How To Get A Rabbit’s Foot In Stardew Valley

The Rabbit’s Foot is a lucky little item that you can obtain in Stardew Valley. This foot can’t be found right away though; it takes a bit of work. If you are looking to get your hands on a Rabbit’s Foot, you’ve come to the right place.



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In this guide, we are going to go over how to get a Rabbit’s Foot, as well as what you can do with this item. You’re first few feet will be quite valuable, but once you’ve become an established rabbit farmer, you will begin to get a steady amount of this material.

Stardew Valley - Rabbits in a Deluxe Coop with player standing near entrance

As their name implies, a Rabbit’s Foot can drop from Rabbits. These are coop animals that unlock for 8,000g once you have the Deluxe Coop upgrade.

After buying yourself a Rabbit, you will need to increase its friendship. You can do this by simply feeding and petting your Rabbit every day. Typically, a Rabbit will drop Wool every four days, but with a high friendship, this may instead be replaced with a Rabbit’s Foot.

The chances of getting a Rabbit’s Foot from a Rabbit are a bit random, but if you have multiple little bunnies with high friendship points, you can increase your chances.

player standing next to traveling cart with merchant inside

You will also be able to buy a Rabbit’s Foot, but this can only be done at the Traveling Cart. This is a merchant who appears at the top of the Cindersap Forest every Friday and Sunday, as well as all three days at the Night Market.

Rather than selling a Rabbit’s Foot on a set day, the Traveling Merchant has a large rotating stock. By visiting the merchant, you will have a small chance to see a Rabbit’s Foot in stock for 1,695g to 2,825g.

The farmer from Stardew Valley standing in the Skull Cavern, wearing a chef's hat and chef's coat, and holding a Lucky Lunch above their head. A serpent is flying beside them.

The short answer is yes, you can obtain a Rabbit’s Foot as a monster drop. This is quite rare though, as there is only one monster that does.

The Serpent is a flying monster found in Skull Cavern and has a 0.8 percent chance of dropping one Rabbit’s Foot. This chance will not increase if you have higher luck.

stardew valley rabbits foot in player inventory

By itself, a Rabbit’s Foot does nothing. Although the item is described as lucky, the foot itself will not increase your luck. You can, however, sell a Rabbit’s Foot for quite a lot of money.

Below, you can check out the selling prices for a Rabbit’s Foot based on the quality. The selling price will increase even more if you have the Rancher profession, which unlocks at level five of the Farming skill.



Price with Rancher Profession













Stardew Valley - leah getting a gift

In addition to selling a Rabbit’s Foot, you can give it as a gift. Every NPC in the game except for Penny loves this item (Penny hates it). If you have an extra foot or two, be sure to give them as gifts!

stardew valley player completing the enchanter's bundle

There are no main quests that require a Rabbit’s Foot, but there are still a few miscellaneous uses.

The Enchanter’s Bundle

The Enchanter’s Bundle is a Community Center bundle that can be viewed at the Bulletin Board. This bundle requires Oak Resin, Wine, a Pomegranate, and a Rabbit’s Foot.

Secret Note #20

Lastly, the Rabbit’s Foot is used to complete Secret Note #20. This note requires you to follow a pathway, which leads you to a final location. Here, you will need to give a certain mysterious NPC a Rabbit’s Foot in exchange for the Special Charm, which permanently increases your luck.

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