Best Player For Golden Glow Up Evolution

One player really stands out from the rest for a Golden Glow evolution card.

EA FC 24’s Golden Glow evolution allows you take a basic Bronze card and level it up by playing games. You can go all the way from a 64-rated to an 84-rated player, which makes picking the perfect card a perfect option to get a powerful early-game player.



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We’ve done a bit of research and decided that Mainoo from Manchester United is an excellent pick – the youngster comes in with the perfect rating and becomes a fantastic 84-rated CDM from the Premier League.

Golden Glow Evolution Explained


All you need to do is pick a Bronze-rated player to receive the upgrades. The level one challenge requires you to win two Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) games, whereas the second challenge requires you to win four matches. You’ll need to use the player during all of these matches.

When upgraded, your card receives a bunch of boosts – up to +16 Shooting, +5 Pace, +14 Passing, +15 Defending, +16 Dribbling, and +12 Physical as an example.

Why Choose Mainoo


There are plenty of reasons to look into Mainoo as your Golden Up Glow Up evolution:

  • Great links in the Premier League and for English players, including strong links to Man Utd players like Rashford
  • Really decent pace, defending, and physical stats which make this a pretty strong card in the midfield
  • He also ends up with fantastic dribbling as well, for such a low rated player

One issue is that Mainoo is currently a very popular pick, and it might actually be a bit tricky to get a hold of him on the market.

Other recommendations for top players include:

  • Bruno Jordão from Wolves, also 64 rated that turns into a great card
  • Gregorio Garcia Sanchez from Espanyol, 64-rated CM card

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