Dungeons & Dragons Is Crossing Over With MTG’s Wilds Of Eldraine

Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons feels like a match made in heaven, what with them both being two of the most popular tabletop games you can find these days and the fact that both are owned by Wizards of the Coast. We’ve seen a bunch of crossovers between the two in the past, and the latest is one that even all of you D&D fans that aren’t interested in MTG can get behind.



Announced via the D&D Beyond website, this crossover includes the release of the Monstrous Compendium Volume Four: Eldraine Creatures, a small digital bestiary made up of 25 different monsters from the recent Wilds of Eldraine set. The bestiary will include detailed sta blocks and each creature’s ability and lore has been designed with its respective Magic card in mind.

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Even if you’re not a huge MTG fan, this bestiary is excellent if you’re looking for some new fairytale creatures to include in your next campaign. D&D Beyond specifically mentions that this bestiary would be particulary good if you’re currently running campaigns in Feywild, explaining that each creature in the bestiary is “perfectly adapted to fey settings” and even includes ideas for potential side quests.

It’s doesn’t look like the full list of creatures including in this volume has been published just yet, but we do know a selection thanks to a recent tweet from the Dungeons & Dragons Twitter account. In it, we see images of Gingerbrute, Redtooth Werefox, Tempest Heart, Sewer King, Sweettooth Horror, Snapping Hydra, and Goose Mother, so there’s definitely plenty of variety there for your campaigns.

Unfortunately, while the first three Monstrous Compendiums were free, you’ll have to dish out $5.99 if you want the Eldraine Creatures one. This volume is the biggest one yet though, with almost the same amount of creatures as the first three volumes combined, so it’s not exactly like Wizards of the Coast is being particularly unreasonable. Still, it’s something to be aware of before you go rushing to download it free like the others.

Speaking of Dungeons & Dragons, chances are a lot of you have been swept up in the Baldur’s Gate 3 fever that’s been taking place over the past few days, and will probably be pleased to know that developer Larian recently released the patch notes for its third big update. Lots of things have been tweaked and fixed, but the biggest addition is undoubtedly the Magic Mirror, which finally gives us the ability to change our player character’s appearance, as well as their voice and pronouns.

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