Transformers’ Gigantic Automatic-Transforming Grimlock Robosen Robot Is Now Available For Preorders

Hasbro has unveiled its next auto-transforming Robosen Transformers toy as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations is now available for preorders, and it’s a whopping 15 inches of the most famous of the Dinobots, Grimlock.



On top of being able to convert unaided between his robot and dinosaur forms, Grimlock can respond to 42 voice commands. If you’ve ever fancied owning your own Transformer for real, this is the closest you’re likely to get.

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Revealed at Hasbro PulseCon 2023, the Robosen Grimlock is the first ever transforming robot to be bipedal in both forms. It looks absolutely stunning, measuring over 15 inches of shiny chrome and lights. The voice lines were recorded by Grimlock’s G1 voice actor Gregg Berger too, making it an incredible collector’s piece. It has over 150 voice lines, full lighting in the visor and the sword accessory, and 34 servos to ensure it can smoothly convert.

Grimlock can independently walk, attack, and, of course, transform, with a 19-step process that looks absolutely stunning. Of course, this is still a toy, and you’ll be able to directly control Grimlock in both forms through the app. You can even record actions, right down to the angle of movement for each joint, and assign them their own, exclusive voice commands and share them via Robot Share. For the most tech-savvy Transformers fans, you can connect Grimlock to your PC to directly program the movements into him, allowing for a practically unlimited amount of control over his movements.

Grimlock 2

Once you’ve got the hang of moving Grimlock about, you can use the built-in “MiniTheater” feature of the app, to either reenact solo maneuvers on his own, or collaborate with other Robosen Transformers in the ‘MultiPlay’ mode. Add to that his voice lines including lines right from his very first appearance, and you could be recreating some of Grimlock’s most iconic scenes.

Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 1-14-39 screenshot

A toy this advanced does come with a hefty price, though, costing $1499 via Hasbro Pulse for the Flagship Collector’s Edition. If Optimus Prime’s price is anything to go by, we can expect the non-Flagship edition of Grimlock to cost somewhere south of $1000 when it launches on November 1.

In other Transformers news, Hasbro unveiled the first wave of this year’s line of Transformers figures, Legacy United. This series spans the whole of Transformers’ animated offerings, with bots from not just the original series, but also Cyberverse, Beast Wars, Rescue Bots, and Prime all putting in an appearance. If you wanted to get a classic, nostalgic blast of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Tigerhawk, Bouldercrash, Magneus, or Chase, this next year of Transformers will be one for you to watch.

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