How To Farm Bomb Flowers In Tears Of The Kingdom

Rather than purchasing different arrow types in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will get to fuse a variety of items to normal arrows. These fusible items can boost the attack damage a bit, or create a large elemental attack.



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To make bomb arrows, you will need to attach the Bomb Flower. This is a round little flower that has the power to cause massive explosions, kill enemies, and break rock. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult to find. Here, we are going to go over how to efficiently farm for Bomb Flowers.

Updated September 22, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: We’ve updated the formatting of this guide slightly, helping you learn about where to find and buy Bomb Flowers in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as quickly as possible.

Where To Buy Bomb Flowers

tears of the kingdom bomb flower from gerudo vendor with link looking at description panel

The simplest way to obtain Bomb Flowers is to buy them. There are two shops where you can find Bomb Flowers, as well as a statue that will trade for them.

Below, you can check out both shops that offer Bomb Flowers. At both these shops, Bomb Flowers cost 40 Rupees.

Shop Location

Where In Town?

Gerudo Town

From Riju’s Throne Room, head down the main stairs and look left. The Bomb Flower Vendor is the first stall, where you can find Chuchu Jelly as well.

Tarrey Town

Right after walking into town across the bridge, the General Store will be to the right (next to the Break-a-Part Shop).

Bargainer Statues

tears of the kingdom bomb flower from bargainer statue shop screen

Bargainer Statues are unique statues that appear in the Depths (with one being in Josha’s research area). At these statues, you can trade Poes for a variety of items, including Bomb Flowers.

One Bomb Flower will cost you 16 Poes at this statue. While many items will need to be unlocked by finding more statues, Bomb Flowers are available after finding the first one.

How To Find Bomb Flowers In Caves & Wells

tears of the kingdom bomb flower in well

In addition to buying Bomb Flowers, you can find them in caves and wells throughout the surface of Hyrule.

Be sure to not hit the Bomb Flower while it is growing, or a huge explosion will occur. This destroys the flower and can hurt you.

With all the caves and wells throughout Hyrule, where are you supposed to farm? Below, you can check out some great farming locations.



Hateno Village Wells

There are several wells in the village that connect together, with Bomb Flowers spread along the tunnels.

The Bottomless Cave

This is on the Great Sky Island, close to Gutanbac Shrine.

Royal Hidden Passage

This can be found within the underground bunker at Lookout Landing, and also contains a Forbidden Horned Statue.

How To Find Bomb Flowers In The Depths

tears of the kingdom bomb flower compendium page

Lastly, you can find Bomb Flowers while exploring the Depths. These flowers typically grow around the base of large trees, rather than growing in the middle of a flat area.

If you are doing some exploring, be sure to do a circle around trees that you see; there could be a Bomb Flower or two hiding here.

The Depths are pretty big, so here are some locations where you can find Bomb Flowers. They can appear pretty much anywhere, but these are the locations that are easy to travel to while farming.



Great Abandoned Central Mine

North of the Mine, you will see a forest of sorts, with many trees being surrounded by Bomb Flowers.

Netamnet Lightroot

There are over a dozen Bomb Flowers scattered around this Lightroot, which is just south of the Elma Knolls Chasm (north of Hyrule Castle).

Nisoij Lightroot

This is the first Lightroot you will see when diving into the Hyrule Field Chasm (as part of the Camera in the Depths quest). In this area, there are several big trees surrounded by Bomb Flowers.

Once you pick a Bomb Flower, it will take a few days to grow back. Because of this, you will not be able to continuously farm at the same spot for a long period of time. We suggest doing a ’round’ and visiting all these locations, as well as the vendors.

How To Use Bomb Flowers

tears of the kingdom bomb flower in inventory filled with materials

While aiming with your bow, press the up arrow to display a list of materials that you can attach to your arrows. From here, you can scroll over to Bomb Flowers and select one.

This will attach it to your next arrow, causing a big explosion, as well as breaking nearby rock walls. If you happen to be caught in the explosion, you will also take damage, so be careful!

If you see a planted Bomb Flower near an enemy you can hit the flower from a distance to cause an explosion, dealing damage to the nearby enemies.

Lastly, be sure to not use Bomb arrows in areas where it’s incredibly hot. If you need special Goron armor to provide Flame Guard, then Bomb Flowers will not work. When you fuse it to an arrow, the heat will cause it to immediately explode. This will deal damage to you, and waste the Bomb Flower.

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