The Most Gruesome Fatalities In MK1

No fighting game comes close to what the brilliant team at NetherRealm can accomplish with gore in Mortal Kombat. As the series has evolved, the gruesome and over-the-top fatality animations have only further improved and continue to impress. Mortal Kombat 1 is no exception, having some of the most detailed and epic ones yet for whichever fighter you choose.



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While the Kampaign story mode may leave you with some questions, there’s no doubt that the fatalities below are some of the grisliest the game has to offer. So whichever Mortal Kombat 1 stage you find yourself on, it’ll get real bloody real fast with these finishers.

Extremely graphic violent content and imagery below.

10 Reptile Needs Some Brain Food

Reptile chomping on an opponent's head as a large splatter of blood and chunks hit the camera.

Mortal Kombat 1 went all out with Reptile’s design, finally finding the balance between his human form in the green ninja outfit and his lizard form by having him morph like Kurt Connors. His reptile form is incorporated seamlessly into the fatalities, transforming into the beast right after the correct input is triggered.

Though Reptile’s first fatality entails swallowing a character whole and spitting them out covered in acid, his second fatality is a lot more brutal. Reptile launches his tongue to wrap it around the neck of your opponent, slowly letting the acid eat away and sever the head to then toss it straight into his mouth. The acid also melts the flesh and bone from the arms. Once reaching the giant lizard’s mouth, the sharp teeth clamp down on the decapitated head and make it burst into a large spray of blood.

9 Ashrah’s Lasso Tears The Truth From You

Rain's body parts flying in different directions as Ashrah pulls the lasso back through each section.

There’s Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, which extracts only what’s in its name from a person, and then there’s Ashrah’s lasso spawning from her sword in Mortal Kombat, which has a similar design but seeks blood instead of truth. And her fatality with it may also remind you of the laser trap scene in the Resident Evil movie.

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Ashrah begins by whipping the glowing lasso around and wrapping it around the arm, diagonally across the face, torso, and lower back regions. The heat is already cutting away, but then Ashrah pulls the lasso toward her and slices each of the parts in one fell swoop to send them raining down.

8 Liu Kang Wipes The Floor With Your Face

A shot of Liu Kang's bloody hand holding down the smushed head on the arena ground after completing the fatality.

While your body slowly getting pulled into a black hole in outer space until a skeleton is only left sounds like a bad time, Liu Kang’s original fatality is pretty gruesome and painful to watch as well. It also utilizes his twin blue and orange dragons to hold up the enemy fighter and add an extra scorch factor.

Liu Kang summons the fiery orange and blue dragon spirits, who hold the opponent’s arms inside their mouths in the air, lighting them on fire in the process. Kang then flies up over the character and pushes their head down with such force that it splits the body into two and lands by crushing the face on the ground. There’s also a cool point-of-view shot of the hand pushing the head as the body splits open.

7 Raiden Bursts Through You Like Greased Lightning

Raiden flying through the hole he made in the opponent's stomach as large splatter's of blood rise around him.

Liu Kang may be the most powerful character in the rebooted universe, but Raiden still goes pretty hard with his lightning abilities. He has a more classic fatality with his second one, where he fries the opponent until they’re nothing but a skeleton, but this is one of his most OP and goriest you’ve seen yet.

With his lightning fist, Raiden punches you in the air, and before you can even drop back down, he vaporizes your stomach with a huge beam of lighting to give him an opening to fly through and then totally cut the body into two parts. He’ll then grab the two separate halves and smash them together with his lightning to coat his white clothes in as much blood as his brutality.

6 Shang Tsung’s Pet Wants To Play Catch With Your Brain

The spiky green-eyed dragon that burst from the character's chest catching a flying brain into its mouth as part of the fatality.

In MK11, Shang Tsung was a DLC fighter and sadly again came with this game as either a pre-order bonus or to be purchased separately, even though he’s critical to the story as the main villain. However, it’s a good thing his fatalities are pretty neat and worth the time investment for leveling up.

