ships.



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Ryujin Industries needs access to the Hopetech computer network for a future espionage mission led by you! As mentioned in the past assignment, Imogene expects you to complete the mission with no deaths and no eyewitnesses. Otherwise, your pay will take a hit.

Wear A Suit Or Security Guard Uniform

Dietrich Sieghart sweeping his shop floor

Before you travel to HopeTown, Imogene will suggest you acquire a suit or security guard uniform to help get the key from the HopeTown Security Chief. This is optional. You can buy a suit from Aito Suzuki, found in the Ryujin Tower Lobby, or Dietrich Sieghart in Sieghart’s Outfitters Neon City.

You can wear any suit, so Neon Businesswear, Neocity Corpwear, and the Corpo Boardroom Suit will all count.

If you’d rather wear a security uniform, you can find plenty of UC Security Guard Uniforms in lockers in the UC Security Office found in the Well of New Atlantis on Jemison.

We recommend ignoring the optional objective if you don’t already own a suit, as Imogene will give you the Fitted Business Suit, a suit that provides a ten percent bonus to persuasion in the following mission: Sowing Discord.

Travel To HopeTown

Kfir Starship landing at the HopeTown landing pad at night

Whether you’ve chosen to wear a suit, security guard uniform, or just your regular equipment, you must travel to HopeTown by Grav Jumping to Polvo in the Valo system. Once you arrive at Polvo, you’ll need to seek out the Hopetech Security Chief.

The HopeTech Security Chief is random, so it’s likely that your instance of the mission will differ in location. However, the mission will take place on Polvo in HopeTown.

How To Obtain The HopeTech Security Keycard

Left: The Security Chief explaining he's got his eye on the protagonist. Right: Protagonist stealing from the chief

This is where the fun begins; there are three methods of obtaining the HopeTech Security Keycard:

  • Pickpocket the HopeTech Security Keycard from the Security Chief.
  • Persuade the Security Chief to give you the keycard.
  • Kill the Security Chief and take the keycard.

Pick pocketing is arguably the best method to acquire the keycard since you can pickpocket the keycard with a seventy percent success chance at rank one of theft. Persuading the Security Chief leads to funny dialogue options of you asking for the keycard.

If you fail to persuade the HopeTech Security Chief, you won’t be able to talk to the chief again, but you still can pickpocket the keycard from him. You should avoid killing the guard at all costs. Therefore, we recommend saving before attempting to obtain the keycard.

Return To Imogene For Your Reward

The protagonist giving the Security Keycard to Imogene

Once you’ve obtained the keycard, it’s time to return to base at Ryujin Tower and collect your reward from Imogene. You’ll get a nice chunk of credits so long you didn’t murder the Security Chief and a few medical supplies. Impressed with your performance, Imogene will hand you your next assignment, prompting the Sowing Discord mission to begin.

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