How To Build Lynx In Honkai: Star Rail

After playing Honkai: Star Rail and indulging in the combat system for a while, you’ll realize that Abundance characters like Lynx are extremely important in the game since a ton of enemies can easily defeat your characters. Lynx is a four-star Quantum character released alongside the Version 1.3 update.



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The smallest member of the Landau family is phenomenal at healing your characters whenever they get a turn and cleansing your entire team whenever her Ultimate is used. However, you’ll need to build Lynx properly if you want to use her in endgame content like Swarm Disaster.

Best Relics And Planar Ornaments For Lynx

Honkai Star Rail Lynx Relic Screen

Regardless of the character being a four-star or a five-star, you can put up to six pieces of gear on them including two Planar Ornaments and four Relics. These can be farmed from the Simulated Universe and Caverns of Corrosion respectively, and each type of gear belongs to a certain set.

If you have two or more parts of the same set, you can trigger a set bonus, so it’s important to farm the gear that has good set bonuses for Lynx. Out of all the current sets present in the game, here are the best ones for her:



Reason For Synergy With Lynx


Passerby of Wandering Clouds

This is an all-rounder healing set in Honkai: Star Rail that increases Lynx’s Outgoing Healing by ten percent and recovers one Skill Point at the start of the battle. This can be great if you’re using her with an SP-hungry DPS.

Two Piece Longevous Disciple and Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

The set mentioned above is the only good four-piece you can find on Lynx at the moment. However, two pieces of the sets in the Path of Elixir Seekers domain can also work quite well.

Once you have these sets, Lynx will gain higher Max HP and SPD, which allows her to heal more often and regenerate more Skill Points.

Planar Ornaments

Fleet of the Ageless

Fleet of the Ageless is a comfortable set to use on Lynx since it increases her Max HP and also gives an ATK boost to her team members if your SPD is higher than 120.

This ATK bonus can be phenomenal, especially if you’re using her in a DoT-based team.

Broken Keel

If you get over 30 percent Effect RES on Lynx with the Broken Keel set, she can provide a ten percent Crit DMG boost to the entire team, which is quite staggering.

Effect RES is also a great stat to have on Lynx since it’s important for her to resist crowd-controlling debuffs.

Now that you know the sets that you can farm for Lynx, the next step is to look at every piece’s individual stats. You can find one main stat and four sub-stats on every piece as long as they’re four-star or five-star. With that in mind, here are some of the best main stats for every piece in the game:

Gear Type

Main Stat Priority


HP (guaranteed)


ATK (guaranteed)


HP Percent



Planar Sphere

HP Percent

Link Rope

Energy Regeneration Rate

You can use an HP Percent Feet as well if you can have at least 134 SPD without having it as the main stat.

Apart from that, you should look for as much HP Percent, Effect RES, and SPD as possible. If you have a certain stat as the main one, you can’t get it as one of the sub-stats on the same piece.

Best Light Cones For Lynx

Honkai Star Rail Post-Op Comversation Light Cone Screen

When it comes to Lynx, you can only use the Light Cones that are on the path of Abundance to get the special effect. While this is a limitation for every character in Honkai: Star Rail, it doesn’t affect Lynx too much since she has a ton of great Cones:

Time Waits for No One

If you have this five-star Light Cone on your account, it’s perfect for Lynx since it gives her extra HP and Outgoing Healing as soon as you put it on. Moreover, you can deal some extra damage to the enemies based on the healing provided.

Finally, the best part about using a five-star Light Cone on her is that you’ll get much higher base stats.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights

This is the battle pass Abundance Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail, so you can eventually get it to Superimposition Five if you buy the pass. It increases her HP and allows her to further heal all allies whenever her Basic ATK or Skill is used.

Post-Op Conversation

Post-Op Conversation is a simple Light Cone that increases her Energy Regeneration Rate and the healing provided by her Ultimate. Both of these stats are amazing for Lynx.

Shared Feeling

This Light Cone might not be the absolute best for Lynx, but it still works if you don’t have any of the above choices. Shared Feelings gives her an increase in Outgoing Healing and also helps her regenerate Energy for her allies.

This can be particularly good for characters who rely on their Ultimate like Imbibitor Lunae or Qingque to use lesser Skill Points.


Finally, if you’re new to the game, you can easily get Cornucopia as the best three-star Light Cone for her. It simply increases her Outgoing Healing from both the Skill and Ultimate.

Lynx Traces Overview And Priority

Honkai Star Rail Lynx Ultimate Animation-1

Lynx has quite an intricate set of traces, and they can’t work without one another. If you’re planning to use this character, you’ll have to learn exactly what all her traces do:

Trace Name



Ice Crampon Technique

Basic Attack

Deals Quantum DMG based on Lynx’s HP.

Salted Camping Cans


Instantly recovers the target’s HP and increases their Max HP. Moreover, the target is applied with the Survival Response effect for two turns.

If this Skill is used on a Destruction or Preservation character, they have higher chances of getting attacked.

Snowfield First Aid


Increases the health of all allies and removes one debuff from each one of them.

Outdoor Survival Experience


Whenever her Skill or Ultimate is used, the affected ally gets a continuous healing effect for their next two turns. This effect is increased if the target has the Survival Response effect.

Chocolate Energy Bar


All allies get the talent effect (apart from the Survival Response part) for two turns at the start of the next battle.

Advance Surveying

Bonus Ability

If an ally with Survival Response is hit, Lynx regenerates two Energy.

Exploration Techniques

Bonus Ability

Lynx has a 35 percent higher chance of resisting Crowd Control debuffs.

Survival in the Extreme

Bonus Ability

Talent’s continuous healing is extended for one turn.

When it comes to upgrading her traces, you’d first want to focus on Lynx’s Talent since that’ll mostly be the source of health regeneration for your team. This ability also makes it better to apply the Survival Response effect on the allies. Once you’re done with the Talent, you can focus on her Skill next.

Lynx is quite a Skill Point-positive character, but you’ll still have to use her Skill whenever an ally is in dire need of healing. Increasing the Skill level will allow you to use it less often. Finally, you can work on her Ultimate last and unlock the Bonus Abilities whenever you get the required ascensions.

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