How To Get Shiny Munchlax In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

Ogre Oustin’ is the new mini-game introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – The Teal Mask DLC. This brutally difficult game has you riding on your box art lizard to pop balloons, collect berries, and place them on four color coded tables before time runs out or greedy Pokemon like Skwovet and Munchlax eat them.



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It can be tricky to get a hang of this mini-game at first, but by completing it, you can get easy access to items for EV training your Pokemon as well as a rare reward… so long as you have access to other people to play with.

How To Clear The Easy Stages Of Ogre Oustin’

A screenshot of Pokemon Violet showing the ogre oustin mini game

During the main story of the DLC, Carmine will challenge you to a round of Ogre Oustin’ and you have to try and beat her score. It doesn’t actually matter if you beat her, either way you get the exp. charm which gives your Pokemon 1.5x as much exp during battle.

To beat Carmine, you just have to clear all three easy levels. These are simple, and you can do them on your own. To get the highest score possible you must clear the stage as fast as possible while popping as few extra balloons as possible.

For the Easy stages, get all the berries you need first and then drop them off at the tables, so Pokemon won’t spawn and steal berries off your table.

On the third stage, the total number of berries you need to get will be exactly 30, the maximum number of berries you can hold, so be careful to only get the amounts listed for each type.

When you come back and beat the Easy levels later, you’ll receive an Air Balloon and three nuggets.

How To Clear The Normal Stages Of Ogre Oustin’

A screenshot of Pokemon Violet showing off the Fairy Feather item. The description says

Normal mode consists of stages one through six, and starting from stage four you won’t be able to get all the berries in one go anymore. When wild Pokemon show up to take your berries, you have to go up to them and press R twice to get them to run away.

You can’t move while roaring.

This spike in difficulty is when the game starts requiring multiplayer to beat. While you can beat Normal with only on person, it requires so much luck as to not be a viable strategy. Two to four players is recommended.

When playing multiplayer, each player should try and focus on a specific color, and the first one who brings their berries back to the tables should stay to fend off wild Pokemon.

If you’re on a map where the tables are arranged in a square, you can just stand in the center to fend off the Pokemon. Otherwise, you have to go back and forth to get near enough to scare them off.

When you clear all the Normal stages, you will receive the Fairy Feather, a new item that boosts the power of fairy-type moves and a Big Nugget. You must have cleared the previous mode in your own game to receive these rewards.

How To Beat Hard Mode In Ogre Oustin’

A trainer taking a selfie showing off a shiny Munchlax, which is a slightly darker blue than regular Munchlax.

Hard mode lives up to its name, and four players are reccommended to beat it successfully. It consists of stages one through ten, and for the first six stages the strategy is the same as for Normal.

However once you get to stages seven and above, the number of berries you need to get per color will be greater than the maximum number of berries you can hold.

At this point it’s best for everyone to just grab as many berries they can of any color. The first person back should still defend.

Players should all go in different directions to gather berries, and when the stage is switching, go as far away from the tables as possible and then work towards it on your first run. This saves you time on having to turn around.

A screenshot of Pokemon Violet showing the summary screen for Atlax, a level one shiny Munchlax

When you’ve beaten Hard mode, you’ll receive a Shiny Munchlax with the Crafty Mark. It can also receive the Jumbo Mark if you talk to the size rater in Mesagoza.

Rewards From Ogre Oustin’

An image showing the rewards from beating Ogre Oustin on Easy

Outside the first time rewards, by beating Ogre Oustin’ you can receive the EV boosting items Mochi. These give the same number of points as the Vitamin items, making it a cheaper way to EV train your Pokemon.

You’ll also receive feathers, exp candies, mushrooms, berries, and tera shards. Finally, clearing Ogre Oustin’ may reward you with Fresh Start Mochi, which allows you to reset a Pokemon’s EVs.

You get more rewards from clearing higher difficulties, but if you’re on your own it’s best to just completely clear Easy instead of trying Normal or Hard and not making it to the end.

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