Resident Evil 4 Remake Finally Lets You Unlock Leon’s RE2 Outfit In Separate Ways

After tons of requests from fans since Resident Evil 4’s launch earlier this year, Capcom has finally included a way to unlock Leon’s Resident Evil 2 outfit in the Separate Ways expansion.



Resident Evil fans have been wondering for quite some time when the long-rumoured Separate Ways expansion for Resident Evil 4’s remake would be launching, and they were hit with a doozy during PlayStation’s most recent State of Play. Not only did Capcom finally confirm the Separate Ways DLC, but it also revealed that it would be released on September 21, barely a week after the initial announcement.

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Now that the DLC is finally out and letting players experience Ada Wong’s side of the Resident Evil 4 story, fans have been sharing some of their early reactions to it and the overall consensus is that it’s another hit for the beloved remake. Although that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise considering how great Leon’s adventure was, something that has surprised fans about Separate Ways is that it finally gives players a way to unlock a highly-requested outfit.

The base version of Resident Evil 4’s remake has a ton of different outfits for players to unlock and equip Leon and Ashley with, but there’s one notably missing costume that players have been asking about for ages – Leon’s RPD uniform from Resident Evil 2’s remake. Despite seeming like an obvious inclusion considering it could seemingly just be ported from that game, it wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Well, Capcom has clearly listened to all of those fan requests (or just always knew it was hiding this unlockable behind Separate Ways) as it’s finally given players a way to unlock the outfit in Resident Evil 4. As shared by Redditor DarkSynn337 on the Resident Evil subreddit, the RPD uniform can be unlocked by completing every stage of The Mercenaries mode as all characters with an S++ rank. This was later confirmed to be the case by other Redditors, including this post from Zonnox17.

That doesn’t sound like an easy feat, but anyone who has played Resident Evil 4’s version of The Mercenaries will tell you that it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Ada and Wesker, who were both added to the mode along with the Separate Ways DLC, are both said to be incredibly powerful and easy to get high ranks with, so they should be easy enough. If you’re struggling to get good ranks with the rest of the cast, then just check out our character guide for The Mercenaries above.

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