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The basis of nearly every Disney is the old-fashioned hero story. The hero starts off happy, the hero endures challenges and hardships, and then the hero saves the day and probably falls in love. And wouldn’t you know, there are a plethora of Hero cards to go around in Disney Lorcana’s The First Chapter.



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These just scratching the surface of what Hero cards can do. Each card serves a different purpose and can effectively do its job in many ways. Whether that be defending, challenging, or questing, these cards provide worthwhile value to any deck they are put in.

10 Simba, Protective Cub

simba, pc

This little guy can pack a disruptive punch early game. The key to that is he has the Bodyguard keyword on him. With Lilo, Making a Wish being the most effective card to play turn one due to her having a two lore value, putting Simba, Protective Cub in front of her provides immense value.

The other key to this card is his three willpower. This makes it a lot more challenging to remove, with it taking at least two characters to get Simba off the board in the early game, unless there is hard removal like Smash in play. Overall, this is a card found in an Amber deck looking to protect other cards early game.

9 Stitch, Rock Star

Image of the Stitch, Rock Star card in Magic: The Gathering, with artby Simangaliso Sibaya

Making a big jump up in terms of rarity and all other stats, Stitch, Rock Star is truly a rock star. The idea when playing this Stitch is to be able to play lots of low-cost characters to be able to effectively use his ability Adoring Fans which lets you draw a card when you play a character of two or less cost. This only happens if you exert the character that was played, so keep that in mind as well.

This Stitch also has Shift 4, so if you have a smaller Stitch on the board such as Stitch, New Dog, you can get his draw ability going even earlier. Not to mention, he also has three lore on him, so he excels in that department too.

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8 Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw

aladdin heroic outlaw full card lorcana

This card is great for not just one-on-one matchups, but also multiplayer, and that’s what makes it so versatile in any Ruby deck it is put in. Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw has the ability Daring Exploit which says whenever he banishes another character in a challenge, you gain two lore and each opponent loses two lore.

The emphasis is on the “each” of that ability. This means that in multiplayer, if you defeat player B’s character in a challenge, player C and D would also lose two lore as well. This is a great ability to be able to trigger multiple times to easily jump ahead in the race to 20 lore.

7 Stitch, Carefree Surfer

Stitch CS-1

Stitch, Carefree Surfer also plays into the play style that Stitch, Rock Star plays into in which you want lots of characters out on the board at the same time. His ability Ohana allows you to draw two cards if you have two or more other characters in play at the same time.

What is great about Stitch after his draw ability is triggered, and he is on the board he quests for two each turn. His eight willpower is very useful in that he stays on the board awhile. Unless your opponent has hard removal like Dragon Fire or Be Prepared Stitch can become a nice big body on the board getting you closer and closer to a win.

6 Maui, Hero to All


Maui, Hero to All is as quick and disruptive as it can get in Lorcana so far. He has both the Rush and Reckless characteristics and for opponents seeing that card come down is like a splash coming from a cannonball, no way around it. Maui is looking to defeat cards in a challenge, and he has the stats to do it

His six strength gives him the ability to defeat a multitude of staple cards right now. Elsa, Spirit of Winter; Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor; Stitch, Rock Star; and many other cards fall to Maui in one fell swoop.

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5 Belle, Strange but Special

belle, sbs-1

Being able to quest for five lore with one card is a game changer and Belle, Strange but Special gives you the opportunity to do that. With her ability My Favorite Part! she is able to quest for four more lore plus her base stat of one if you have ten or more ink in your inkwell.

You may say it can take a while to get to that ten ink needed, but you’re in luck as Belle helps with that too! Her other ability Read A Book lets you put an additional card in your inkwell each turn. With cards such as One Jump Ahead and Mickey Mouse, Detective allowing you to ramp up cards in your inkwell, being able to get to that needed 10 ink is very doable for Sapphire decks aiming to use Belle’s sweet ability.

4 Ariel, Spectacular Singer

ariel, ss

Ariel, Spectacular Singer only fits into one deck archetype and that would be a deck that consists of lots of songs. Luckily for her, there are a handful of song cards in the Amber color that all fit into that deck archetype very well. There are also song cards in other colors that are very useful as well. With Ariel’s Singer 5 ability, she is also able to sing song cards higher than her normal cost of three.

She also has the ability Musical Debut which allows you to look at the top four cards of your deck and reveal a song card within those four cards. This ability allows you to search for songs such as Hakuna Matata, Be Our Guest, and Part Of Your World. Each song has a different ability that can push your board state further and further along.

3 Elsa, Spirit of Winter

Elsa, SoW-1

This card has slowly climbed up the ladder of best cards from The First Chapter. Elsa, Spirit of Winter’s combination of high lore value, control characteristics, and high strength and willpower makes her not just one of the best heroes but the best cards in set one.

Her ability Deep Freeze is what truly makes her shine. When you play Elsa you get to choose two characters, and they can’t ready at the start of their next turn. This can give you a very good chance to stop what your opponent is doing and switch the momentum back to you. Her three lore value is one of the best in the game as well and makes her a very high threat when she comes into play.

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2 Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor

Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor

The card with the biggest base lore value in the game. Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor can quest for four right off the bat, and by the time this card can get played down that big of a lore value can shift the tide into your favor. That is twenty percent of the needed 20 lore to win.

He also has Evasive which makes him even better. Unless there is a hard removal card that gets played or your opponent also has Evasive cards, Mickey can quest freely without harm and help you draw closer and closer to a victory.

1 Rapunzel, Gifted with Healing

Rapunzel, GWH-1

The ability to heal and draw is what makes Rapunzel, Gifted With Healing so good. Her ability Gleam and Glow allows her to remove up to three damage counters from one of your characters and then draw as many cards as damage removed. This can reset a character back to full health and replenish your hand to keep momentum in your favor.

Then after she is played she can quest for two every turn and with her five willpower she can hang around a few turns to get multiple quests in. She does only have one strength, so she won’t be defeating anything in a challenge, but her Gleam and Glow ability makes up for everything.

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