All Romance Candidates In Fae Farm

Farming sims are renowned for having a few staple features, with the option to date and get married a big one that Fae Farm delivers on quite well. With six singles living in Azoria (after some time) who are more than ready to mingle, it’s up to you who winds up winning your farmer’s heart.



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You’ll end up doing quite a lot of flirting and dating during your time in Azoria, but who will you end up with in the end? In this guide, we’re giving you everything you need to know about all six romance options in Fae Farm.

Updated on September 22, 2023: Now that our farmer has found her happily ever after after dating in Fae Farm, we’re updating our Fae Farm romance guide to include information about marriage in Fae Farm.

Romance In Azoria, Explained

gaining hearts with pyria in fae farm romance guide

In Fae Farm, although you don’t have to go on dates or get married if you’d rather skip that aspect of a farming sim, you’ve got the choice between eight total romance candidates if you do want to date.

In fact, all romance candidates gain affection instead of friendship when you speak to them. You can still build the relationship each day, but just beware that there’s no platonic option for the romance candidates.

When growing closer to the romance candidates, you’ll see your farmer cycle through a few different, progressively more serious relationship statuses with the romance candidates while dating in Fae Farm.

These are:

  • Flirting
  • Interested
  • Dating
  • Getting Serious
  • Spouse

Like in real life, the more you interact with your beloved, the closer you two become. If you have your sights set on someone, speak to them every day to gain the most affection the quickest way possible.

Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to give gifts to the single of your dreams. The item they want changes every day, and while they’ll typically ask for the same list of things, the specific daily item is always different.

As such, you only have that day to give them that item. If you go to bed and talk to them again the next day, their request will be different.

And in the theme of requests, you can also receive Love Quests from the eight Fae Farm romance candidates! This will see them ask for a specific item, typically a seasonal ingredient, a specific meal, or a mining ingredient.

You’ll need to speak to them to accept the quest, speak to them again to give them the item(s), and speak to them a third time to complete the quest.

Every completed Love Quest offers additional affinity for that day, making this an easy way to grow closer, faster, as you’ll naturally only gain affinity once per day with that character if you’re simply speaking to them.

An easy way to find the romance candidates is, they’ll typically be in the left room at the Inn during the afternoons or evenings – they all seem to conglomerate in there, so stop by and knock out a couple hellos at once!

Go On Dates With Everyone

On the bright side, it seems that nobody cares that you’re dating around – the romance candidates in Fae Farm never seem to mind, even if they see you with someone else.

After speaking to a romance candidate a few times and seeing your relationship status change, you’ll receive a letter in the mail asking you on a date. To accept, simply find the sender of the letter in town and select “Go On Date” from the menu.

When you do, you’ll be treated to an adorable visual novel-style cutscene of your farmer and that romance candidate out and about together in one of a few spots around town.

Your date will tell you stories and facts about themselves to let you get to know them better, and you’ll often leave the date feeling noticeably closer to that romance candidate.

How To Get Married In Fae Farm

Marriage in Fae Farm is fairly straightforward, although less involved than in other farming sims like it. First, you’ll need to progress to the “Getting Serious” rank, and have gone on the “Last Date” with your special someone.

After both requirements have been fulfilled, you’ll soon begin to notice the “Propose Marriage” option when speaking to them out and about in town.

As soon as you select this option, the game warns you that marriage is serious, and you’ll need to confirm your decision a final time before your partner accepts the proposal in an adorable little dialogue.

In order to get a marriage license, you’ll need to give Mayor Merritt 10,000 Florins. Save up if you don’t already have it on hand, and plan accordingly when you hand it in – your wedding will be the day after you pay the Mayor for the license.

The next morning, you’ll choose your wedding attire from a list of options. The town congregates in a short scene at Town Hall, and Mayor Merritt pronounces you married.

After this, your partner moves into your house and will spend their time around the farm. All other romance candidates will be listed as “Old Flames” from here out, and you can no longer date the other romance candidates.

Argyle, The Frog-Obsessed Potter

a farmer in the woods with argyle on a date fae farm romance guide

An adorable, quiet guy who’s recently moved to Azoria to pursue his love of both pottery and frogs. In fact, they’re usually the two things Argyle will talk to you about. Argyle is available as soon as you arrive in Azoria.

