The Best Horror-Themed Minecraft Maps

Whether it’s building a massive structure or just trying to collect resources to survive, you are free to do anything you want in Minecraft. But, for those who want a little more structure, there are a lot of unique maps that can be loaded into the game to play through for a totally different experience.



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Although the base game can be pretty terrifying sometimes, the game can get even scarier with all the horror-themed maps that were designed to terrify you. Here, you can check out some of the best horror Minecraft maps out there.

Many of these maps run on older versions of Minecraft. You can quickly switch versions on Java by heading to the installations tab of the launcher. From here, click ‘New Installation’ and go to the version list until you find the version that you are looking for.

Updated September 23, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: Looking for the perfect horror map to play this Halloween? We’ve added a few more options to this list, giving you plenty to choose from.

21 Bloody Revenge: Remake

minecraft Bloody Revenge Remake map promotional image

In the middle of the night, you get a strange phone call, with the caller threatening to blow up your university’s basement. This marks the start of Bloody Revenge: Remake.

Now, it’s up to you to venture into the basement and figure out what exactly is going on. Along the way, you can be prepared to get quite the fright.

20 Escaping Michael Meyers

player in micheal meyers outfit holding a bloody weapon

If, for some reason, the name of this map doesn’t give away the pure tension and horror then you might just have to experience this one for yourself. Your goal in Escaping Michael Meyers is quite simple; repair your van and escape. However, you need to beware of the stalking Michael Meyers.

You are going to need to explore the creepy map in order to find three van parts to repair the van in order to escape. Constantly having to watch your back for Meyers truly makes this map unique, scary, and most importantly, fun.

19 Beware

beware psychological horror map in minecraft

Beware is a narrative-driven psychology horror Minecraft map with equal parts tension-building and outright scares. In this map, your main objective is to follow clues from a phone conversation with your wife, which eventually leads you down a dark and dangerous path.

The map promises to be highly immersive due to creepy sound effects, wonderfully ambient scary music, and a story that keeps you glued to the screen. Playing this one with the lights off and a pair of headphones in will likely up the spook factor.

18 Abandoned City

Minecraft Abandoned City horror map in dark

In Abandoned City, you are put in an eerily desolate town called Wedsington, where hazardous chemical fluids are stored. The scene is really part mystery and part creepy thriller, as you are tasked with exploring this hostile place and finding out just what went wrong here.

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This mysterious, ominous town square can be explored either solo or with one other player.

17 Into The Depths

Minecraft Into the Depths horror map kar dungeon blood on the walls sign

When it comes to games bearing a dark, eerie atmosphere, thrillers like Amnesia tend to come to mind more so than Minecraft. Yet, this Silent Hill-inspired map, fittingly called Into the Depths, largely captures much of that same immersion and psychological creepiness.

You assume the role of an escaped convict who’s terrorized by creatures, as you scramble into an ominous castle. As you progress through this chilling tale, deep, dark secrets — and the occasional creeping foe — begin to reveal themselves. This Minecraft horror map doesn’t resort to jump scares, but rather, an unsettling narrative and some general eeriness.

16 Stalker

Minecraft horror map The Stalker multiplayer map dark stairway

Those seeking an amusing and spooky Minecraft horror map for two players should find much to enjoy here. Stalker has you face off with up to seven other players as you scramble to gather certain items in a dark, desolate house.

The experience resembles an interactive thriller, battle royale, and virtual escape room all in one measure. Despite the minimalism, the map sets the stage for intense moments, as the threat of an unseen Stalker looms, threatening to kill the player who’s obtained the fewest items. This process continues until one lone survivor remains.

15 The Coma

Minecraft horror map The Coma help me message with chest in dark room

The Coma runs with a disorienting premise reminiscent of Memento while dressing it with loads of eerie ambiance and a creepy narrative to boot.

This threatening scenario is made all the more unsettling by the fact that it’s unknown where or who the player is — much less the ominous paper that says “You’re next.” This narrated journey is both a wondrous mystery and jumpscare-laden thriller all at once. It’s one of the scariest Minecraft horror maps you’ll likely find.

14 Back To School

minecraft back to school map promotional image

Back to School places you in the shows of Daniel, who is a professor at the school in question. Unfortunately, there has been a murder at the school, and you decide to investigate by yourself.

In total, you can expect to spend around 30 minutes fully exploring this map. While this isn’t the most amount of time, it’s packed with content for you to explore and puzzles for you to solve.

