Best Halloween Costumes For Kids In 2023

Halloween is almost here again and if you have kids, now’s the time to start trying to figure out what or who they would like to dress as when they go to a party or trick or treating this year. How old your kids are will naturally dictate how much input you get from them when making that decision, although the final call is yours to make. What I definitely wouldn’t recommend is opening up an online store and endlessly scrolling through everything they have to offer. I’ve tried that with my son and guess what? He wants everything.



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Your best starting point is checking out the costumes below. We’ve scrolled through everything the internet has to offer so you don’t have to, and even though there will likely be more than one costume below that your kids like, we have tried to pull from different genres and fandoms as much as possible in an attempt to prevent that from happening. Hopefully there’s a costume below to suit every child this Halloween whether they want to scare the people giving them candy or simply dress up as their favorite video game character.

Best Halloween Costumes For Kids

girl wearing a ghostbusters costume
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Ghostbusters Costume

Who Ya Gonna Call?

This kids’ Ghostbusters costume not only includes the iconic beige jumpsuit, complete with badges, but also the inflatable proton pack you can see on the wearer’s shoulder. Available in multiple sizes to fit most children.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Inflatable proton pack included
  • Combines Halloween and pop culture

  • Price varies depending on the size you order

No, Ghostbusters isn’t technically a Halloween movie, but it has always felt that way to me. A film that revolves around busting ghosts will do that. Whether you’re trying to get your kids into Ghostbusters or they just like the idea of having their very own proton pack to hoover up ghosts, this jumpsuit based on the uniform from the movies is a terrific pick for this Halloween. Everything you see in the picture above is included, just make sure the ghosts you bust are smooth, that proton pack is an inflatable one.

kid wearing a luigi costume
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Luigi Costume

Luigi Time, Oh Yeah

Luigi, the too-often overlooked Mario brother, has a Halloween costume of his very own. This kids’ version of the costume includes a jumpsuit design to look like the plumber’s outfit, a fake mustache, big white gloves, and, of course, Luigi’s hat.


  • Be a Luigi in a world of Marios
  • The first Halloween since the movie hit cinemas

  • The padded belly seems unnecessary
  • Varies greatly in price depending on the outlet

This Halloween will be the first one since The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits cinemas. The Mushroom Kingdom has always been popular, but you can guarantee at least five Marios coming to your door this coming October 31. With so many kids almost definitely getting set to dress as Mario, why not suggest your little one be Luigi? Arguably the more interesting of the plumber brothers, and no one had a bad word to say about Charlie Day voicing the iconic character. If they’re still not into it, maybe let them know Luigi can jump higher than his brother.

a nightmare before christmas jack skellington costume
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Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Costume

This Is Halloween, This Is Halloween

Jack Skellington, the lead character from Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, as a Halloween costume. A go-to pick for Halloween, this particular costume is designed for children but available in a variety of different sizes.


  • Introduce a new generation to one of Disney’s greatest movies
  • No Halloween rank higher than The Pumpkin King

  • Younger siblings will almost definitely be terrified by this one

The Nightmare Before Christmas turns 30 this Halloween, a fun fact that makes me feel so old that I’m considering changing my last name to Skellington too. To celebrate, if you haven’t done this already, sit your kids down for a Disney movie night and show them this classic. Hard to imagine there’s anyone over a certain age who wouldn’t love a film as timeless as this one. If you’re as confident as me, buy this Jack Skellington costume now ready for when they inevitably fall in love with the movie, then you can go grab it as soon as the credits roll. That said, I totally get it if you don’t have that confidence and want to wait it out until you find out for sure.

kid wearing a minecraft ender dragon costume
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Minecraft Ender Dragon Costume

Minecraft’s Final Boss

The Ender Dragon is Minecraft’s original final boss and one any avid player will have tangled with. The costume paying homage to the creature includes a patterned jumpsuit, tiny dragon wings, and most important of all, an Ender Dragon helmet.


