How To Change Tera Type In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokemon games have become known for adding small new gimmicks with each game, usually in an attempt to add more diversity to the combat system that hasn’t otherwise seen major revisions since its inception.



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For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the new Terrastallizing system is that gimmick, similar to Mega Evolutions and Dynamaxing from previous games. It’s like giving your Pokemon a makeover, but instead of a new outfit, they get a new battle style. This system works a little differently from prior systems, so we’re going to break down everything you need to know. Let’s dive in.

What Is Terrastallizing?

Pokemon Dragon Tera Type Charizard

As is the usual case for explaining new mechanics, Terrastallization is a phenomenon unique to the region of Paldea, linked to Area Zero. When activated, a Pokemon becomes encased in crystal, its power increasing.

This ability can be activated for your own Pokemon with a Tera Orb, given to you by Nemona after you reach Mesagoza for the first time.

The Tera Orb only has a single charge, needing to be recharged by either healing at a Pokemon Center, or visiting Tera Raid Crystals for the first time. A Tera Orb can also only be used once per battle, but lasts for the entirety of the battle for the Pokemon it’s used on.

By default, a Pokemon’s Tera Type is their primary type, which is the first listed type in regard to dual-type Pokemon. The exceptions to this are Pokemon caught from Tera Raid battles, or certain wild Pokemon capable of Terrastallizing.

Tera Type Effectiveness

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mewtwo in the summary screen with the psychic tera type

In effect, Terastallization gives your Pokemon a third type. This does not make your Pokemon have three types all at once but gives them extra utility.

Outside of Terrastalization, a Pokemon’s Tera Type has no impact. While Terrastallized, however, the Tera Type becomes the Pokemon’s sole type. You see this frequently in gym leaders who will toss out a Pokemon that doesn’t match their type, only to Terrastallise it to become one.

For example, Meowscarada is typically a Grass-Dark type. If their Tera Type was Fire, this would mean they would become a Fire-type when Terrastallized, neutralising their weakness to Fire from having the Grass-type.

This allows Terrastalisation to be used defensively. However, it also increases the power of STAB. This means moves get boosted from 1.5x to 2x. This applies not only to moves matching your Tera Type, but also to your Pokemon’s regular typing.

STAB is an acronym that stands for Same-Type Attack Bonus. This increases the damage a move deals to 1.5x if it matches your Pokemon’s type.

How To Engage In Tera Raid Battles

Image of four Mew fighting a Mewtwo in a Tera Raid battle. The text box reads

While you can find certain Pokemon throughout the world that hold unusual Tera Types, the majority of those encounters are pre-set, meaning it will always be the same Pokemon with the same Tera Type. If you truly want to find Pokemon that have random Tera Types, you will need to engage in Tera Raid Battles.

Tera Raid Battles are similar to Raid Battles from Sword and Shield. You find Raid crystals across the map that spawn randomly, and you can matchmake either with friends or random players to team up to take down powerful Tera Pokemon.

As the name implies, Terrastalization is key to Tera Raids, both for you and the opponent Pokemon. As such, it is important to take note of the Tera Type of the Pokemon you will be facing as this will be their type for the entire fight, rather than their standard types.

In Tera Raid battles, four players team up with turns happening more in real-time rather than the turn-based nature of regular battles. During battles, you can still use your regular moves, but you also gain access to three Cheers.

Cheers act as buffs to you and your allies. The three of them, Go All Out!, Hang Tough!, and Heal Up!, boost your attack, defense, and recover HP respectively.

Each player has three uses for their cheers, so coordination is key to winning, especially at higher levels of Tera Raids.

New levels of Tera Raids are unlocked as you progress the story, with Five and Six Star raids restricted to the post-game. Seven Star raids are exclusively for events, like Mewtwo.

Tera Raids range from one to seven stars, each increasing in difficulty. At Five Star raids, Tera Pokemon gain new abilities, like being able to cast a shield around themselves that can only be effectively destroyed by you and your allies Terrastallizing your Pokemon.

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How To Change Your Tera Type

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Treasure Eatery with player talking to the chef about changing tera type

Terrastalization is a mechanic with a lot more depth to it than it seems at first glance, though it can be disappointing that the majority of Pokemon you acquire will have a Tera Type already matching their own, reducing the defensive capabilities.

There is a solution to this, though it can only be accessed in the post-game, and requires plenty of Tera Raids to have been completed.

In Medali, there is a restaurant called the Treasure Eatery. This is central to the gym test here, and it is mentioned that there is a secret to changing your Tera Type here. This becomes active in the post-game.

The chef here will allow you to change the Tera Type of any Pokemon, provided you have 50 Tera Shards of the type you want to change them to. Tera Shards are dropped from Tera raid battles, dropping in the highest quantity of the Tera Type of the Pokemon you are battling.

Added in the Teal Mask DLC, the Glimmering Charm allows you to gain even more Tera Shards from Tera Raids, making the process of changing your Tera Type even easier.

This process is infinite, able to be repeated as often as you like, provided you have 50 Tera Shards.

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