13 Haunted Hide And Seek

Minecraft Haunted Hide and Seek horror map mansion courtyard

Haunted Hide and Seek is a map that puts a spooky spin on this classic childhood game. This map comes with multiple different game modes, meaning that on top of adding a whole new level of fun to Minecraft, there’s also a ton for you to do.

From ghost tag to trick or treat to a mini-game in which there’s a spooky murderer spawned onto the map hunting down each player, there’s so much to do in this Minecraft horror-themed map that it’s almost scary.

12 Sir Axe

Minecraft horror map Sir Axe living room in dark house

Sir Axe is a horror-themed Minecraft map with a seriously spooky storyline. The story of this game map is a fairly short one, but it’s a creative idea and is definitely fun for fans of horror games to play over and over in order to find all the secrets hidden throughout the map.

The game takes inspiration from Death Trips, a short point-and-click horror game. The creator of Sir Axe highly recommends playing this as well to get the most out of the experience.

11 Crystal Fear

Minecraft Crystal Fear horror map cavern with lava

Crystal Fear is a map that is totally focused on battling enemies, something that is a major part of playing Minecraft. This game has you team up with an NPC that helps you through the world as you take on the evil that has taken over the map.

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Crystal Fear even has custom mobs that will spawn into the world, meaning that it will be a new adventure even for people who are long-time players of Minecraft.

10 The Rolling Asylum Hospital

Minecraft horror map Rolling Asylum long dark hallway

The Rolling Asylum Hospital is an exploration-based horror map in Minecraft that is definitely pretty terrifying. In this map, you take on the role of a character who has decided to pay a visit to the abandoned Rolling Hills Asylum Hospital.

Unfortunately, after arriving there, it becomes clear that not is all it seems, and you will come face-to-face with some terrifying forces.

9 Disparage

Minecraft disparage horror map zombies around fire

Disparage is a horror map in Minecraft that is slightly different from some others because it’s more story-based than based on challenges, mini-games, or just being in a build that has a terrifying atmosphere.

This map has you take on the role of a teenage runaway named Zach. Zach left home in order to get away from his hard home life, only to stumble upon something even scarier than what he was running away from.

8 The Void Nightmare

Minecraft The Void Nightmare horror map dark hallway

The Void Nightmare is a challenge-based map that forces you to go through a series of challenges to complete certain objectives.

This map isn’t necessarily a horror-based one in that it’s not full of jump scares or a terrifying storyline, but the challenge can be pretty tough and will definitely get your heart pumping as you try to make your way through and get out alive.

7 The Orphanage

dark room with fireplace and couches

The Orphanage is a story-based horror map for Minecraft that has become super popular among fans, but it’s definitely one worth checking out for people who are just getting into the game and are looking for something spooky.

In this game, you take on the role of a person who has been on the road for several hours and decides to take a break from driving. Unfortunately, a creepy orphanage is the only place nearby for you to take shelter in.

6 Wait

Minecraft horror map Wait interior office with benches and door

Wait is a unique map for Minecraft because of the fact that it’s a puzzle-themed map, rather than a story one or a challenge map like some of the others on this list.

Despite being puzzle-based, this map is definitely still a totally terrifying one with a lot of secrets hidden throughout it that will have you on the edge of your seat.

5 Night Shift On Halloween

Minecraft Night Shift on Halloween ghosts hanging from lit ceiling

Night Shift on Halloween is a horror-based map in which you control a character who is working as the night receptionist in an office building.

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Being in that big building at night would be enough to scare anyone, but the ghost that has decided to call it home for the evening makes things even scarier for anyone who plays through this map.

4 Black Light

minecraft black light gameplay

Black Light takes place in an eerie haunted Asylum in a Russian city that seems to have become abandoned due to a radioactive event.

In the game, you will need to escape from the Asylum. Black Light combines scary monsters and a maze-like building that can leave you fearing for your Minecraft life.

3 Trip to Brennenburg: Remake

Trip to Brennenburg Remake minecraft map promotional image

Trip to Brennenburg: Remake is a relatively current Minecraft map, using the 1.19.2 version of the game. In this map, you will explore a dark and creepy castle where you will need to find the “Orb of Life”.

Instead of heading into the castle, finding the treasure, and then leaving, you will face mysterious dangers. It’s up to you to survive by any means necessary. This map will take you around three hours to complete, giving you plenty of frightening content.

2 Insanity

insanity gameplay

Insanity lives up to its name; filled with difficult challenges and jumpscares to leave your heart racing.

The game begins as you awaken from your sleep on a rainy night to a knock on the door. As expected for a horror game, opening the door turns out to be a mistake. Now, you will need to go through various puzzles and stages all while using your parkour skills.

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