Cyberpunk 2077 Update Finally Lets You Kill One Of The Most Evil Characters

There are many despicable people sprinkled throughout Night City. The place brings out the worst in people and attracts some of the biggest assholes on the planet. Thankfully, many of them can be killed throughout Cyberpunk 2077’s main story. And finally, with the new update, another terrible excuse for a human being can join their ranks.



Fingers – the ripperdoc complicit in Evelyn Parker’s fate – was often begrudgingly kept alive by Cyberpunk 2077 players due to his impressive cyberware stock. But now that the version 2.0 update is out and shares cyberware stock with all ripperdocs, he’s no longer of any use in the slightest. To celebrate, fans are sharing the creative ways they’ve put him down, because man, he really does deserve it.

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If you need a recap, Fingers is the ripperdoc you have to interrogate as part of Judy’s questline, as he knows where Evelyn can be found. It quickly becomes apparent that, despite his profession, he did very little to help Evelyn, and sold her into further abuse once he realised he had no use for her. This, alongside other terrible abuses Evelyn faced after the Arasaka heist fell apart, eventually led to her death.

Fingers’s crimes don’t end there. There is also mention of him harassing the sex workers who seek him out for cyberware implants, since he knows they have nowhere else to go. That alone is enough of a reason to batter him as soon as you walk into his office.

What kept him alive on many playthroughs was the fact that he was the only doc who sold unique, legendary tier Cyberware, like the Qiant “Warm Dancer” Sandevistan Mk.5. If you fill him full of bullets, he doesn’t get up again, and it would be lost forever. Hell, even if you punch him during his interrogation, he refuses to serve you, locking you out of his inventory.

But now, with the version 2.0 update live, the cyberware system has been revamped, and he doesn’t have exclusivity on this loot anymore. Relieved they can finally put an end to his reign of terror on Jig Jig Street, players are sharing clips of how they killed him.

Now, you can pick the goods up elsewhere. This is also good news for those of us who couldn’t resist the urge to attack him after he admitted what he did to Evelyn, and had no idea we’d just locked ourselves out from one of the best pieces of cyberware in the game. Now, we’re no longer punished for making the correct decision, sparing Night City from one of the creeps that prey on the vulnerable.

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