What Are Old Earth Antiques In Starfield?

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In Starfield, Earth has been destroyed. For details as to why, you should play the game yourself, since it’s all pretty cool – or rather, very sad, but written in a pretty cool way. Presumably, however, you’re not here to brush up on Starfield lore, but to find out what ‘Old Earth Antiques’ are. Or maybe you have a few, and you’d like to know if there’s a good place to sell them.



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The answer is yes! We’ll go over what the deal is with these specially-marked trinkets, as well as where you can find them, and who you ought to sell them to once they’re found.

What Are Old Earth Antiques?

London Earth Starfield-1

When your homeworld is devastated, and your species’ exploration of the stars is accelerated by a need to be anywhere but Earth indefinitely, there will only be so many Earth-made artifacts that made the trip with you into the cosmos. Old Earth Antiques are a catch-all phrase for many things made on Earth, from piggy banks and 1980s-style computers to VHS tapes and beyond. This stuff isn’t made in the Settled Systems. It’s a taste of humanity’s shared origin, and that makes it meaningful.

But it’s more meaningful to some than others.

Where To Find Old Earth Antiques (And Where To Sell Them, Too)

New Homestead Starsap Tours Museum Starfield

There are a couple of quests with well-documented Old Earth treasures abound, and then there’s a certain planet that’s rife with them. The planet with tons of Old Earth Antiques is, indeed, Earth, though importantly, you will not be able to visit the requisite areas until fairly late in the main questline.

As such, you should make plenty of room in your inventory for tons of good old-fashioned Earth-looting once you’re down there. Don’t worry, though – you can come back to these locations.

As for the quests, they’re ‘First Contact’ and ‘No Sudden Moves’. The former kicks off in the Porrima star system, and your big reward for resolving things peacefully is some Old Earth Antiques. On the other hand, you can also steal from the colony ship for even more.

‘No Sudden Moves’ is our favorite main quest in Starfield, so expect a fun time. Expect the opportunity to pilfer plenty of Earth stuff, too.

Whenever you have a nice haul of Earthbound material culture, you should sell at one of two places in the Settled Systems: the Montreal’s shop in New Homestead, or The Emporium shop on Neon. Both buyers will pay a premium for anything of earthly origin.

From our perspective, it’s kinder to sell to Jae Montreal. New Homestead prides itself on maintaining a semblance of Earth’s bygone times, and the museum here is testament to that. The Emporium, on the other hand, is just another retailer – albeit a very decadent one. You do you, of course, but if you’re role-playing a more altruistic sort of character, see Jae!

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