Seven Knights Idle Adventure brings its first update with new heroes, stage region, costumes, and more

Netmarble recently introduced the first game update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure, featuring the inclusion of new heroes, stage regions, costumes, events, and various additional enhancements.

The first Seven Knights Idle Adventure update brings new heroes and exciting adventure

In the latest update, there are eight new heroes introduced, among them is the renowned Legendary hero Kagura. This character falls into the range type category and possesses an Active Skill capable of inflicting damage equivalent to 250% of their Attack within a specified area surrounding the hero.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure Kagura
Image via Netmarble

Furthermore, the ‘Knocks Back‘ effect will forcefully push the target back by a distance of 5 meters following a successful attack. Notably, Kagura exhibits increased effectiveness against melee-type heroes, with a final damage boost of 50%. Additional heroes included in this update comprise Jin (U), Kathy (E), Daisy (U), Lina (U), and others.

As part of this update, players have the opportunity to explore a staggering 1,200 new regions, in addition to gaining access to the enchanting ‘Moonlit Isle‘. This regional island is adorned with cherry blossoms, mirroring the aesthetic of Kagura’s new costume.

Celebrate the first update with exciting events in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

New in-game events and content updates are now available for all players to enjoy:

  • Hero Rate Up Summon Event: Summon rates have increased for certain heroes during the following dates: Kagura (9/21-10/4), Rachel (9/21-10/4), Lucrezia (9/21-10/4), and Jev (Pet) (9/21-10/18).
  • Moonlight Guards Carnival Event: Collect Carnival Event currency during the event period and obtain a legendary hero Orly, a Seven Knights 1 Character.
  • Chaos Ruins: This PVE event will let players compete based on the amount of damage accumulated against boss battles. Players can earn a variety of rewards including ‘Four Leaf Clover’ to spin a Lucky Wheel that provides Hero EXP, Rubies, and more.
Seven Knights Idle Adventure moonlight guards
Image via Netmarble

Drawing from their flagship franchise and the heir to the initial Seven Knights title, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure underwent a transformation into an idle RPG. The developers crafted it with a focus on accommodating low-capacity and less powerful devices, all while adhering to the core principle of ensuring effortless playability.

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