Ranking Every Ogerpon Mask In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask


  • Ogerpon’s Cornerstone Mask specializes in Defense, but its Grass/Rock typing leaves it weak to common attacking types, limiting its effectiveness.
  • The Teal Mask is a good default option for Ogerpon, especially when paired with Grass partners. However, its pure Grass typing makes it vulnerable to several common attack types.
  • The Hearthflame Mask is considered Ogerpon’s best build due to its access to Mold Breaker and unusual Grass/Fire typing.



Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask welcomes the adorable legendary Pokemon, Ogerpon, to Paldea’s new adventure through Kitakami. Once you progress The Teal Mask’s story to the point where you capture Ogerpon at the Dreaded Den, you’ll have accumulated all of its masks in the process.

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With your new buddy Ogerpon and its masks in hand, you can switch forms as quickly as you can swap its held item. Ogerpon will change form when holding a mask, while it will instead remain in its base form when it is not holding a mask.

Ogerpon is in its Teal Mask form by default.

Giving her the Cornerstone, Hearthflame, or Wellspring Masks will change Ogerpon’s form.

4 The Cornerstone Mask

Ogerpon's Cornerstone Mask in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC.

  • Type:
    Grass / Rock

  • Ability:

  • Embody Aspect:
    Defense Boost

The Cornerstone Mask aims to specialize in its defensive properties, but its typing holds it back from being the best mask for Ogerpon. The Grass/Rock combination makes Ogerpon weak to Ice, Steel, Bug, and Flying-type attacks – some common attacking types in the meta-game.

You will activate the Embody Aspect ability when you Terastallize with the respective Ogerpon Mask equipped.

Each mask’s unique Embody Aspect will boost one of Ogerpon’s stats.

While Sturdy will get at least a turn of use out of her, Ogerpon likely won’t gain all that much benefit from Terastallizing if it is triggering Sturdy to stay alive. The added defensive benefits mean very little if you have to sacrifice the threat of a powerful offense in return. Given the focus on Defense, the Cornerstone Mask leaves a lot to be desired.

3 The Teal Mask

Ogerpon's Teal Mask in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC.

  • Type:

  • Ability:

  • Embody Aspect:
    Speed Boost

Ogerpon’s Teal Mask form is an excellent default to use for a general playthrough, or when paired with powerful Grass partners, like Rillaboom (if you snagged one from its Tera Raid event). The pure Grass typing unfortunately opens the door to Fire, Bug, Ice, Poison, and Flying attacks – all fairly common types that can hit hard.

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On the flip side, Defiant is an incredibly good ability for NPCs, but might not trigger often against humans who know to avoid it. At the very least, it removes the threat of having your stats lowered. Enjoy the added Speed upon Terastallizing to give Ogerpon a bit of an edge against other fast attackers as your base 110 Speed won’t win every race alone.

2 The Wellspring Mask

Ogerpon's Wellspring Mask in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC.

  • Type:
    Grass / Water

  • Ability:
    Water Absorb

  • Embody Aspect:

    Defense Boost

The Wellspring Mask makes a case for Ogerpon’s best mask build given its access to the fantastic Water Absorb ability, and an unusual Grass/Water typing. Only Flying, Poison, and Bug-type attacks will deal super effective damage to Wellspring Ogerpon.

In addition to the effective immunity to Water-type attacks via Water Absorb, Ogerpon can strike back with Ivy Cudgel. Becoming a pure Water-type via Terastallization does increase your amount of weaknesses, but the Special Defense boost should help offset it. Play around your opponent’s types, and you’ll be able to pivot to either strategy as needed, giving you a level of unpredictability to utilize.

1 The Hearthflame Mask

Ogerpon's Hearthflame Mask in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC.

  • Type:
    Grass / Fire

  • Ability:
    Mold Breaker

  • Embody Aspect:
    Attack Boost

The Hearthflame Mask is definitely the best Ogerpon Mask in The Teal Mask, and it’s not even close. Given the wonderful Grass/Fire dual typing, there are a number of teams that Ogerpon can jump into without skipping a beat. Armarouge and Torkoal are two ferocious Fire-types to pair with Ogerpon’s Hearthflame Mask form.

The Mold Breaker ability improves Ogerpon’s versatility as it will completely nullify abilities that can reduce or negate damage, allowing you to hit as hard as possible against all foes. In the Hearthflame Mask’s case, the Embody Aspect Attack boost will help amplify your damage to extremely competitive levels, making Ogerpon a powerful addition to any team.

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