Transformers Reveals Legacy United Lineup, Includes Animated Universe Figures

2023’s Pulse Con is underway and Transformers kicked off proceedings. More specifically, a first proper look at Hasbro’s Legacy United collection. An entirely new line of Transformers action figures that has pulled inspiration from multiple universes, the popular animated one included. The collection has been split into four classes – Core, Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader – with the size, detail, and price differing between each of them



The first class revealed was the Core class, made up of three figures and headlined by Energon Megatron. Next was the Deluxe Class, made up of four figures in total, one of which was Igneus, one of the series’ Rock Lords. Headlining the Deluxe class was Bumble Bee, though. One of the most famous Transformers due to his starring role in the animated universe.

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Bumble Bee’s price was also revealed to be $24.99 by Screen Rant, possibly suggesting all of the figures in the Deluxe tier of the Legacy United collection will be similarly priced. If you want to step up to the Voyager Class, it seems it will cost you $10 more, or at least that’s what the Optimus Prime figure’s price suggests. One of two Transformers included in the Voyager Class, the Optimus figure shows the Autobot without his mask, a rare treat when it comes to his action figures.

Even though Optimus is the most famous Transformer by quite some way, Thundertron takes the prize for best-looking figure from the middle tier of the collection. An incredibly cool-looking Star Seeker from the Prime Universe, Thundertron is a pirate in his regular form, and a lion after he has transformed. Hard to find a Transformer where it’s tricky to pick if they look better in bipedal or vehicle form, or in this case as a quadruped, but Thundertron looks great in both.

The final class revealed also includes just two Transformers. The Leader Class with Tigerhawk leading the way and Optimus following close behind. Tigerhawk was introduced to Transformers via Beast Wars, and the amount of detail in this figure is tremendous and a significant step up from anything mentioned above, even the Voyager Class figures. Hopefully the Legacy United collection will be added to in the future and more Transformers will be given the Leader Class treatment.

Everything included in the collection will be available to pre-order from 5 pm EST, or an hour earlier if you’re a Hasbro Pulse Plus member. If you’re reading this before then and want to buy some Transformers merch right now, Lego’s elaborate Optimus Prime set is on sale right now at Amazon.

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