How To Complete Due In Full In Starfield

The role-playing possibilities are endless in Starfield, and that includes being a credit analyst for GalBank in New Atlantis. For every citizen who takes out a loan and pays it back, there’s another who never makes a payment. Landry Hollifeld needs your help to recover the lost funds, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded for it.



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In this series of quests, you’ll track down delinquents who haven’t paid back their loans. You’ll need to use both diplomacy and force to get what you need from the variety of clientele who’ve run off, but that’s nothing you can’t take care of.

How To Start Due In Full

Landry Hollifeld has a proposition in Starfield

To begin the quest, you’ll need to speak with Landry Hollifeld at the GalBank branch in New Atlantis. He’ll offer you some work to collect debts from people who violate their agreements.

While he’d prefer if you handled the situation without violence, the bank understands that sometimes these things don’t go as planned. Landry also mentions that while he won’t know if you cut a deal with delinquents, you can expect him to stop offering work if you do.

While Landry Hollifeld says that you can get away with violence if you’re back into a corner, that doesn’t mean open violence won’t be punished by the law. Non-violent methods are the best way to collect the debt whenever possible.

How To Collect Dieter Maliki’s Debt

Finding Dieter Maliki in Starfield

One of the scammers is Dieter Maliki who took out a loan to start a restaurant and bolted. He’s hiding out on a remote moon. You’re to find him, collect the debt, and return for your reward.

Tacking down Dieter Maliki in Starfield

When you’re ready, head to Procyon III and land at the Military Post. Follow the marker to reach Dieter’s hideout. Catch him outside or enter through the airlock to talk to him.

There’s plenty of Argon and Copper on the planet for you to collect on your walk from the ship to Dieter’s hideout. You can also loot the Military Post for extra credits and ammo, regardless of how you collect the debt.

Dieter Maliki is ready for a fight when you find him, and the only way to end things peacefully is to persuade him to pay the debt. Otherwise, you’ll have to take him out. It’s a four-stage Persuasion attempt, and Dieter does not take you seriously.

When you’ve collected the debt, head back to Landry Hollifeld for your reward. It’s the same if Dieter lives or dies because the bank is paid either way, though Hollifeld will say he threw in a little extra for handling it well.

How To Collect The Spacers’ Debt

The Spacers attack in Starfield

With the next debt, it’s impossible to avoid violence. A loan was accidentally approved to Spacers, and as you’d expect, they have no intention of paying it back. You’ll need to hunt them down.

Landry sends you to a moon where a fight breaks out instantly. There are three ships you’ll need to take out before returning to GalBank for your reward.

It appears that the location of the Spacers is random, but the number of ships you’ll fight is not.

Remember to loot the defeated ships once the battle is over.

How To Collect The Delinquent CEO’s Debt

Delinquent CEO found in Starfield

The third job involves a small CEO who’s gone missing, but her loan still needs to be repaid. Landry’s not sure what you’ll be up against, but he suggests you go prepared. He also urges you to handle the matter peacefully.

You’ll be sent to collect the debt from a remote location, based on Landry’s lead. When you arrive, the facility has been taken over.

Whether it’s Ecliptic Mercenaries or pirates, you’ll have to fight them off before you can rescue the CEO.

It appears that the location is random, as is the type of facility and the enemy faction you’ll face.

Once the enemies are gone, head inside the facility to check on the CEO. While you can reach the CEO before defeating all enemies, they won’t talk to you until after the coast is clear.

When the enemies are defeated, approach the CEO and collect the debt. They’ll be happy to see you and pay off the debt. You can return to Landry Hollifeld for your reward.

How To Collect The Mercenary’s Debt

Delinquent mercenary in Starfield

A good mercenary has disappeared after maxing out his credit, and you’ll need to track him down. Landry asks that you go easy on him, which will be important later.

Persuasion is not an option this time, so you’ll have to make a choice on how to proceed.

Head to the location your marker points to. Enter the mercenary’s hideout and talk to him. He knows what you’re here for, and he has no money to offer. He sold everything for his retirement, which means you only have a handful of options at your disposal:

  • Attack the Mercenary. This is the fastest way to deal with his debt. He’s old, he doesn’t really want to fight, and you’ve likely got better equipment. Take him out quickly. He’ll have a few credits on him, but not much else.
  • Let the Mercenary go. You can agree to say it was a bum lead, allowing you to either lie to Landry or tell him the truth. Either way, you’ll get your reward as Landry is uncomfortable with this task as well.
  • Pay the Debt. You can pay the debt yourself (10,000 Credits). Doing so will surprise the mercenary, and he’ll leave you with his heavily modded sidearm as a bonus.

The sidearm is only available if you pay the debt. Otherwise, the Delinquent Mercenary will drop a different weapon.

Regardless of your choice, return to Landry Hollifeld for your reward. With that, you’ve helped GalBank a great deal, and you’ve made a good amount of credits, too.

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