How To Level Up Your Pilot Skill Fast In Starfield

Starfield’s skill system is a hybrid of Fallout 4’s SPECIAL perks with the skill progression of games like Skyrim. As you use a particular skill, you’ll complete challenges that will unlock the ability to rank up that skill, increasing its effectiveness or expanding that skill’s capabilities.



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One of Starfield’s most critical character skills is Piloting, your character’s ability to control starships. Leveling this skill is critical to enhancing your ability to control starships, and it’s required to pilot higher tiers of ships. If you’re looking to unlock this skill as quickly as possible, you’ll need to destroy a small army of starships on your journey. Fortunately, we have some farming strategies that should make this rank-up requirement a breeze.

Piloting Rank Prerequisites

Starfield Piloting Skill Max Rank




Rank 1

You can now utilize ship thrusters.


Rank 2

Increased ship turning rate and maneuverability.

Destroy 5 ships.

Rank 3

Unlocks the ability to pilot Class B ships.

Destroy 15 ships.

Rank 4

Unlocks the ability to pilot Class C ships.

Destroy 30 ships.

After you unlock the first rank in Piloting, subsequent ranks will require you to destroy enemy spaceships. To reach max Piloting, you’ll need to destroy a total of 50 ships. The ships can be of any level and from any faction, including civilian ships if you’re OK with ruining your relationship with every companion in Constellation.

For most players, the easiest way to rack up a ton of ship kills is either through quests or random events. You can either farm a specific combat encounter tied to a quest—notably the Crimson Fleet questline—or travel in a combat-dense star system in hopes of finding spacers or House Va’ruun cultists.

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Ship Farm #1: Supra Et Ultra

Starfield Supra Et Ultra Combat Simulation

Shortly after arriving at New Atlantis for the first time, UC Security will recommend that you apply for the UC Vanguard program. Visit the MAST District and speak with Commander Tuala to start the “Supra Et Ultra” quest. The end of this quest will require you to complete a spaceship combat simulation. You can use this simulator to farm an infinite number of ship kills.

After you clear three waves of the simulation, you’ll have the option to leave or clear additional waves. Clear as many waves as you possibly can. If the later waves are giving you trouble, you can make the simulation much easier by lowering your difficulty to Very Easy. Once you’ve cleared every wave, exit the simulation and reenter. This will reset the simulation and allow you to clear all six waves again. Rinse and repeat until you’ve destroyed enough ships. You won’t be recruited into the UC Vanguard until you finish the quest, so you can safely use this farm even if you’re disinterested in joining the UC Vanguard.

Ship Farm #2: Serpentis System

If you’ve already completed the “Supra Et Ultra” quest or find it too difficult, you can opt to farm random encounters in the Serpentis System instead. This solar system is frequently patrolled by House Va’ruun cultists who don’t take kindly to outsiders. Jump to a random planet or moon, then wait a few seconds for Va’ruun ships to appear. Blow up the cultists, then fly to a nearby moon or planet. Repeat as needed. It’s not as fast as the UC Vanguard’s combat simulation, but this is a much easier farm if you have a good spaceship and crew.

As for the system itself, you can find the Serpentis System on the eastern edges of the galaxy, located east of Kryx. This is a Level 55 zone, so be sure you have a good ship and assigned crew members before traveling to this region. You can also drop the game’s difficulty down to Very Easy if you find space combat to be too difficult.

If you’ve acquired a pair of unlucky boots from a certain New Atlantis quest, combat encounters in the Serpentis System will be significantly more common. Consider obtaining this item before starting this farm.

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