How To Beat The Puppet Of The Future In Lies Of P

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  • Union Workshop Culvert: How To Shut Off The Corruption
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Venturing in the Workshop Union of Lies of P, you’ve undoubtedly had your eyes on the items around the lake of Corruption and the giant robot-puppet patrolling it. Surely, you’ve thought, you can fight it. And you’re right; you can! But getting the opportunity to do it is no simple stroll on the Corruption shore.



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Navigating hidden side paths and banishing tough minibosses are but a few of the obstacles on your way to toppling the giant Puppet of the Future. But if you’re brave and strong enough, there’s a whole heap of valuable rewards with P’s name on it – and that’s no lie.

Union Workshop Culvert: How To Shut Off The Corruption

P Runs Down Side Path In Venigni's Works To Find Corruption Lever In Lies of P

From the elevator where Fox and Black Cat stand, face them and then go left through a door into a dimly lit hallway. You should hear a warning buzzer somewhere nearby.

On the left side, you’ll be ambushed down one hallway by a dummy puppet. Behind it is a shortcut door you cannot open yet and a blinking red light.

P Faces Empty Alcove Of Defeated Puppets In Venigni's Works Corruption Lever Side Path in Lies of P

Go ahead, and you’ll spy two puppets in the room to your right. There are two more puppets in side alcoves beside them waiting to ambush you.

Draw out the puppets and defeat them all to take the Vivid Ergo Fragment.

P Faces Red Pipe Of Defeated Torso Dummy Puppets In Lies of P

Behind you, you can enter a red pipe. Halfway through is a wooden bridge. As you near it, a dummy puppet torso will crawl from over the edge to ambush you.

Do not underestimate this puppet. It can leap great distances and deal massive damage.

P Runs Down Opened Hallway Where Miniboss Broke Behind Wooden Wall In Lies of P

Backpedal as you fight the dummy puppet torso and keep your eyes on the ceiling. More torsos will crawl on the top of this pipe – an image straight from a horror scene – to drop down on you when they get close enough.

When all dummies are defeated, follow the pipes and take the first left to a hallway with a blinking red light.

P Walks Down Dirt Side Path To Find Two Puppets Under Pipes In Venigni's Works Lies of P

Before you go too far down this path, take a left down a dirt sideshaft.

There are two dummy puppets on this path, one sitting on the ground waiting to ambush you. Defeat them both, and you’ll find a Sawblade at the dead end.

A Sawblade is a more powerful version of the consumable Sawtoothed Blade.

Fire Miniboss Bursts From Wooden Panels To Ambush P In Tight Corridor Lies of P

Go back up the path and take a left to face the blinding red light.

You’ll notice a wooden wall ahead. Approach with caution. When you are close enough, a new miniboss enemy will charge through it.

Rather than fighting this enemy here, we recommend you run out of this section and back to the open area with Fox and Black Cat. In this open area, you’ll be free to fight outside cramped quarters.

P Collects Swordmanship Master's Amulet From Fire Miniboss Beside Fox And Black Cat In Lies of P

This miniboss is slow and generally only makes one attack at a time, but it does hit hard. Additionally, when it squats, it begins to spray fire that can cause the Overheat condition.

Use your Fables, Fulminis Arm, and other methods at your disposal to defeat this tanky enemy.

When defeated, the miniboss will reward you with the highly-valuable Swordsmanship Master’s Amulet.

P Pulls Lever To Drain Corruption in Venigni's Works In Lies of P

Return to the place where you encountered it, and you can pick up an Attribute Purification Ampoule and find a lever at the end of the hall. Hit this lever, and the Corruption in the Union Workshop will disappear.

Open the shortcut on the way out and return to the area with Fox and Black Cat.

How To Defeat The Puppet Of The Future

P Finds Lever To Lower Pipe Shortcut Back To Union Workshop Entrance In Lies of P

Ahead, spy and climb the stairs on the other side of this area. Follow the path until you find another lever. Pull it.

This opens another shortcut across the lowered pipes, this time to the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer.

Rest, if needed, and then take the ladder on the Workshop Union Entrance side of the shortcut. It’s time to fight the Puppet of the Future.

P Stands out Of Way Of Puppet Of The Future Spinning Attack In Lies of P

This boss is highly susceptible to electric attacks, and it’s incredibly slow. It has only four attacks that are easily avoided but catastrophic if they hit you:

Stomp One Foot

Move away to the opposite side of its unused foot.

Stomp Both Feet

Back up and then dash back in once both feet have landed.

Strike With One Arm

Dodge left or right.

Begin Spinning With Both Arms

Sprint far away and return once it stops.

It can be staggered, and it can be overcharged. When it attacks you, it will leave a Shock buildup that decreases your recharge rate of Stamina.

P Collects Quartz and Radiant Ergo Chunk From Defeated Puppet of the Future in Lies of P

This boss primarily asks for patience due to its very large healthpool. However, once defeated, you’ll gain a Radiant Ergo Chunk and a Quartz (for your P-Organ).

Additionally, you may now loot everything in this area (from the Union Entrance Stargazer to the chest):

  • Radiant Ergo Fragment
  • Hidden Moonstone
  • Dim Ergo Fragment
  • Booster Glaive (weapon; Technique B)

Congratulations on toppling the giant of Vengini’s Works! With the Puppet of the Future now past tense, you’re ready to complete the rest of this complex area.


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