Starfield Players Think They’ve Found A No Man’s Sky Reference

Over on the No Man’s Sky subreddit, fans think they’ve uncovered a little nod to the game in Starfield. Given how similar the two are – what with you flying across the stars to map procedurally generated planets where you can set up shop and gather resources – an easter egg like this makes sense.



BuddleiaGirl shared a screenshot of a painting in Starfield. In it, we see a No Man’s Sky-looking ship fly across a pastel-coloured planet with rolling teal-hued clouds masking giant, jutting brown stone spires.

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At a glance it looks like it could be concept art for No Man’s Sky, so it’s possible that Bethesda was paying homage to a strikingly similar game. When more and more of Starfield was shown off before the game’s launch, you’d have been hard-pressed not to hear NMS comparisons. Even today, we’re still hearing them.

“Same colour palettes,” crummy_spingus replied to someone asking why people think it’s a nod to NMS. “This ship literally looks like the average [NMS] fighter and world gen looks pretty No Man’s Sky-like. It’s also very similar to NMS concept art.”

It certainly looks like a No Man’s Sky starship, as the most iconic designs in the game tend to have three giant thrusters on the back and a small, angled shape. They also tend to be pink-red and silver.

Whether it really is a nod to No Man’s Sky, only Bethesda can say, but fans certainly seem to think so, and it’s not too big of a stretch to see where they’re coming from. You can see similar designs from NMS below.

The comparisons to No Man’s Sky might have caused a few arguments among fans, but it appears to have had nothing but a positive impact on the game.

Close to Starfield’s launch, Sean Murray announced that No Man’s Sky was “having its biggest month in the last few years”, possibly because many gamers, who were eagerly waiting for Bethesda’s next tentpole RPG, dove in while itching for something similar.

Fans on the subreddit noticed this too as the hubs were flooded with players, many still using the starter ships as they began their voyages across the stars for the very first time.

This was likely down to Starfield’s imminent launch, but No Man’s Sky is still getting plenty of free, gigantic updates, such as the recent PS VR2 release, so there’s no doubt a lot of factors in play. At any rate, there are now two enormous games about building outposts in space.

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