  • All kids love Minecraft, right?
  • Another villainous twist, perfect for Halloween

  • The final boss, so might be unfamiliar to some kids
  • If your kids aren’t already into Minecraft, this might turn their head

Like it or not, kids like Minecraft. Hey, they could be into worse things. Rather than fight their Minecraft love like your parents might have tried to do to you 25 years ago, lean into it and grab them a Halloween costume that is bound to impress just about everyone in their age group this Halloween. One that transforms them into the Ender Dragon, the final boss from Minecraft’s base game. The costume includes a jumpsuit with the dragon’s block pattern printed on it and a tail attached, small black wings, and best of all, the Ender Dragon helmet. The best Minecraft costume out there this Halloween.

girl wearing a grim reaper costume
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Girl’s Grim Reaper Costume

Not Everything Needs To Be Rooted In An IP

Dressing your child up as the Grim Reaper might seem a little dark but hey, it’s Halloween. This costume is a pretty high-quality one and includes a lot of stuff. A dress, cloak, tights, hood, chain, and, of course, the scythe. Best of all, parts of it glow in the dark.


  • Not every Halloween costume needs to be a character from something famous
  • Costume much more suitable for older kids uninterested in bright colors
  • Lots of layers so likely warm, perfect for trick or treating

  • Not recommended kids wear it around grandparents or older family members

There’s a time in your childhood when you sort of drift away from loving brightly colored characters and you become a little more dark and moody. Then you eventually become an adult and return to all the stuff you loved when you were little, or is that just me? Anyway, if you have kids going through that in-between period, they likely want to dress as something a little darker if they’re willing to dress up for Halloween at all. It doesn’t get much darker than the Grim Reaper. This particular costume not only comes in various sizes but also includes a lot of stuff for a reasonable price. Lots of layers, a chain, a hood, and even the scythe pictured is included in the price.

kid wearing a master chief costume
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Halo Infinite Master Chief Costume

Trick Or Treat, Spartan

This kids’ Master Chief costume is based on the Spartan’s look from Halo Infinite. Complete with a mask helmet and padded shoulders, the suit itself is even designed to look like worn armor, damaged by years of grueling space battles.


  • Worn armor jumpsuit looks very well designed
  • Prepare the next generation for Halo, it needs them

  • Masks as helmets are always a little bit of a letdown

Halo Infinite fell a little flat for a number of reasons, so the next generation needs to be gently reminded of just how great the series used to be. Start that by having them dress up as little Master Chiefs this Halloween. Hard to imagine any kid not thinking they look incredibly cool when dressed as everyone’s favorite Spartan, and even though there are a lot of Halo costume options out there, this one is the best I’ve seen. Based in the character’s most up-to-date design, and the worn armor look on the jumpsuit looks fantastic. An actual helmet instead of a mask would have been cool, but hey, that would have likely driven the price up quite a bit.

kid wearing spider-man miles morales costume with web shooter
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Spider-Man Miles Morales Costume

Go, Webs, Go!

Miles Morales is the next generation’s Spider-Man and this costume lets that generation become him while wearing it. A lycra suit that includes a web shooter that attaches to your wrist and fires tiny plungers to mimic Spidey’s web fluid.


  • Comes with its very own web shooter
  • Miles Morales well on his way to being the most popular Spider-Man

  • Doesn’t appear to be officially licensed by Marvel

The popularity and reach of Spider-Man never ceases to amaze me. Not because I don’t like Spidey, I love him, but because the web-slinger is everywhere now. Movies, games, even Spidey And His Amazing Friends, a TV show designed to get even the littlest kids interested in the Spider-Verse. Regardless of how old your kids are, I’d hazard to guess they’re into some form of Spider-Man media and will likely be pretty into dressing as Miles Morales for Halloween. Especially when they learn the costume you have in mind comes with a webshooter they wear on their wrist.


What Is The Most Common Costume Children Wear At Halloween?

What’s popular with kids around Halloween naturally changes with each passing year. Barbie is expected to be a popular pick this year thanks to the movie’s success at the box office, and that likely means Spider-Man and Mario will be popular too for the same reason.

What Age Do Kids Stop Dressing Up For Halloween?

It’s a question I asked myself when it felt like I was getting too old to keep trick or treating, but there is no real consensus on when it is too old to stop dressing up for Halloween. Even if you think your kids have outgrown going door to door for candy, that’s likely the age when they start attending Halloween parties instead.

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