Your dates typically include listening to Argyle speak about his passion for frogs, but he bashfully thanks you for listening to him, confessing that he’s not great at reading the room when people want him to stop talking.

He tells you a lot about his aunt and how she’d rather he pursue pottery as a career, too. His primary interest is in his frogs, which is intriguing, considering Argyle typically likes Shell Bits as a gift instead of Frog Sweat.

His birthday is Winter 23, so be sure to bring some of those Shell Bits by the Beach around then to celebrate!

Argyle can most typically be found next to Eddy’s shop or up by the river between your house and Central Town.

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Jack, The Outdoorsman

a farmer at the beach on a date with jack fae farm romance guide

A brave, boisterous, kind-hearted adventurer, Jack is available as soon as you arrive in Azoria.

Jack is an athletic outdoorsman who’s rather prepared to tell you all about his family’s logging business and how he grew up with several brothers, which makes him a little apt to put his foot in his mouth when trying to speak gently to your farmer.

Your dates are usually centered around learning about Jack’s life back at home, and he’s nervous but eager to open up about it.

Bring Jack his liked gift of a Brown Snail when you see him on his birthday, Autumn 4.

When Jack isn’t near the bridge to Verdant Valley from Alaric’s house, you can usually find him having a picnic by the stairs leading to Spooky Woods from the Pedestal nearby.

Pepper, The Foodie Fisher

a farmer in the mountains with pepper fae farm romance guide

A tried and true foodie if ever there were one, Pepper arrives after the Whirlwind has stopped. She’ll be one of the singles that pile into Mayor Merritt’s office the following morning.

The majority of your conversations with Pepper center around food and her love for it, her passion for making and storing it, and how she’s typically got a supply of snacks on hand.

Dates with Pepper see her telling your farmer all about her adventures at home or asking questions about Azoria.

Because of this, it’s unsurprising that Pepper likes Berry Jam as a gift. her some on her birthday, Autumn 11, to celebrate.

Pepper wanders quite a bit through Azoria, but she can most typically be found in Central Market during the days, or at the Beach going fishing in the evenings.

Nhamashal, The Prim And Proper Fae

One of the Faes who arrives after the Whirlpools end, Nhamashal is prim and proper with a taste for all things exquisite – and he won’t hesitate to let you know.

In speaking with Nhamashal when you see him out and about around Azoria, he’ll marvel at how simple life is there,

Your dates with Nhamashal see him both flirting with and insulting you at the same time, unaware that he’s being rude by telling you your manners are lacking.

You’ll usually find Nhamashal either in West Town right near the West Town Pedestal, or over in Verdant Valley doing some painting by the bridge up to Spooky Woods.

When his birthday rolls around on Winter 1, bring him a Copper Ingot.

Galan, The Avoidant Adventurer

a farmer on the pier with galan on a date fae farm

Another Fae who arrives once you clear the Whirlpools, Galan is a begrudging adventurer who seems more than keen to sit back and let you handle Azoria’s toughest jobs.

In fact, your first date with him is him telling you he feels you have combat covered and don’t really need his help. Galan seems most content to play in the sand and neglect his warrior duties, especially now that he’s in Azoria.

He enjoys receiving Candy Corn as a gift, which you’ll do well to remember on his birthday, Summer 1.

Depending on how quickly you clear the Whirlpools early into the game, Galan may not have arrived in Azoria yet by his birthday, so you’ll need to wait an extra year if so.

During the days, you’ll find Galan outside of Saltwater Mines, playing in the sand instead of venturing inside. At night, he’s usually walking through town or by the river between your Homestead and Central Town.

Pyria, The Goth Girl Scholar

Player character on a date with Pyria in Fae Farm.

The last Azorian single in the Relationships tab but definitely not in our hearts, Pyria doesn’t arrive in Azoria until after the Whirlpools are cleared in Chapter Three.

An adorably dark Fae, Pyria is described as an introverted scholar who’s keen to “collect ancient scrolls.” A true bookworm, Pyria would rather be on her own reading than made to socialize.

Pyria’s birthday is on Winter 3, so be sure you bring her a glass of her favorite gift – Green Tea – to celebrate the occasion.

You can usually find Pyria either by the waterfall south of the Homestead or walking through Azoria, usually headed toward Verdant Valley to do some art by the river.

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