How To Get The Starborn Guardian Ship In Starfield

Finding the perfect ship in Starfield can take dozens of hours. Exploring the Settled Systems for the right ship can take a long time, and creating the ship of your dreams can cost over a million credits and many skill points. Fortunately, there is a great ship that everyone can get their hands on with little difficulty.



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The Starborn Guardian is one of Starfield’s more exotic ship designs, featuring unique weapons and features that no other ship possesses. This guide will showcase how you can get your hands on the Starborn Guardian ship, and we’ll explain how you can upgrade this ship.

This article contains minor spoilers for Starfield’s main quest. No narrative moments are spoiled.

How To Get The Starborn Guardian Ship

Starfield Starborn Ship Flying Towards Moon

The Starborn Guardian ship is unlocked upon starting New Game Plus (NG+). Completing the main story of Starfield will unlock the ability to start an NG+ playthrough, starting your character with the Starborn Guardian ship in addition to the Frontier. You can switch between your active ship at any time from the “Ship” tab of the character menu.

Starborn Guardian Stats

Starfield Starborn Guardian Ship Stats

Starborn Guardian Stats




22 Power


950 Units

Crew Size


Jump Drive

30 LY


Solar Flare Beam

60 DPS, 3 Power

Counts as a unique weapon category.

Gravity Torpedo

70 DPS. 3 Power

Counts as a unique weapon category.

The Starborn Guardian is a Class A starfighter that is incredibly nimble. Unlike all other ships in Starfield, this ship is equipped with Solar Flare Beams and Gravity Torpedoes. They act identically to lasers and missiles, respectively, although they do not benefit from laser or missile skills.

Compared to other ships, the Starborn Guardian features an upgraded jump drive, high fuel capacity, and an incredibly fast thruster drive. Boosting with this ship will reach top speeds of roughly 700 units per second while cloaking the spaceship. This cloaking device seems to be solely cosmetic, as boosting with any starship will break enemy lock-on.

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Upgrading The Starborn Ship

Starfield Starship Upgrade NPC

Since the Starborn Guardian has no clear manufacturer, you may not upgrade the ship through normal means. If you speak with any ship mechanic about upgrading your ship, no upgrade options will appear. The ship’s weapons, cargo capacity, and jump drive are all fixed and can’t be changed.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the ship at all. Every time you start a NG+ cycle, your Starborn ship will receive upgraded stats, up to a maximum of six NG+ cycles. These upgrades will enhance the ship’s damage, hull strength, and shield capacity. Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade the Starborn Guardian’s cargo capacity through ship upgrades. You’ll need to level the Payloads skill in the Tech tree to increase your cargo space.

Can You Customize The Starborn Ship?

Starfield Starborn Guardian Ship Menu

Unfortunately, you cannot customize the Starborn Ship in Starfield. There are no options for swapping out parts, upgrading systems, or changing the ship’s colors. You can assign crew members to the Starborn Guardian, although many combat skills won’t function due to the Starborn Guardian’s unique weapon systems.

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