Marvel Legends Introduces New Spider-Man: No Way Home Figures

Hasbro’s annual Pulse Con is here again. An opportunity for a number of different franchises to show off new and upcoming toys and action figures for the first time with everything from Transformers to Magic: The Gathering making an appearance. Also included in the line-up was Marvel Legends, a number of new action figures coming to the collection revealed during the show, and characters from the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel universe taking a big chunk of the spotlight.



Not just any Spider-Man, but the three I’d hazard to guess you know best, and the three who finally met each other on-screen in No Way Home. Peter Parker, Peter Parker, and Peter Parker. Sorry, that’s doesn’t really help. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. All three of the big screen’s webslingers are wearing the Spidey outfits they’re most associated with, all of which are instantly recognizable if you’ve seen their movies.

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Just in case you do struggle to tell them apart from their suits alone, all three of the Spider-Man action figures coming to Marvel Legends have their masks off, and all of them bear striking resemblances to the actors who play them. That might seem like an obvious and necessary detail to some, but to make that happen on figures with features that are so small is very impressive.

Also announced as a part of the new No Way Home/The Amazing Spider-Man 2 additions to Marvel Legends was Sandman, Zendaya’s MJ, and Matt Murdock, wearing his suit and carrying his cane so no one knows he’s Daredevil. Based on his look in No Way Home, but coming in time for the attorney-turned-superhero’s Disney Plus show. Completing the Spider-Man figures shown off at Pulse Con were Doc Ock and Green Goblin additions, both modeled after the actors who played them in the original trilogy and No Way Home.

The Spider-Man characters were far from the only new figures added to Marvel Legends during its showcase at Pulse Con. Also among the characters getting new figures are Black Panther, his aquatic nemesis Namor, and Vision. The Vision figure is particularly eye-catching as it’s based on the yellow and green outfit he wore in the comics, and then briefly in WandaVision. All figures will be available to pre-order at 5 pm EST tonight, or 4 pm if you’re a Hasbro Pulse Plus member.

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