Resident Evil 4’s Separate Ways Brings Back The Ganado Who Stole Leon’s Jacket

Resident Evil 4’s Separate Ways DLC has brought back the infamous Ganado who stole Leon Kennedy’s jacket during the events of the main game.



After months of speculation from fans about whether Capcom was even working on a Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4’s remake, PlayStation’s latest State of Play had a massive surprise in store, not only confirming that it was real but that it would also be releasing a week later. Now the DLC is finally out (and looking like another big hit for the remake), fans have been sharing some of the easter eggs and details that they’ve found, including the return of one infamous Ganado.

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In both the original release of Resident Evil 4 and the remake, Leon Kennedy is sporting an incredibly stylish jacket that has quickly become his most iconic look. Tragically, it gets taken away from him very early on in both versions of the game, never to be seen again throughout the whole of his campaign. In fact, it’s never actually made clear what happened to the jacket unless you played the Seperate Ways mode of the original game.

Playing through that mode, which is essentially a separate campaign for Ada Wong, reveals that the jacket has been stolen from a Ganado with a keen fashion sense, who Ada can then swiftly deal justice to. She never takes the jacket back, but at least she got justice for Leon. Well, as we all hoped would be the case, that Ganado actually makes a return for the remake’s version of Separate Ways, although the encounter goes a little differently this time.

As showcased in this video from YouTuber Help Me Leon, once you reach The Valley in Separate Ways (which is where Leon wakes up after being kidnapped in his campaign), you can find a side mission called “Jacket of All Trades”, which says, “Some grubby thief has stolen a jacket! One of those nice sheepskin leather ones”, which is, of course, referencing Leon’s iconic fit.

Ada can then accept the side mission and go find the jacket, which is located incredibly close to where Leon was imprisoned at the start of the game’s second chapter. After killing the Ganado, Ada will once again say, “This is Leon’s jacket”, before picking it up and taking it with her. It looks like Remake Ada has a lot more sense.

Separate Ways takes things a little bit further by allowing you to sell Leon’s jacket to the Merchant, completing the side mission and finally telling us that the Merchant actually ended up with the jacket all along. Lucky bugger.

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