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For his second fatality, this evil sorcerer of green magic will use his wolverine-like blades to pierce the stomach and throw the opponent onto a table where metal cuffs automatically bind their hands. Tsung cuts straight down the chest to create an opening to pour a green potion, which grows a spiky slithering dragon that bursts out, takes a giant bite out of the character’s face, and throws the brain up in the air before catching it in its mouth to feast on it in one bite.

5 Mileena Feeds Her Tarkatan Side

A close-up of Mileena's face with her mouth wide open and blood hitting the camera after her fatality.

Mileena’s first fatality takes you back to the Mortal Kombat X days when their designs were less about using her dual sai blades to slice and dice and more about showcasing her Tarkatan DNA to eat her opponents. It’s almost identical to the fatality where she tears off the head with her blades and completely devours the face to the flesh, but even more graphic and brutal in MK1.

She takes one sai blade and lodges it inside the ear to turn the body around, and then drives both blades into the character’s shoulders to force them down as she takes her time to feast on the brain. The details are immensely gory as the brain slowly gets swallowed whole into her mouth, and you can notice the eyeballs getting sucked out along with it before she takes a second bite of the face. Mileena’s grotesque mouth and tongue are on full display as well.

4 Smoke Says Open Wide

Sub-Zero with no arms and a completely torn off bottom half of his face due to a grenade explosion, blood all over the camera.

Smoke is back as a playable character after an over decade-long hiatus from the roster, and the fatalities don’t disappoint. He’s fully human in form this time around and uses the fatality to demonstrate his smoke teleportation ability and weapon skills to carry out swift and stealthy kills as the brutal assassin he is.

He begins right off the bat dissipating into a cloud of smoke, only to reappear behind the enemy fighter and slice both arms off with his unique dagger. Then teleports back to the front side and drives the blade into the throat, digging it in as he shoves a grenade into the character’s mouth. The grenade explodes to leave the bloody image of missing arms and a horrible flesh-exposed face.

3 Rain Parts Body And Water

Rain raising his arms and staff as the wall of water is now red and a body of the opponent is torn apart by it as well, stuck inside the water trap.

Rain’s fatalities are a step above in this game compared to his run as a DLC character in Mortal Kombat 11, with even more creative and brutal delivery. Rather than creating a small whirlpool saw blade of water to tear at parts of the flesh, he can now generate an entire wall of water and trap you inside to let the skin fully come apart.

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This water-bending demigod (also his literal second fatality) will have his staff conjure a surge of water that traps you inside a larger enclosure from beneath your feet. As he spins his magical staff above his head, the water follows suit, and the resulting whirlpool tears off limbs and leaves only the muscle tissue covering the body. If that’s not excruciating enough, Rain also commands the block of water to separate in two, the body along with it.

2 Kung Lao’s Hat Is An Old Dog With New Tricks

A bloodied Kung Lao captured in between split halves of an opponent's body, meat and insides exposed.

Kung Lao’s fatalities always involve his hat, which works double duty as a stylish accessory and a buzz saw. And surprisingly, his first fatality is even gnarlier and more graphic to witness than the secret one you’ll have to unlock. While you may be used to seeing the hat split bodies in half, this one goes the extra mile.

With the saw function activated, Kung Lao does a hat throw where it boomerangs around, slicing through both shoulders first and then through the knees and head, the body still standing by a thread. With the head coming off, he drives the rest of the blade straight through the middle to send split halves of the body collapsing.

1 Sindel’s Screams Make More Than Just Your Ears Bleed

A close-up of a character completely getting blood and skin dissolving to muscle, with the eyes already missing as well due to Sindel's loud soundwave.

Sindel is a terrific female fighter who’s finally back in the spotlight in MK1. While her first fatality is all about the kind of mess her bad hair day can inflict on your body, her second plays on her Edenian powers to let out an extremely harsh sound beam from her mouth like Black Canary to deal massive damage with excessive over-the-top gore.

Sindel flies around the opponent letting the soundwaves hit one after another until even the ground cannot take it and breaks its formation. The body remains frozen and unable to move as the skin and flesh start peeling off, with both eyes also popping off. Sindel finishes with one more mighty shrill that tears everything clean off, leaving only the skeleton to fall back on the ground.

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