Lego’s Elaborate Optimus Prime Set Is On Sale At Amazon

A series or a fandom really knows it’s made it when it starts to get its own Lego sets. Transformers achieved that milestone in 2022 as Optimus Prime was immortalized in Lego brick form. Based on the leader of the Autobots’ original design, and made of more than 1,500 pieces, the set is currently available for less on Amazon.



Lego’s Optimus Prime set is not only elaborate because of how many pieces it takes to build it, but also because, when complete, it actually transforms. Not only can Optimus look like he does when he isn’t trying to blend in, but 19 points of articulation on the completed model allow the Autobot to transform into its truck form too. Optimus is 10.5 inches long in truck form, and 13.5 inches tall when standing on his own two feet.

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A set as intricate as this one is always going to be pretty expensive. However, if it’s one you’ve had your eye on but the price has prevented you from pulling the trigger, now might be the best time to finally grab the set. Usually priced at $180, the Transformers set is among the more expensive Lego has to offer right now. Buy it right now on Amazon through the link below though, and you’ll bag a Prime for just $153. Still a lot, but considerably less than it usually costs.

optimus prime transformers lego set with accessories
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Lego Optimus Prime

$153 $180 Save $27

Transformers’ first Lego set is a big one. The Optimus Prime set is made up of 1,508 pieces and with 19 points of articulation, it can quite literally transform between its bipedal form and a truck. Also included are various accessories such as an ion blaster and a little plaque adorned with facts about Optimus Prime.

The Optimus Prime set is pricey not only because it’s made up of a lot of pieces and can switch between an Autobot and a truck, but also because of all the accessories that come with it. Lego Optimus can wear a jetpack when in his bipedal form as well as wield an Energon axe and an ion blaster. There’s also the Autobot Matrix of Leadership that can be placed inside of the Transformer’s chest. Last and perhaps least because everything else included is so cool, a little plaque displaying a few facts about Optimus.

If you’re in the mood to buy a couple of expensive Lego sets, or the Optimus one hasn’t grabbed you in the way you thought it might, the Super Mario Question Block is similarly priced and was also previously on offer at Amazon. If you fancy waiting a little longer for more Lego and not spending quite as much money, the next Mario Lego set being released will be a Piranha Plant one, launching on November 6, 2023, for $60.

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